Beard And Mustache Transplant

Body Contouring Shaped, beautiful bodies are the desire of every woman and man. Women want to have a tight stomach, thin waist, prominent waist hollow, round, straight butt, long, shapely legs, thin ankles. Men, on the other hand, dream of a muscular stomach, broad shoulders, and an athletic body. In order to have all these, first of all, a good genetic background must be provided, and this must be supported by regular sports, good nutrition and proper living. However, none of us can adequately discipline ourselves in this kind of life.

Weight gain, pregnancy in women, spending less and less time for sports, and the deformation of our skeletal structure in the past years cause our bodies to deteriorate. Abdominal muscles relax, the abdomen and waist begin to get fat, hips get thicker, butt sags. Plastic surgery offers various solutions for such problems. However, the protection of the results is again up to the patients; regular sports, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Birth, weight loss, or time itself sneakily spoils the firmness and graceful lines of our bodies. The term body contouring includes applications that help the arms, hips, abdomen, and waistline to achieve a more youthful appearance. If the skin is flexible or elastic, very good results are obtained after the procedure by drawing fat (liposuction), losing fat with the help of laser (laser lipolysis) or balancing the fat distribution (liposculpture). If skin elasticity is lost, surgery may be required for better body contours. Body contouring applications are often combined with surgical and non-invasive techniques. This situation accelerates results and recovery.

Body Contouring

The purpose of body contouring is to achieve a younger and more pleasant appearance. These procedures can be achieved with the help of surgery, minimally invasive (no surgery with little intervention) or devices. In fact, these patients need a correction surgery for each aesthetic area; For example, abdomen, waist, butt, front-side-inside of the leg, breast, arm, back, neck and face… It is not right to operate all of these one by one. It is possible to group them, evaluate them with their aesthetic continuity, and correct them with a total of three or four surgeries.

The first and most important of these is the approach to the center, that is, the waist area. We call this “Belt Lipectomy”, that is, “Belt Lipectomy”. Here, we get a good and assertive form by extending the scar made in tummy tuck surgery and leaving a single scar. The second area includes the breast, arms and back.

This covers the upper part of the body. Here, according to the needs of the patient, arm stretching, back stretching, breast augmentation and lifting operations are performed in one session and the upper part of the body is shaped, sometimes leaving a single scar. The third area is the inner thigh. The area is corrected by performing a thigh lift.

The fourth area is the face and neck area if the patient needs it, and includes stretching operations in these areas. Thus, with a good planning, the whole body will be recovered with the least number of surgeries and scars. Of course, surgeries are individual. While planning, each patient’s wishes, priority and needs should also be considered.

Patients who have to discuss some situations with the surgeon before the procedure are first asked about their expectations. In addition, it will be stated which options will be preferred for body shaping surgeries. Also at this stage, allergies to drugs and previous diseases are noted. Before this procedure, which has no risk factors, photographs are taken for medical records and the procedures to be performed are decided.

As before every aesthetic operation, tobacco, alcohol, vitamins and herbal supplements should be left at least 10 days before this procedure. The surgeon, who gives the necessary warnings about aspirin, which increases bleeding with the laboratory tests, then, makes an appointment for the operation. Body Contouring

Before body contouring operations, incisions are made to remove excess skin. Surgical incisions can be large. In addition, the size of the incision will change according to the amount of skin to be removed from the body. The incisions, which are applied according to the personal preferences of the patients, are now being carried out by using advanced surgical techniques. In this way, surgery scars disappear spontaneously after a short time.

Body contouring surgeries are usually performed in stages. After the consultations with the patient and the doctor, body stretching aesthetics are mostly preferred in this application called Body Contouring. In body lift, the abdomen, hips, outer thighs, waist and sagging buttocks are corrected. In addition, many patients undergo breast lift surgery. With the incisions to be made around the nipple, success is achieved in a short time in sagging breasts. Arm sagging and thigh lift procedures are also one of the aesthetic operations that offer successful results among body shaping surgeries.


People need to have aesthetics done on some occasions. People who have had scars on their body as a result of a terrible accident can only eliminate this problem with the help of aesthetic procedure. At the same time, people who have difficulties such as breathing, but in this case, it will be a good decision to benefit from nasal aesthetics. It is possible to see many benefits in making aesthetics especially for such problems. While it takes the person out of the difficult situation instantly, it prevents these problems from being seen again. In addition, it is known that aesthetic applications are used to remove the birth marks in some people.

Thanks to these practices, it will be seen that this situation, which people have been complaining about for a long time, is completely eliminated. People can instantly have the face and body they want thanks to advanced applications. In addition, it is possible to get rid of acne and skin problems in the face area in this way. In this way, many problems that affect people psychologically will be eliminated.


The risks of aesthetic surgeries, as in all other surgical interventions, are risks that may arise from the general health problems of the person. Apart from this, there are no dangers arising from plastic surgeries themselves. Since aesthetic surgery is not an intervention related to vital organs and tissues, it is not possible to risk the health or life of the patients. Among the damages of aesthetics, there are errors that arise from experts in general. Aesthetic applications, which can produce very good results in general, may cause many problems to be eliminated by some experts.

For this reason, the place to be aesthetized will need to be carefully selected. Applying only to a place called cheap can result in regrettable results. While people think that they will have a better body after having aesthetics, they may face incurable results again. In addition, it should be known that aesthetic applications are a process that will kill tissues. Aesthetic applications that cause tissue death cannot be repaired by the body again. Therefore, it will be the case that the cells cannot develop.

When chemical and physical damages are seen, blood circulation cannot be achieved in tissues as before. Failure to provide blood circulation causes the problem of not producing energy within the tissues. In this case, it causes insufficient oxygen demand. In addition, asymmetry problems will start to show itself. The deformation problems that occur on the face can reach an incurable state again.

Will There Be Any Scars, Bruises Left In These Surgeries?

As with any surgery, scars remain here. The scars left by shaping the whole body will be longer than regional surgeries. Although it differs in men and women, planning the surgery and preoperative drawings are among the most important details. In these surgeries, scars are usually left in underwear and in invisible places.

There is no scar in the decollete areas. It should never be forgotten that the shape and form obtained is the most important. If good form is obtained, the scars are not a problem. We recommend applying various creams and silicon-containing tape applications in order to keep the scars unclear after the operation.

Of course, this is a large-scale surgery and swelling as well as bruises is seen in this surgery. It is very difficult to make a promise for the time the bruises disappear. It varies a lot from person to person. This period can be 1 week or 1 month. Of course, with the ultrasonic degreasing technology we use, bruises are extremely reduced compared to classical liposuction. In fact, every patient more or less knows that bruises will pass quickly.

Choosing The Doctor

Choosing the doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. As a result, you will choose the person to whom you will entrust your own body. Finding the right physician is the most important step to get the desired result. Therefore, you have to take the time to find the surgeon who performs the surgery you want to be.

One of the most accurate methods is to seek advice from your immediate surroundings and especially from someone who has had this surgery before. Also, your acquaintances working in the healthcare field are also good advisers. Because these people have the chance to see the surgeon while performing the surgery, they can accurately evaluate the doctor’s attitude, comfort and experience during the operation.

When viewed from this angle; anesthesiologists and surgical nurses should be among the first to consult. If you do not know people from this profession, going to the hospital where the surgeon you intend to have surgery is working and doing research may be a second way to make the right choice. If you approach it rationally, hospital staff will definitely help.

One of the biggest mistakes to be made when choosing a doctor is to think that every surgeon can do the surgery you intend to be, regardless of how important the surgeon’s personal experience is, and to first question the price of the surgery. Every day, many messages come to surgeons from people who are curious about the surgery fee. First of all, they attribute the questioning of the price criterion to the fact that the seriousness of the event is not fully understood.

Of course, price is also an important criterion, but surgeons think it should not be the first question to be asked in such a situation. In its simplest form, even when buying an item, if you like it, you will think about the price after that, if you do not like something, you will not even ask for the price. The outcome of all surgeries, especially plastic surgeries, varies depending on the surgeon’s education, experience and personal skills. And it is never standard. It can range from excellent to worse, depending on the surgeon performing the surgery.

The first feature that you will question at the surgeon you intend to have surgery should be whether he has received aesthetic plastic surgery training during his specialty training, his experience on that subject, his manual skill, how many times he has performed this surgery before and whether he continues to do it.

The extent to which the surgeon follows the developments in the field of medicine, how often he attends congresses and courses, whether he presents what he has done in these meetings, whether he has scientific articles on aesthetic plastic surgery in international and national scientific journals, and the continuity of these articles should be among the important features that should be investigated. Because an aesthetic plastic surgeon must constantly renew himself and follow the developments in surgeries and even contribute to these developments.

Where the surgeon you choose performs the operations, the quality of the hospital and whether it is fully equipped are also important issues. A surgeon who cares about the health of his patient and respects his job should never compromise the hospital quality in order to offer a lower price to the patient who applies to him.

One of the important issues is that of a surgeon who performs plastic surgery; Having the knowledge and ability to recognize and recognize the undesirable situations (complications) that may arise during or after this surgery, and to perform the necessary intervention in a timely and correct manner. In order for a surgeon to provide such a competence, he / she must have completed aesthetic plastic surgery specialization for a long time such as 6 years, received a specialty certificate in this field and performed these operations in sufficient numbers for a long time.

Correspondence made in the internet environment is only preliminary information and creates a certain trust atmosphere. However, one of the most important points to be considered in order to make the right decision is to meet face to face before making the decision to choose your physician. A good physician should explain the complications and healing process related to the surgery in detail to his patient and show examples from the patient pictures he has operated before.

Recovery Process

The recovery process after aesthetic surgery is made a matter of curiosity by those who have not yet been under the knife as much as those who have undergone this surgery but want to have in-depth information about the post-aesthetic operation process. Body contouring surgery recovery process is a known process that requires a short or long recovery period depending on the type of operation.

If an experienced plastic surgeon has performed the body contouring surgery, as most patients are surprised, the first recovery period after the operation is quite short. Patients usually feel a slight pain and aches in the operation area after plastic surgery. In addition, some patients also complain of bruising. The healing process after body shaping surgery generally takes place by going through some stages.

Remember that the healing process is only for a certain period of time. After any surgery, you will look and feel worse (before you recover). Bruising and swelling occur in almost any plastic surgery procedure. You may not see the full impact of your results for a few days or more. Don’t panic, stress can affect your body’s natural recovery time.

Depending on what procedure you have, your recovery time can range from a few days to a few weeks. Plan how your post-operative recovery period will affect your work, family responsibilities and social timing. Also, have a family member or friend look after you for 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Even if you believe you can resume your normal routines right away, having someone there to help will give you peace of mind and help you focus on your recovery. If there is no one to meet your needs after the surgery, you can ask the hospital staff for help.

Avoid excessive activity. You are at higher risk of complications if you do not follow post-operative instructions such as not bending over, lifting anything heavy, and not exercising to raise your blood pressure. All of this can cause bleeding. Walking at home is not a problem, it is even recommended to keep circulation normal. But you shouldn’t do even moderate exercise until your surgeon allows it. You will likely need to avoid strenuous exercise for 6 weeks or more.

Watch out for the infection: If you develop a fever, become nauseous, notice excessive skin redness or a runny nose, contact your surgeon immediately. These may be signs of infection. Your surgeon has ways to deal with such complications. However, you should inform your surgeon immediately. No matter how qualified your surgeon is, it is your responsibility to keep the area clean to prevent postoperative infection.

Nutrition After Body Shaping Surgery

Consuming healthy foods and fulfilling this in an orderly manner plays an important role in the healing process. After all, the lack of food to be consumed creates a barrier to the healing process. However, in the period following the surgery, most people cannot find the strength to cook. When people do not follow a nutrition program, they are either malnourished, eating unhealthy because it is easier, or putting themselves too hard when they need to rest and recover.

Consume Plenty Of Water

Consuming plenty of water after the operations both ensures a healthier and faster recovery of the skin and accelerates the removal of post-operative edema from the body. In addition, vegetables and fruits with high water content can be preferred at meals.

Prepare protein-rich foods. The body needs large amounts of protein to recover. However, it is clear that cooking pounds of chicken after surgery is not desirable. Therefore, meals should be prepared before surgery and divided into single-meal portions. Thus, instead of an all-encompassing preparatory stage, the process is reduced to a situation where preparations are already completed and little details such as heating remain. Each meal does not have to be prepared in three stages from the beginning – starter meal, main course, and dessert – and options such as a protein drink can be considered as a complementary element to what is consumed. You can also add fruits to make this protein mix delicious.

Be sure to check the food ingredients. After the operation, the frozen food can be consumed with the help of a microwave oven seems to be an easy option that can definitely be preferred. However, the negative effects of these foods on the healing process should not be forgotten. Ultimately, what we consume and what components it contains maintains its importance. It is possible to find healthy pre-prepared frozen foods, but these foods are likely to contain unexpected ingredients and therefore the ingredients of each food must be checked.

Give yourself some rest before and after the surgery and do not smoke. As a general rule, patients who smoke should quit smoking at least eight weeks before a cosmetic surgery procedure is performed. Once the surgery is over, that doesn’t mean you can start again. Because it affects your circulation, smoking significantly delays the healing process and can cause serious complications during recovery. Body Contouring