Nose Surgery

The purpose of nose surgery, which is called rhinoplasty, is to correct the nasal deformity.

It is possible to do it by the surgery of bone curvature (deviation) that prevents breathing in the nose.

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose reduction, is also sometimes aimed at enlarging the nose.

Interview Before The Nose Surgery  

Collaboration With Professional Surgeons

It will be helpful to identify all your problems with your nose before meeting with your doctor. Determining whether you have breathing, nasal discharge, postnasal drip, and headache will make it possible to solve these problems with this surgery.

Do you know what is the most important thing in this meeting with the doctor? Open up your heart; explain the problems about your nose, How does your nose affect your social life?

But perhaps the most important thing is to openly ask your doctor what can and cannot fix in your nose.

A singer or actress you see on social media can have a great nose; but does the nose shape suit you? Everyone’s physical condition is different. Everyone is unique. That beautiful looking nose suits that actress. Probably, she had a nice operation because her physical structure is suitable for this nose surgery.

Do something wisely:  Collaboration with professional surgeons. The professional team of our clinic, that has accomplished perfect works, is very successful in nose surgery operations like the other plastic surgeries that we had. In this article, we will help you to understand all procedures of nose surgery. You can ask questions you want to ask, you can reach us at our contact numbers. You can mail us or come to our office. We will be glad to assist you. The satisfaction of our patients is more important to us than anything else. Now please read what you want to know about the subject in the article below.

The possibility of your post-operative expectations to come true will be explained by our specialist surgeons. The way to get rid of post-operative disappointment is possible by evaluating this period well.  Remember, very large defects for you; can be surgically corrected thanks to a simple procedure; On the other hand, a very small detail can only be corrected with a difficult surgery.

At this point, having a nose surgery that will be done by an expert surgeon will make a big difference.

The Most Preferred Plastic Surgery

The most preferred plastic surgery is nose surgery. Thanks to nose surgery, you can have the shape changes you want in your nose. Of course, a specialist surgeon is one of the most important figures of this surgery.

What Are The Desired Changes In Nose Surgery?

Nose reduction and even nose enlargement,

Nose tip replacement,

Arch nose (Aquiline nose) correction,

Narrowing the width of the nostrils,

Correcting the angle between your nose and upper lip.

These operations can fix respiratory problems. Congenital errors and defects caused by injury are corrected.

Is Aesthetic Nose Surgery Suitable For You?

Aesthetic nose surgery can make your external appearance more beautiful and increase your self-confidence. However, it does not mean that the surgery will change your appearance to match the face you imagine and that other people will treat you differently after surgery. Before deciding on the surgery, ask yourself why you want to have surgery and what you expect from this surgery, think carefully and discuss them with your surgeon. The most suitable patients for aesthetic nose surgery are not people who seek perfection, but people who expect a beautification and improvement in their appearance.

Teenage And Nose Surgery

Many surgeons choose to delay surgery until the teens have completed their growth. This waiting period is around fourteen and fifteen years old for young girls; for boys the waiting period is little longer but not much. It is important to consider the social and spiritual adaptation of young people in order to make sure that the decision for surgery is a decision that he made himself, not the decision of the family.

Surgical Operations And Risk Factor

If an aesthetic nose surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, complications (undesirable results) are rare and usually minor. Regardless, there is always a possibility of complications. What are these risks? It is a reaction to infection, nosebleeds or anesthesia.

Small capillaries that are cracked after surgery may appear as very thin red spots on the surface of the skin. Aesthetic nose surgery is done through the nose, so there is no visible scar. However, if the open technique is used or if the large nostrils need to be narrowed, the very small and thin scars left on the base of the nose are usually too insignificant to be seen.

A second surgery might be required in one out of every ten operations (for example:  to correct a minor deformity). It is difficult or even impossible to predict such situations and some complications like that.  It can even happen to patients who are operated by the most skilled and experienced surgeons. The second corrective surgery is usually less extensive and simpler.

What Is The Purpose Of The Operation?

The purpose of nose surgery is to make the most suitable nose for your face. This surgical procedure will undoubtedly be done with the existing fabric.  What do we mean by fabric? In other words, the thickness of your skin, the thinness and form of the existing cartilages, the healing process of your wound and the previous nose surgeries you had, determine the success rate.

The goal is not to operate an unrelated nose to your face. Therefore, making only the most beautiful nose (the most beautiful nose : for whom and according to which criteria? Please do not mind social media pressures and empty words from others. You and your doctor will decide what the best nose is for you.) won’t  solve the problems. Making the most suitable nose for your face is considered the most successful result. Some parts of the nose are reduced and some parts are enlarged, and with the help of this technique, a good looking nose surgery is successfully performed. If your nostrils are not noticeable, you still have a live bone roof, this surgery is successful. If people do not realize that you have the operation, the success of this operation is indisputable.

Preparation For Nose Surgery

As your surgeon our specialist doctors will give you information about how will you prepare for surgery, including eating and drinking, smoking, taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications, and washing your face. Compliance with these rules will help the surgery to be more comfortable for you. While you are making your preparations, do not forget to arrange for someone to take you home after the surgery and, if necessary, to help you go out after a few days.

Place Of Your Nose Surgery

Aesthetic nose surgery can be done in the surgeon’s office, in  a surgical center, or  at a hospital. Most of the time, it does not require hospitalization, and due to the comfort and financial burden, outpatient follow-up is usually performed. However, complex surgeries may require hospitalization.

Type Of Anesthesia To Be Given

Aesthetic nose surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the size of the surgery to be performed and the preference of you and your surgeon, if local anesthesia will be applied to the patient, it is normal to apply a mild sedation. It is an expected result that the nose and the area around the nose will be numb, do not worry.

You will be awake during the surgery so it is possible for you to follow the surgery. Of course, you will sleep throughout General anesthesia.

 The Duration Of The Operation And Details Of The Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgeries are the most performed plastic surgery operations in the world. The duration of the operation does not exceed one and one and half hours. However, this period may be longer in special cases. Post-operative bruising and swelling are much less common than previous surgical techniques. You will wake up with a tampon that will stay in the nose for a day or a special sponge that will not prevent you from breathing and a small plaster that covers the outside of the nose. After the nose surgery, it won’t be as painful as you are feared. This period will be very comfortable with simple painkillers.

Separation of nasal skin, bone and cartilage: During the nose surgery, cartilage, nasal skin bone and nasal roof will be separated.

Reshaping The Nose:

This is an important process. Essentially it is the most important part of the process.

Actually, an already existing problem will vary according to the technique applied by the specialist surgeon.

The skin is adapted to the nasal roof

And finally, the skin will be adapted to the roof

Most plastic surgeons make nose surgery through the nose. Some of them prefer the open technique, especially in complicated cases: They make a small incision on the vertical tissue band (columella) separating the nostrils from each other.

Plaster Splint Application:

When the operation is over, the operated nose should keep its new shape, so the plaster splint method will be applied to the operated area.

Fixing The Septum:

There are two ways in the nose; these are the ways that allow give air to the nose.

Septum separates these two ways: The septum should be fixed, so a tampon or soft plastic apparatus should be used.

After Your Nose Surgery

During the first 24 hours after your surgery, you will feel your face swollen, you may feel pain in your nose or you may have a slight headache. You can control any discomfort with the pain relievers that were prescribed by your surgeon. Except to go to the toilet for the first day, plan to lie in bed as your head will be high position.

You will notice that the bruising and swelling around your eyes will become most noticeable after two or three days; cold compress application will be reduced this swelling and makes you feel a little better In the first week, swelling goes down and bruises decrease. (The period might take a little longer.) Perhaps very small swelling may remain on your nose. But please be sure that, these swelling will be small enough to be noticed only by you and your doctor. Like some kind of little secret; only you and your doctor will know about.

During the first few days after nose surgery, there will usually be a very slight leak from the nostrils, and you may feel a slight stuffiness in your nose for several weeks.

Wiping The Nose After Nose Surgery

Our specialist surgeons will always be with you in the postoperative period. You should not wipe your nose for a week (maybe a little more) for the tissues of your nose to heal.

If tampons or something similar were used during the surgery, relax, they will be removed from your nose in a short time like a day or two and you will be very relaxed.

After a day, the inside of the nose will be emptied, your breathing will return to normal. We recommend you that sit as your head slightly up or take a sitting position in a place where is not too hot. Every person you meet after nose surgery; will make different comments about the surgery that you had. Everyone’s perspective on beauty is different. Besides, your friends know the old version of your nose. That’s why you will hear different comments come from them. Even experts on this branch, can comment on your new nose only by considering the old nose. It would be the best to follow the changes related to your nose with your doctor.

Back To Normal Life

The question of ‘when will I return to my normal life?’ is a very correct question.

Almost all patients who had a nose surgery return to their normal lives in a short time. (In two or three days.)

But what is certain is that it takes one or a few weeks to return to normal life.

You can now return to school or work. But please remember; you should not tire yourself too much. Your surgeon will give more detailed explanations about returning to your normal life. Generally, you will be told to avoid high-effort movements (running, swimming, gymnastics, sex – any movement that will increase your blood pressure) for two to three weeks, protect your nose from blows or bumps for 8 weeks, avoid rubbing and burning in the sun. please be gentle and careful while washing your face and hair or applying makeup.

You can wear your contact lenses when they will be needed, but the situation is different for glasses. After removing the splint on your nose, the eyeglasses feet-part should not sit on the back of the nose until your nose is completely healed, we mean this period is approximately is for two months.

Do Not Hesitate To Call Us Between These Periods

Our Specialist Doctors Will Be Pleased To Answer Your Questions

Your doctor will call you for frequent checkups during the month after surgery to check your recovery. Do not hesitate to call us between these periods if you have any unusual complaints between these check-ups or if you have any questions about what to do and what to do. Our specialist doctors will be pleased to answer your questions. Do not forget that this operation process is a process between the doctor and the patient.

What Are The Benefits Of Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty, also known as of nose surgery, is one of the most popular applications by the development of aesthetic and surgical applications. Although the first thing that comes to mind about rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance, there are many benefits of it. Following sentences in below that we have written about the topic, you can find the benefits of a successful nose surgery.

Increases Self Confidence And Success

The number one benefit of nose surgery is trust; thanks to the change of facial symmetry, the person is made to be self-righteous. In this way, one’s self-confidence increases; this ensures that he/she is successful and healthy in his/her business and private life.

Nose Surgery Relieves Breathing

Curvatures in the nose caused by congenital or subsequent trauma, etc. disrupt the breathing function. In addition to correcting the shape of the nose, the patient can breathe comfortably with the nose surgery. While the nose is corrected externally with rhinoplasty; deviation from the inside also regulates. Thus, patients have a magnificent appearance and a healthy nose.

Broken Nasal Bone Can Be Corrected

Nasal fracture is one of the most common fractures in the human body. Accidents, blows or falls are the most common causes of acrid fractures. Nasal fractures can be easily corrected by a nose surgery. After the operation, functional complaints of the patients such as difficulty in breathing disappear and their noses gain an aesthetic appearance.

The Way To Get Rid Of Sinusitis: Nose Surgery

Sinusitis is a constant inflammation of the sinuses. This inflammation causes pain around the head, face and eyes, as well as many ailments such as bad breath, pain in the teeth. Thanks to the this operation, it is possible to get rid of such complaints.

Nose Surgery Solves The Snoring Problem

Snoring is a very uncomfortable situation. Various irregularities in the nose can cause snoring. According to a study, 23% of couples prefer to sleep in separate bedrooms because of snoring problem. It is possible to get rid of the snoring related to this problem by eliminating these irregularities during the operation.

Nose Surgery Positively Affects Sleep Health

Sleep is as important as nutrition. Situations that cannot breathe comfortably cause frequent waking up. If it caused problems such as snoring or sleep apnea, not to mention disrupting the sleep of the next partner. Nose surgery can also solve sleep disorders related to problems in the nose.

Nose Surgery Reduces the Frequency Of Upper Respiratory Infections 

When the nose is blocked, this blockage causes to make the patient sick very often, as he/she has to breathe through the mouth. In addition, nasal congestion negatively affects the ears through the Eustachian tube. (Syrinx) Again, changes in the mouth and facial structure, tooth decay, bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth occur due to mouth breathing. When the inner part of the nose is corrected thanks to nose surgery, the frequency of upper respiratory infections significantly decreases.

Nasal aesthetic surgeries have aesthetic and social consequences, as well as many health benefits.

It is important that the surgery is performed by reliable doctors who are experienced in the field; have medical knowledge the anatomical structure of the nose well. If you are planning to have a nose surgery, just click to contact information and ask question to the experienced staff of our Clinic.

Myths About Nose Aesthetics

The People Who Have A Nose Surgery: ‘Their Nose Does Not Look Natural

The aim of nasal aesthetic operations is to achieve successful results both aesthetically and functionally. If you stick to this goal, it is not difficult to maintain the natural appearance of the nose. An appropriate surgery is performed with a pre-operative face analysis and a personalized plan. A beautiful nose allows you to breathe comfortably and creates a natural look that is compatible with the face. At this point, expectations before and after the operation should be expressed correctly and cooperation should be made with the with the specialist surgeon.

Nose Surgery Operation Is Only Applied By Women

Aesthetic surgeries are generally preferred by women. However, it does not prevent men from benefiting of these kinds of plastic surgery operations. Men can also achieve the look they want thanks to the aesthetic operations; they can also have a healthy nose. There are aesthetic differences between male and female nose. Considering this situation, natural results can be easily obtained in men with the operations will be performed.