Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul Baldness is a condition that often causes significant self-esteem issues. Although it is a purely aesthetic problem and has no effect on health, alopecia is always a problem. No one wants to lose their hair, first because the individual looks old without hair, and second because it completely changes one’s physiognomy. Baldness is a reason why thousands of men are willing to solve their problem definitively every year, and many of them want to do hair transplant Turkey. Today, Istanbul has become the leading center for hair transplantation. Spain and Italy are the leading countries for hair transplantation, and many patients come from Arab countries and Europe.

Reasons for Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul?

The main reason for patients who want to have a hair transplant is the prices. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey may be lower; the same intervention in the United States is more than five times.

The labor force determines cost reduction. Be low compared to other countries in professional salaries in Turkey. It is a positive influence on the final price. Otherwise, facilities and vehicles offer the same guarantees. Another factor affecting the reduction of costs in the country’s enormous competition; There are approximately 350 private hair implant clinics in Istanbul alone. In the USA and other European countries, many of these centers cooperate with companies providing all kinds of information about the patient and surgical procedure that manages to be sent to Turkey. Among these, many companies that maintain their contacts with health clinics, which are leaders in the hair graft industry, stand out.

When choosing a center, it is essential to get good advice and go to clinics. Having a more significant number of patients going to Turkey to treat baldness, offering very cheap surgery without adequate health care guarantees has led to the emergence of unreliable business.

The rise of medical tourism in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul, is not just about hair loss. The country is also a reference point for cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, cancer treatments, neurosurgery, and transplants.

Hair transplantation with FUE technique

The most common hair transplant technique is the so-called FUE, which is based on removing follicular units. It is an outpatient and minimally invasive procedure. It consists of taking hair follicles from a part of the body (donor area) with hair and placing them in bald areas. A surgeon removes the follicles individually, not with the strips of the scalp as before. Thus, the scars are minimal, and the postoperative period is shorter. The FUE technique uses a piercing tool or punches to remove the roots to be transplanted. Since the stitches’ diameter is very small, the scars they leave become invisible after a few days.

The steps of the FUE technique are as follows:

  • Shave the hair from the “donor area” to facilitate the removal of the follicles.
  • The “donor area” is numbed locally.
  • The patient remains awake.
  • Removal of follicular units using a punch.
  • The extracted material is selected and washed in physiological saline until the moment of implantation.
  • The grafts are placed by making small holes.

Hair Graft After Transplant Operation

In the first days, the area from which the doctor removes the follicles (usually close to the nape), he covers them with a bandage. That is why it is widespread to see groups of shaved men with covered head areas in Istanbul. The transplanted part is not covered.

It is essential to take precautions during the first night so that nothing touches or rubs the graft area.

A doctor removes the bandage a day after the intervention, and on the third day, the patient can wash his head with warm water and low pressure.

In about ten days, the scabs will have disappeared, and no one will perceive that the patient has undergone a hair transplant.

Baldness Rate by Country

According to statistics, one in four men begins to lose hair from the age of 25. With age, the problem increases, to the point that half of the men over 50 are bald. The problem is much less common among women.

Studies on alopecia indicate that white men are much more likely to lose their hair. The statistics show curious results: the country with the baldest men is the Czech Republic (43% of the population), following closely by Spain (42%), Germany (41%), and France (39%). The country with the least alopecia is China, where only 19% of the population suffers from hair loss.

Turkey Istanbul Hair Transplantation Price of What is Inside?

Hair transplantation with the maximum number of grafts transplanted.

Special clinical treatment in central areas of Istanbul. You will feel at home in a quiet and comfortable environment.

  • All internal transfers (airport-hotel-clinic) with private clinic VIP vehicles.
  • Accommodation in 4 or 5-star hotels in the best districts of Istanbul
  • A blood test before hair transplant.
  • Necessary medications (antibiotics, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory)
  • Special shampoo, lotion, neck pillow, and band.
  • Nursing team speaking English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, and Arabic.

Regular and periodic postoperative follow-up takes place for each patient. After 15 days, three months, six months, and 12 months, they communicate with the specialists to ensure a good recovery and follow the doctors’ instructions.

Turkey is a Powerhouse in Hair Transplant

Together with the USA, China, Germany, and Brazil, Turkey has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading countries in aesthetic medicine. In 2005, it created the Council for the Development of Tourism for Health to increase its hospitals’ healthcare activity by attracting patients from abroad. The objective was to turn the country in 2023 into an international reference in health tourism. In the specialty of hair grafts, they have already succeeded.

Precautions Before Selecting a Clinic in Turkey Istanbul

Avoid inexpensive clinics, hair transplant factories.

These establishments practice aggressive, multilingual Internet marketing and attract international patients at “unbeatable” low-cost rates.

In other words, before deciding on a hair transplant in Turkey, it is vital to check the excellent reputation of the clinic, the name of the doctors, and their qualifications. Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul