Does Laser Hair Growth Work? With the development of technology, devices that produce many solutions for hair problems have been produced. Laser hair growth devices for hair growth comes at the beginning of the technological devices. If you ask anyone who has found a way to reverse hair loss about laser hair growth products, they would tell you that they work very well, regardless of whether they have used them or not.

This means that merely the effectiveness of laser hair growth products is well known in the hair loss industry. This is not surprising because the basic principle behind laser hair growth products has been scientifically proven many times. Do you know how laser hair growth works?

All hair growth laser products work on applications for the broad principle of phototherapy. Phototherapy, light therapy, or heliotherapy is a science field that focuses on studying the effects of light of a certain length on human tissue.

What is Hair Growth Laser?

Thanks to advances in technology in recent years, there is a new solution that men and women can opt for to renew their hair from younger days without pills or surgery.

This technique, commonly known as low-level laser therapy, uses clinical power laser technology to treat hair loss and hair loss in both men and women. The hair laser uses non-invasive light technology as a painless option to stimulate hair follicles and encourage the regrowth of more robust and denser hair.

What Does Therapy Look Like?

Hair therapy involves sitting under a laser for about 30 minutes. There is no sound, no smell, and the experience is painless. Many clients read or relax during their therapy. The frequency and number of treatments vary depending on the degree of hair loss.

Having your laser device brings you the benefits of when and where you will use it. Use it at home while reading or watching television. Take it with you as you travel. This way, you can have your laser hair therapy in the comfort of your home. However, before you get your hair laser, you should consult your doctor because this option has not been sufficiently tested yet.

How to Choose Laser Hair Growth Device?

The device is a single device. It can be applied to both women and men. There are professional and semi-professional devices.

To choose a high quality and practical thing, at the time of purchase, pay attention to the following indicators:

Size: Do not underestimate this criterion because it is essential. The device must be of medium size and easy to fit in your hand. I agree, if the device will continuously slip out of your hands or be very small, then the discomfort will overshadow even the most positive effect.

Material: Before buying, pay attention to what the device is made of because its service life depends on it. The best option is metal plastic.

Radiation intensity: The laser range can cover both large and small volume hair. It all depends on personal preferences. So choose the model that will suit you.

Design:  Laser devices can have any look. There are different shapes, ranging from round and final elongated. The most suitable are oval devices. They usually have additional features as well.

Fibers: The device can have bristles arranged in rows or a circle. In some models, you can include specific massagers. That is, it is possible to choose the mode of operation. Also, when choosing, you should look for bristles made of quality material.

Additional features: Many models can benefit from auto power-off, multiple modes, no noise, or a timer. They do not affect the device’s efficiency, but it is much more convenient to use them.

Remember, when buying a laser device, the most important thing is that the seller has all the necessary documents and certificates. This will help you avoid buying counterfeits.

How to Apply?

Make sure that the device you choose or will choose is FDA approved. Before you begin, study it carefully, flipping through the nuances. You can then proceed with the process. It should be done on clean, dry hair. If you turn on the device, start some simple manipulations. First, massage the forehead area, then the temples, go to the top of the head, and the head’s back. The device should be moved along the massage lines against the hair growth, stopping at each point for a few seconds. The movement should be smooth. The whole procedure takes about 10-20 minutes.

To make it as complete as possible, you need to consider some recommendations. So, you need to use the device regularly – about three times a week. Then the process will not stop. To deal with copious hair loss, you need to put extra light pressure on, particularly problematic areas.

Before starting the procedure, it is crucial to know the contraindications. The laser device cannot be used in cases when:

  • An individual has oncological diseases;
  • skin burns;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • skin diseases;
  • the girl is pregnant;
  • age under 12 years;
  • possible facial nerve palsy.

Remember that increasing the number of procedures does not increase the effect. There is no need to deviate from the frequency of use stated in the note.

It would not be superfluous to say of some precautions. Avoid brushing your ears, eyes, eyelids, or lips.

Hair Laser Benefits

Although it was stated at the very beginning of this text that a hair laser could replace surgery and the use of powerful medications, laser therapy has many other advantages. 

The light wavelength emitted by the laser during hair therapy will repair damaged hair follicles from the roots by stimulating blood circulation, encouraging the regeneration of normal healthy follicles. The hair laser is not a source of light that causes heart damage. There is no feeling of itching or tingling at all.

Since the hair laser stimulates the circulation of the scalp and better flow of nutrients to the hair follicles, it will become stronger and denser with its use.

The medical community has been using the cold laser for decades. According to the International Hair Renewal Association, the use of lasers for medical purposes is not new. Lasers have been used for medical purposes for many years, and the physics, chemistry, and biology of the interaction of laser light with human tissue have long been documented. Medical uses range from laser-powered surgery to low-light tissue repair stimulation, such as hair lasers.

Disadvantages of Laser Therapy for Hair Growth

As always, apart from the advantages that are numerous in this case and promise a favorable outcome, it is time to point out the disadvantages of this type of solution to the problem of hair loss. 

As always, the economic moment is significant for everyone. Unfortunately, this will not be a cheap solution. 

It will take a long time for good results. Understand that a hair laser is not a magic wand for restoring hair overnight. Visible and acceptable results will take a long time. 

It can cause side effects in interaction with certain drugs. Laser therapy should not be reported in people taking drugs that promote photosensitivity. Photosensitivity is a chemical change in the skin that increases one’s sensitivity to light.