Plastic Surgery

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Many terms, too much true or false information comes to our mind when we heard about plastic surgery. In this article, you will find useful information about plastic surgery that you have heard a lot about before.

The term plastic surgery stems come from the Greek word plastikos, meaning: ‘to mold’ – to form.

First of all this surgical medicine branch, whose full name is Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, is generally called ‘Plastic Surgery’ or ‘Aesthetic surgery’. It finds the place in the media mostly with its plastic surgery operations and applications. Plastic surgery operations and procedures are the tip of the iceberg in Plastic Surgery. Aesthetic surgery operations constitute 10-20% of Plastic Surgery applications.

Most plastic surgery operations include hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery, head-neck and skin tumors surgery, congenital hand, facial anomalies treatment, cleft lip-palate treatment, craniofacial surgery, acute-chronic wound cure, tissue transplantation.

Our clinic; provides services with the most modern technologies and trend applications under the leadership of our specialist surgeons.

Cooperation with professional surgeons: Professional team of our clinic, that has accomplished perfect works, is very successful in all kind of plastic surgery operations that we had. In this article, we will help you to understand all procedures of plastic surgery. You can ask questions you would like to ask, you can reach us at our contact numbers. You can mail us or come to our office. We will be glad to assist you. The satisfaction of our patients is more important to us than anything else.

Plastic Surgery Operations

  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Face Lift Neck Lift
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Ear Surgery
  • Brow Lift
  • Facial Rejuvenation

Nose Surgery;

  • Rhinoplasty

Body Contouring Surgery:

  • Body Lift
  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Buttocks Augmentation

Breast Aesthetics;

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Asymmetry Correction
  • Gynecomastia

Obesity Surgery;

  • Gastric Balloon
  • Gastric Botox
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Sleeve

You can find detailed information about the operations we have written above on our web site.

Useful Information About Aesthetic Applications

Coolifting; It is an anti-aging plastic surgery application that was designed to effectively treat the areas such as the eye contour, forehead, cheeks, and around the lips and neck where aging effects are most pronounced. Provides non-invasive facial rejuvenation in five minutes with an easy, effective, and fast application.

Plastic Surgery Innofacial; It is a hydra dermabrasion procedure that combines peeling, hydration, and cleansing. You can benefit from this service regardless of your skin type and gender.

Non-Surgical Facelift; It appears as an alternative application that is applied to sagging and deformations in the face oval without surgery, painless, comfortable, and without affecting our social life. The most important feature of the system is that it offers three different technologies together and in a powerful way.

Medical Skin Care; It is in our hands to beautify your skin, to soften and delay the damage caused by time and negative factors. This includes a process that starts with knowing your skin correctly and includes care and applications for the needs of the skin. Medical skincare; it is an effective method. Medical skincare is a process that takes an average of 1.5 – 2 hours. After skincare is done, people feel their skin fresh like a newborn.

Botox; It is applied in the elimination of eyebrow, eye contour, and forehead lines, rim lines, lip edge lines, chewing muscle (masseter) hypertrophy, eliminating neck wrinkles, preventing hand, foot, and armpit sweating, nose lift.

Plastic Surgery- Face Filling; Nasolabial lines, wrinkles on the edge of the mouth and towards the jaw, highlight the cheekbones, increasing and shaping the lip volume, Removing asymmetrical disorders, Inter-eyebrow and forehead wrinkles are temporary non-surgical solutions.

Prp And Mesotheraphy; To increase the elasticity of the skin due to the collagen structuring and production of aged and damaged skin, to stop hair loss and to make it look alive by stimulating the hair follicles, to keep the working system of the melanin cells in the skin within normal limits, To treat skin spots, Acne scars, Various scars, Scar and Crack treatment PRP and Mesotherapy treatment is used for the healing of the lesions.

Plastic Surgery Hair Transplantation; FUE method is the process of transferring the hair follicles in the neck and upper ear areas one by one with the help of micro motor under local anesthesia by opening channels with 0.6-0.8mm micro punches to the bald areas that are needed. Since the procedure is performed in the operating room and under local anesthesia, the patient and the doctor are in contact with the doctor during the procedure and he feels comfortable.

Modern hand and foot health care, Hand and foot care of diabetic patients, Ingrown nail treatment, Removal and care of calluses, Deformed lost nail treatment, Fungal nail care, Prosthetic nail, Nail prosthetic nail treatments are also applied. It is a procedure performed by applying herbal pigmentation to the micro incisions that are thrown into the epidermis, the top layer of the skin.

As a result of the application made according to the designed eyebrow shape and the natural flow direction of the bristles in the eyebrows, a three-dimensional hair image is obtained in the treated area. REFIT is the most comfortable form of non-invasive skin rejuvenation and body shaping with multi-polar RF, vacuum, and LED simultaneously sent to the tissue. REFIT is an effective method.

Laser Epilation; It aims to destroy the part of the hair root called the papillae. In laser epilation application, the dose is selected according to the skin type of the person. In this way, it is aimed to complete the treatment as soon as possible by working with the power to affect the hair follicles without damaging the skin. Our clinic uses the American FDA approved Cynosure Apogee 5500 Elite Laser Hair Removal system.

When Plastic Surgery Entered Into The World Of Public Mind?

Plastic surgery comes to our life; rendered safe the rejuvenation of the face and body through procedures such as face-lifts, breast augmentation, and liposuction, such as injections of botulinum toxin /Botox and cosmetic tissue fillers /collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Which Diseases Are In The Field Of Plastic Surgery?

The subject is wondered by many people. Don’t worry; we will try to clarify this issue in this article.

Now we know that the surgical intervention performed to eliminate the disorders in the face and various parts of the body are called ‘plastic surgery’. Well; what does a plastic surgery specialist do, what is the meaning of it?  We talked about this briefly above, now  let’s expand the topic more:

The full name of this branch is “Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery”. A physician specialized in this field is called ‘plastic surgery specialist’ or  ‘aesthetic surgery specialist’. Many people think that the main goal in the plastic surgery department is; beautify but this is not true. It is also aimed to cure patients with the treatment of diseases that can be considered vital in this area of surgical intervention.

Which diseases are subjects:  Let’s dive deeply; Plastic surgery can be broadly classified as reconstructive or cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery depending on whether it is performed primarily to restore function or change physical appearance.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is a treatment used to heal dysfunctional body parts (related to a disorder in the functioning of a structure or organ). That was used firstly to fix functions, despite that may change the people’s appearance. For example, it can be used to reattach limbs severed by trauma.

Plastic surgery procedures, operation techs, and doctrines are focused on improving the patient’s appearance. Improving aesthetic appeal, proportion, symmetry is the golden key of purposes. Anesthetic surgery can be performed on the head, neck, and every part of the body.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Facial deformity: Asymmetries, congenital masses, rare facial clefts
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Craniofacial – maxillofacial anomalies (e.g. jaw, facial and skull deformities, irregularities, deficiencies
  • Orthognathic surgery (Jaw closure disorders)
  • Absence of auricle, prominent ear, and other deformities
  • Nose defects, tumors, rupture
  • Salivary gland / submaxillary gland problems
  • Congenital tumor, nevus (me), masses, vascular malformations, hemangiomas
  • Bone and soft tissue trauma of the face
  • Maxillofacial Surgery (Bone defects-fractures-shape and function disorders caused by traffic accidents, tumors, and other reasons, jaw surgery
  • Head and neck tumors and repair of their defects
  • Absence, asymmetry, or excess breast tissue
  • Breast reconstructions after cancer
  • Gynecomastia (Big breast in men)
  • Congenital anomalies of genital organs (Epispadias, hypospadias, vaginal agenesis, etc.)
  • Repairs of genital organs, replantation of severed organs,
  • Chest and abdominal wall defects
  • Hand Surgery (Traumas, tumors, finger transfers, finger repair-extension, etc.)
  • Hand and foot defects and deformities
  • Peripheral nerve problems (traumas, neuropathies, defects, masses)
  • Skin and soft tissue tumors
  • Acute burns and post-burn deformities, spasms, contractions, damages caused by electricity and chemicals in soft tissues
  • Skin and subcutaneous wounds caused by various infections, radiation, and other effects
  • Chronic wounds (pressure sores, venous wounds, diabetic foot wounds)

 Plastic Surgery Topics

  • Aesthetic and functional nose correction (Rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty)
  • Facial rejuvenation (Face lift-eyelid and mouth revisions, treatment of wrinkles)
  • Endoscopic face-forehead lift, eyebrow lift
  • Eyelid aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)
  • Correction of other aesthetic problems in the prominent ear (apostasies) and other problems of the prominent ear.
  • Chin enlargement and reduction operations (Mentoplasty),
  • Removal of scars and correction of irregularities on the skin,
  • Hair transplantation – replacements
  • Laser processing (Facial peeling, removal of spots and vascular malformations
  • Aesthetic breast operations: Enlargement, reduction, and lifting
  • Operations to reduce excessive skin-subcutaneous adipose tissue (liposuction-lipectomy)
  • Abdominal stretching (Abdominoplasty)
  • Leg contour surgery with fat removal, injections, or leg implants.
  • Contour corrections with implants (prostheses applied to soft tissue) (such as hip and thigh implants, pectoral (breast) implants in men – leg implants)
  • Skin treatments and interventions

Plastic Surgery And The Most Popular Topics

What Are The Differences Between Rhinoplasty And Septoplasty?

Plastic Surgery helps the operation of Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty but firstly, we see the differences between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty.  We will talk about them briefly because the next article shows them more details. For most people, the first thing to think about nose surgery is rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the nose.

Besides rhinoplasty, there is another operation that lesser-known; this is septoplasty, which is a nasal surgery that improves the functionality of the nose ( helps to breathe) These two nose surgeries can be extremely successful and can even be applied in combination to improve both the appearance and the function of the nose. Let’s see what are Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty, both of which are nose surgeries.

Septoplasty is a nose surgery performed to correct bone and cartilage tissues. Rhinoplasty is an effort to give the desired shape to the nose aesthetically. That’s all? Of course not. Nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing are common complaints today.  This kind of surgical operation on these problems we call: Septoplasty.

On the other hand, we said:  Rhinoplasty is an effort to give the desired shape to the nose aesthetically. In this operation, the nose can be lengthened, enlarged, the nose bridge can be strengthened or corrected, the nose angle can be improved, the shape or size of the nose tip can be adjusted, or several other aesthetic improvements can be made. In short, rhinoplasty can make the nose look more balanced and aesthetically pleasing. For now, we want to show you the difference between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty briefly, for more information you will see the article about nose surgery.

Plastic Surgery – Facial rejuvenation

This is probably the most curious subject of all; especially women’s favorite topics, but just for women? Let’s be honest gentlemen. The next article will show us about this in detail, but for now, let’s give short and useful information. Facial rejuvenation methods include a wide variety of applications and techniques.

Also; the problems create in terms of aesthetics, this situation can also bring psychological problems. On the other hand, these skin defects that occur due to genetic, physiological, or environmental factors and the aging problem are not unsolvable. It is possible to have the desired appearance with the innovative techniques and skin rejuvenation methods that have been applied in recent years with the possibilities offered by developing medical technology. Facial rejuvenation treatments can be performed when the signs of aging become visible, sagging and wrinkles increase and they feel you unhappy, in this undesirable circumstance, plastic surgery can offer you a solution.

One Of The Most Popular Topics: Hair Transplantation.

Hair transplantation is among the most preferred aesthetic operations of recent years. There are various reasons for hair loss since adolescence can cause the person to feel uncomfortable psychologically. Permanent hair loss can occur due to many reasons such as genetic makeup, hormonal problems, environmental factors, stress, diseases, and drug use. Today, the most permanent solution for hair loss is the hair transplantation method. Hair transplantation operations can be easily preferred by many people, as they are performed in a short time, there is no scarring as a result of the procedure, and the transplanted hair is permanent for a lifetime. After deciding to have a hair transplant, it is very normal to have many question marks in mind. We have compiled the details you need to know about the operation before you have a hair transplant.

 Plastic Surgery And Removal Of Scars 

The common reason for applying to plastic surgery in the treatment of burns or scars after an accident. This treatment is done by planning individually according to the holistic approach as in all medical procedures. The location of the wound, the time of its first appearance, how it is formed, what applications have been applied in its treatment until it comes to a plastic surgery center, the general health status of the patient, age, and medications are the first features to be noted when planning wound healing.

If necessary, surgery comes first among all methods to be used in wound and scar treatment. The removal of dead tissue is called debridement. It is not possible to close or defeat and repair many wounds without this debridement. Especially non-healing wounds for a long time, these dead tissues act as a plug then wounds cannot be closed or defeated because these dead tissues prevent the healing.

PRP applications, micro fat grafts, a neurotoxin, radiofrequency procedures, intense light treatments (IPL), fractional (intermittent) carbon dioxide lasers, chemical peeling procedures are other tools that are frequently preferred in plastic surgery for suitable patients.

Surgical removal of bad and poor quality healing tissues is another frequently preferred surgical method in the treatment of scars caused by accidents, previous surgeries, or incisions are made on the arms or body for self-harm. The expectation of treatment is not the exact disappearance of the scar, but the transformation of the scar should be an aesthetically acceptable form. It is also possible to try to cover some scars with “tattoos” or “hair transplantation” on the face and arms, especially in men.

Plastic Surgery And Scars

Scars freaking us out but calm down plastic surgery works out about undesirable, visible scars. Since plastic surgery is a branch of beauty and aesthetics, there is a high demand for perfect beauty and now we are talking about scars right? But it should not be forgotten that each person has a different wound healing capacity.

Well, let’s be honest; every injury or every surgery always leaves a mark. The principle in aesthetic and plastic surgery is to hide the surgical scars and make an incision on the body areas that will leave the best marks. However, the scar that will occur in any surgery cannot be predicted exactly and there is always the possibility of encountering bad surprises. Laser stitch is one of the most pronounced mistakes.

A laser is a technology that is generally used for purposes such as destruction and skin layer peeling. In other words, it does not have a unifying, stitching feature. The suture that patients refer to as laser stitching is a type of stitch that is placed under the skin, not visible outside the skin, and usually does not need to be removed because it is melted by the body.

Now we want to talk about some kind of illusion; It is a partial illusion with gentle stitching, camouflaging of the stitches, trying to match the body lines, stitching in invisible areas in plastic surgeons. Let’s give examples:

In breast aesthetic surgeries, stitches are made around the nipple and in the folds between the breast tissue and the rib cage, ensuring that the remaining scars are tolerable and easy to camouflage.

Another example is about nose surgery; nose surgeries are performed from the inside of the nose, no traces are seen on the skin. If prominent ear surgery is performed behind the ear, it cannot be seen directly if there is a scar.

Plastic Surgery aims to remove uncomfortable scars on the face or body using one or several stages of surgical and medical treatments. Sometimes we hear Scar correction surgery which shares the same goals with plastic surgery so there is no need to lose the terminology, let’s keep going; the most common method applied for this purpose is to completely remove the scar tissue and obtain a much thinner scar. The most important issue in plastic surgery is that the scar to be left is in the storage areas of the body.

Laser or dermabrasion can then be applied to this fine scar. In this way, it may be possible to completely remove the scar, but the realistic expectation is a 50-80% better appearance. When closing up or maybe in this sentence, we can say defeat the scar after removal, sometimes techniques called ‘Z Plasty’ or ‘W Plasty’, where the scar is not closed in a straight line, but closed in a zigzag form can also be used.

Plastic surgery’s goal or scar correction should not be seen as just a short period of surgery and wound closure. To obtain a good result, regional medication applications should also be applied to protect and heal from the sun and other external effects during the wound maturation period after surgical correction. As you see this paragraph is worth gold. We mean doctors work on it but you have to effort too. Especially sun protection is in your hands and of course, external effects can happen in your daily life.

Sometimes scars can be exaggeratedly large and raised. This condition can occur in predisposed people and certain parts of the body. There are two different forms called ‘Hypertrophic Scar’ and ‘Keloid’. These are special cases that are difficult to correct and require long efforts and sometimes not good results.

Gynecomastia (Big breast in men)

Gynecomastia is the growth of male breast tissue, it is the most common breast condition in men. It is a very common problem in men and its prevalence can reach 30%.  People can be easily confused with pseudogincomastia, Pseudogincomastia is being seen in obese patients. In gynecomastia, growth in the breast is mostly seen in the glandular tissue. Some hormonal imbalances, alcohol, some antidepressants, and bodybuilding drugs can be reasons for gynecomastia. Progression in the breast tissue can be stopped with medication in non-progressed cases. In patients who do not respond to medication, plastic surgery, liposuction, etc. different alternatives can be used.

Surgery called mastectomy is usually performed endoscopically, that is the breast tissue will be removed is first viewed with the help of a small camera. The recovery period of the patient after a mastectomy is very short. Breast tissue is successfully being cleaned with surgery. Local or general anesthesia can be used during the operation.

What Is The Success Rate Of Gynecomastia Surgery?

The success rate is very high in operations where liposuction and gland excision techniques are applied together. For the successful operation, it needs to be performed by an expert plastic surgeon.

Is Plastic Surgery Dangerous?

Plastic surgery operations are often performed without a mandatory emergency medical need and are decided as a result of the patient’s communication with the doctor. If we look at the situation from this angle, it may seem as if it comes from arbitrary or purely aesthetic concerns. Thus, in operations that seem arbitrary, we think that this operation might be dangerous. Is ıt true?

There is a detailed answer to the question; there is a misperception among patients that these operations have no risk. Although it is much lower than in other surgeries, there are complications associated with surgery or anesthesia. Therefore, plastic surgery should be considered as normal surgery. These issues need to be discussed in detail with the doctor. It should not be forgotten that the doctor’s factor is very, very important.

Things To Consider In Plastic Surgery Operation.

This may seem like another topic, but we are clearing the subject to give more detailed information for the above question. Ok, let’s focus the case. Rather, plastic surgery operations demanded body comfort, well-being, increased self-confidence, and happiness should be performed in hospitals with all kinds of equipment and team under appropriate operating room conditions.

Don’t be fooled by low prices; well, a low price can be charming for all of us, that’s true but, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys, that’s true too. This proverb is worth gold. So we must be extremely careful about plastic surgery operation price.

Care should be taken about surgeries that require very low fees compared to their equivalents. The information and identities of materials such as implants and prostheses placed in the body should be requested from the doctor who will perform the surgery. Products that are subject to authorized approval and inspection must be used. Well, if the cheap price is offered in the tray, no matter golden or silver tray, what will the answer you know right now. I know it’s hard to resist but good things don’t come cheap.


According to the article you read above, plastic surgery has come a long way. It is now is almost perfect. The definition of health is a state of well-being not only physically, but also spiritually and socially. Plastic surgery aims to correct the functional and visual ailments of the people. These disorders not only negatively affect a person’s life but also cause them to feel socially incomplete.

Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a complete health condition. If the operation is necessary and the person is psychologically ready for surgery, the right doctor and hospital will help you. We should not forget that postoperative medical care and human psychology are also very important.

Some myths, misconceptions, and beliefs were formed in the minds of people who prefer plastic surgery. These misbeliefs deter people who need plastic surgery; this causes him /her to escape from an operation that will be very good for him/her. Probably they miss the turning point of their life not only an operation.

Plastic surgery is for women only. Wrong. Since the 1990s to the present, we see that the interest of men in plastic surgery is increasing, this rate is almost huge. For example, the rate that we talk about; is 273% in America. It is unbelievable but true. A very common operation, especially in our country: hair transplantation: Hair transplant operations are one of the most common operations in men.

Plastic surgery is an expensive surgery. Wrong. This kind of surgery is no longer perceived as a luxury for people who are healthy and in a certain income group.

All botoxes are the same. Wrong. Botox  is a trading name and the active ingredient in botox is botulinum toxin; It is a drug that provides temporary and controlled loss of function in muscles. There are other drugs with the same active ingredient. Other brands include Dysport and Xeomin.

We hope that this article about plastic surgery will be useful for you and will lead to more detailed research.