Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery Below you will read a detailed article about ear surgery; for example, prominent ear is a common problem in our country and all over the world. Basically, this condition, which does not have an effect on the general functioning of the body and therefore cannot be described as a disease

During the recent years thanks to the development of medicine and facilitation of aesthetic operations, prominent ear problem that is a subject of ear surgery, can be easily treated using modern and simple techniques. Prominent ear problem causes psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence and decrease in self-esteem because of aesthetic problems. It is beneficial for the individual to be corrected by surgery in order to have a better social life.

Women are a little more fortunate than men in this problem. Because women can hide their ears thanks to their hair.  Well, that’s why; men apply to ear surgery operation more often to correct this problem.

General Information About Ear Surgery And Prominent Ear

Well; there will be some Latin and medical words in this section, but details are important, aren’t they? Furthermore you have rights to know what will happen on the operation. It is enlightening and relaxing, yes, it is little bit disturbing but we are talking about an operation right?

The most common cause of flap-eared or prominent ear formation is excessive turbinate development and underdevelopment of the antihelix or both together. The incidence in the community is 5%; Psychological problems may occur in individuals with this problem.

Many different ear surgery techniques with varying results have been described based on scraping, bending, stitching, scratching or repositioning methods or combinations of these to create a natural looking antihelix fold in the auricle.

Prominent ear repair with suture and cartilage cutting techniques are currently the two main ear  surgical approaches that are most frequently used worldwide.

How Is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

After marking the bi-elliptic skin incision line behind the auricle, the cartilage incision line to be made to release the new antihelical(lat.) fold and helix was drawn with a paint pen. Using methylene blue and a needle, the cartilage incision line to be made to separate the helix from the antihelical is marked.

Since absorbable sutures are used in this technique, it was planned to prevent recurrence by providing postoperative synechiae  after folding the cartilage with flap elevation over the perichondrium. After this procedure, the helix is completely separated from the antihelix and freed. Then, to create the antihelix as planned, using 4.0 absorbable sutures according to the classical Mustarde technique, with three matrix sutures, without removing cartilage from the auricle.

Now new shape is given. In this technique, no rasping, partial or full layer cartilage removal procedure is performed on the cartilage, so the antihelix is provided with a smooth and natural appearance. Finally, after bleeding is controlled, the incision line on the skin is closed with 4.0 prolene stitches and subcutaneous continuous stitches.

The new shape is given to the auricle is supported by cotton strips soaked in antibiotic pomade and covered with a bandaged dressing. And good news: now thanks to ear surgery prominent ear is not a problem anymore.

Patients are discharged on the same day after surgery; and they are invited to dressing check-ups in every two days. Prolene stitches are taken to close the skin incision at the end of the first week of patients who are treated with analgesic and antibiotics (Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid) during the first postoperative week.

Ear Surgery : Prominent Ear (otapostasis) Problem?

Prominent ear problem, which has many names, is the most common type of deformity in the ear. It usually caused by the looseness of the cartilages in the ear area or the insufficiency of the ear folds. That’s why, the ear, which has a loose structure, stands bent forward or sideways, causing an unpleasant appearance. It is usually seen in both ears, but in some people the problem is only in one ear. Prominent ear issue can cause many psychological problems, so the situation can be solved by simple operations thanks to modern medicine.

What Are The Reasons Of Ear Surgery?

Usually the people who have prominent ear problem apply to ear surgery.

Prominent ear, which is a completely congenital problem, occurs due to genetic factors.  Therefore, the probability of this problem is quite high in people have prominent ear problems in their family, especially in their mother or father. Problem that is being transferred in families and causes prominent ear are:

  • The angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle is too wide;
  • Having a loose structure of the ear cartilages;
  • The absence of folds in the upper part of the ear.

In recent years, the reason for the laxity in the ear muscles are related to the levels of estrogen hormone in the blood. However, no concrete and definitive evidence has been reached yet.

Prominent ear surgery is performed using local anesthesia.  It is an aesthetic surgery does not take too much time. Flap-eared does not mean that a person’s ears are larger than normal.  This kind of aesthetics is performed in order to eliminate the deformity on the ears of the person.

What Kind Of Problems Wait For You In Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear causes psychological problems in many individuals, men, women included children. This problem is particularly unwelcome in western society that’s why people who suffer from this problem  tend to cover it up by using a variety of accessories or growing their hair out. Obsessions can be seen in people who are uncomfortable with prominent ear. The problems also differ regionally. Women with flap-eared can be seen as cute in some societies in Far East culture; this situation is not strange at all.

On the contrary the issue is complicated in western world included our country; the people who had this problem since childhood are being ridiculed by their environment. Therefore, self-confidence, depression and self-esteem problems may occur. Therefore, this problem should be corrected by using aesthetic operation method as early as possible in order not to cause social and psychological problems in human’s life. Ear surgery can be life savior.

Ear Surgery: Operation And Treatment (Classic Technique)

We mentioned the operation is performed using local anesthesia; the processing of operation time is:  approximate one hour. The patient will not be unconscious during this period, so an interactive procedure is experienced.  Ear correction can be shaped according to the patient’s request; during the operation doctor have a chance to ask patient’s ideas; that’s why local anesthesia is useful.  However some patients require general anesthesia (this patient group is very small.);  the process can also be done this way. Bandages are applied after the procedure. This bandage stays on the patient’s ears for ten days. Postoperative pain relief (anodyne/analgesic) can be applied.

Before determining, the ear surgery technique will be used, a detailed examination and evaluation are required. The technique is going to be used is determined according to the examination symptoms. Instead of applying the same technique to each patient, performing the surgery with the most appropriate technique for the patient is the effective key to achieving a successful and perfect result.

The problem of prominent ear, which disturbed people for a lifetime in the past, has become a problem that can be easily solved with simple methods today. Prominent ear and of course ear surgery  which have become a nightmare of children in school age, must be treated at the right time and using the right techniques. It is an operation that should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon in hospital conditions. Depending on the ear structure, the surgeon’s technique and preference, an operation can be performed in front of or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation aimed at the root causes of the problem, the ear cartilages are shaped properly and the ear is repositioned backwards.

The incisions applied during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and there will be no scar that may cause an aesthetic problem. The surgery does not affect hearing ability during the recovery period or after recovery, and the person can easily continue his normal life.

In prominent ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly, the recovery process takes a maximum of one or two weeks. At the end of this process, the flap-eared appearance completely disappears and the patient can have ears that look natural and the shape they should be.

Which People Are Suitable For Prominent Ear Surgery?

Ear size reaches more than 90% of a 6-year-old adult. Surgery can be performed before starting school in order to prevent psychosocial problems that may arise due to the brutal criticism of schoolmates.

Psychological Problems Caused By Prominent Ear And Why Is Ear Surgery So Important

This problem affects the person psycho-socially negatively. The first is the preschool period, the second is the adolescence period. The unconscious speeches, evaluations and judgments made by other children during the preschool period, when children are at their most brutal age; clearly hurt the psycho-social development of the child.

Therefore, the ideal timing for prominent ear surgery is the preschool period. In an operation is going to be performed during this period, both the cartilage shaping process is easier and the negative factor on the psycho-social development of the child is being eliminated, making it easier to raise a more robust individual in terms of character.

The second period in which the individual is negatively affected is adolescence. In this period, the individual who is very fragile in terms of psycho-social feels isolated and distant from the society, especially in terms of socialization.

Prominent Ear Surgery For Children

What can be done for infants and children with a problem detected by the doctor or their family? Can prominent ear problem be solved without ear surgery?

Using some elastic bands for a few months under the supervision of a doctor may be an answer. Thanks to accurate and timely diagnosis will help to solve the problem in a way that does not require surgery in the future. In the event that this period is missed or prominent ear problem is detected later, the time of surgery is decided as a result of the examination by the plastic surgeon. We would like to repeat this; if the correct diagnosis is made at the right time, surgery may not be necessary.

Prominent ear surgery can also be applied to adults, but it is much better to be done in childhood. All we know why: but let’s say again; the implementation of this operation in childhood is more suitable for the child to step into adulthood in a psychologically and socially healthy way and it helps kids to become a self-confident individual. We see that the psychological traumas were experienced in childhood are very important in humans’ life. Psychological and sociological events determine the child’s whole life.

For this reason, the age range specified as the most suitable for the surgery, which is right to be performed in the preschool period, is around 4-6 years. In this period, ear development is completed. If the problem can be solved during this period, the child will not have a problem during school years and the education life will be fine.

Our children are very valuable to us; they are a precious treasure for us, if a simple and painless surgery can change their lives for the better, the biggest responsibility belongs to their families to investigate the prominent ear issue deeply, soothe the child’s fears of surgery, and most importantly to find the doctor who will perform the operation.

Is Prominent Ear Surgery Covered By Insurance?

Most of the aesthetic surgeries are not covered by the insurance institution, ear surgery includes. However; there is an important work on stretching the rules on this subject; the efforts to increase the support made by the insurance institution for aesthetic surgeries emerged as a result of a need. People now desire to enjoy their social rights regarding deformities in their physical appearance. This made it necessary to restructure social institutions.