Women’s Savior: Labioplasty. Today, with the advancement of technology, many surgeries are easily performed. The rapid spread of knowledge has also made progress in medicine. It can be said that many developments have been experienced in the field of aesthetics. Now people change their appearance to improve their living standards. For this, the first thing they will apply is plastic surgery.

Labioplasty is a plastic surgery that women mostly need

It can be thought that women need plastic surgery more than men. It is not correct. In recent years, the number of men who have plastic surgery has drastically increased. Men have plastic surgery for having a bigger penis. Women do not need a bigger vagina. The frequent problem with their vagina is sagging.

The saggy vagina is caused by the sagging of the inner lips of the vagina. It can happen in older ages. However, young women have a saggy vagina as well. This can be due to genetic. In recent years, cosmetic surgeons have studied vaginal problems that women have. According to studies, it is revealed that women might have a saggy vagina due to their genetic. Genetic reasons can not be changed by pills or other treatments. At this point, cosmetic surgery moves in.

Labioplasty is highly preferred by women that have a saggy vagina. Biologically it is one hundred percent possible to live with that kind of vagina. Despite, it is really hard for woman’s psychology. The initial underlying reason why women have cosmetic surgery for their vagina is psychological. When it is compared with men’s demand for having a bigger penis, it is understood why women need plastic surgery.

If it is thought that only older women need that surgery, it might be wrong. Because older women after menopause, they do not attend to have this kind of surgery. Middle-aged women need plastic surgery for their vagina more than 60 years old women.

Is Labioplasty Harmful For Vagina?

Every surgery has a risk. A man can have an accident and lose his leg. So he needs surgery for it. The veins of man might be damaged. This kind of surgery is highly risky. Although, urgent procedures are executed and the main target becomes saving his life. In plastic surgery, the situation is very different. First, there is no urgency to have plastic surgery. Mostly psychological needs are in the foreground. For example, a woman with a saggy vagina is not in danger of death. However, if she chooses to have labioplasty she can lose her nerve cells during a badly applied surgery.

Vagina means sheath in Latin word meaning. With sexual intercourse, wetting occurs in the vagina within a few minutes. No gland provides this wetting. With vaginal contractions and delivery, elongation and enlargement of the female vagina occur. The vagina is the most complex and miraculous organ in the female body after the brain. Communication is established with the vagina as a result of the signals sent by the brain. After this communication, the acid-base ratio in the vagina is regulated and hormones are secreted. There are many muscles in the vagina. These muscles contract and relax with the activation of the stimulating parts of the brain. So what triggers this contraction and relaxation? This triggering takes place by the stimulation of the nerve cells in the vaginal clitoris.

Consequently, the most important point in labioplasty surgery is not to damage the nerves in the vagina. If bad application procedures are applied there is no way back. After the wrong applications, women might lose their sensation in her vagina. You can contact us for more information.

Can Be Labioplasty Applied In Clinics?

If a woman needs surgery, the first place that comes to her mind in the hospital. The hospitals are mostly safe places to trust. They have serious protocols. Governments periodically control hospitals. Doctors mostly choose to work in hospitals to make more money. Clinics are small places like hospitals where doctors work. They are also controlled by the government. Clinics must be certified before work permit. Despite all of these conditions, there are so many poor quality clinics.

Labioplasty surgery is an operation that requires expertise and experience.

Having a certificate is not hard if you have certified surgeons. However, there is no rule of government for the experience. Thus, if you think to have this surgery in a clinic you need to have details about that clinic. How can you understand that a clinic is good for your surgery? How to differentiate good and bad clinics? There are too many procedures that you need to check before applying to a clinic. Firstly, you need to check the certifications of the surgeons. If they do not have more than 5 years of experience it is risky. Even if they have 5 years’ experience you need to search for a woman who had surgery from that surgeon.

Labioplasty surgery should be executed by an experienced specialist. You need to check all certifications of that clinic. There is a trick used by bad clinics. They use other doctors’ certification as if it is their certification. This is a really important point to consider.

The other important point is to check all the details. Ask clinics whether they have a surgery plan. If a clinic does not have a plan, this means they do not have experience. Their employees should be well-trained. In our clinic, we train our surgeons for long times. Besides they are good at their job. They have experience in their job. You can contact us for more details.

Is Labioplasty Safe?

If surgery is applied by a specialist it can be safe. However, every surgery has risks. No surgery has 100% safety. Even in eye surgery, you can die. But the risk of plastic surgery applied to the vagina has no life risk. Labioplasty has no high risk for your life. Despite, if you have this surgery by non-specialists who do not have certifications and experience. Contact us to learn about the details and certifications of our applications. Women’s Savior: Labioplasty