Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation The desire for a young and attractive appearance has increased recently. So what is the reason for this? In fact, the population has aged, moreover, communication tools; social media above all, praised beauty.  Facial rejuvenation is different from other operations. This operation creates a much younger look.

So it is necessary to find an answer to the question of why patients are getting old. So what could these be?  Well, we can answer this question: Anatomical structure of the patient, skin types. It should not be forgotten that every patient has a different spine appearance, what we mean is that each patient’s skeletal structure is different.

Professional Team Of Our Clinic That Has Accomplished Perfect Works

Professional team of our clinic that has accomplished perfect works, is very successful in facial rejuvenation operations like the other plastic surgeries that we had. In this article we will help you to understand all procedures of facial rejuvenation. You can ask questions you want to ask, you can reach us at our contact numbers. You can mail us or come to our office. We will be glad to assist you. The satisfaction of our patients is more important to us than anything else. Now please read what you want to know about the subject in the article below.

Facial rejuvenation operation is the general name given to a series of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at removing the scars on the face due to aging. Face and neck lift surgeries, eyelid operations, eyebrow and face hangers, botox and filling applications, laser and chemical peeling are included the operation.

The patient and the doctor  decide together which surgery or procedure will be required for the patient. It is important for patients who want facial rejuvenation to bring their youth photographs with them, in determining the correct surgeries.

Facial Rejuvenation:  Aging Of The Face

Aging of the face takes shape because of intrinsic and external processes. The intrinsic aging method happens at the cellular degree. A decrease in secretion levels   the accumulation of cell waste products   free radical-induced damage, mitochondrial aging, the breakdown of the telomeres, and accumulated gene mutation are all responsible for intrinsic aging.

Improving Of Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

The unique notion of a Facial Rejuvenation was introduced in the beginning of twentieth century involving the simple excision of excessive skin in the lateral portion of the face. The procedure then evolved to include subcutaneous undermining and red raping of the skin flap against gravity This kind of  Facial Rejuvenation operation has several advantages. It is simple and safe, why? ‘, the surgical procedure takes place above the plane that contains the facial nerves, making it really easy to perform,   Furthermore, the technique guarantees patients’ rapid postoperative recovery.

But, a long-term postoperative effect might not be expected because traction force relies on the superficial skin vector.

Therefore, tightened skin can easily lose the tension after a subcutaneous Facial Rejuvenation, making the longevity of the lifting effect minimal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Rejuvenation Procedures:

What Happens On The Face During Aging?

During aging, three fundamental changes occur on the face:   Tissues hang down due to gravity. This effect is more pronounced in thicker skin. Eyebrows, upper eyelids, cheeks and neck are the structures most affected by gravity. As we get older, our eyebrows and upper lids pile down, cheeks hang down and the lines from the nose to the lips deepen. Lumps begin on the edge of the jawbone, the neck skin loosens and the jowl becomes prominent.

Soft tissue loss occurs on the face. Due to the loss of subcutaneous tissue, the skin becomes thinner, the cheeks lose their fullness, the eyes go into the pit, the under-eye bags become prominent, the mid-face area becomes flattened. While the middle face loses its fullness, the facial skin piles up on the sides of the chin. When young, the oval face becomes round over time and then takes a rectangular shape.

Aging of the skin begins. And you are about to think about facial rejuvenation, but hang on; what we will tell is not over yet; let’s go on; The skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Especially due to the sun, spots on the face and skin lesions that can turn into cancer occur in the future. Mimic lines are formed by the effect of mimic muscles. These occur mostly in the form of crow’s feet at the edges of the eyes, vertical lines between the eyebrows due to the frown, and horizontal lines on the forehead due to the eyebrows. Wrinkles increase in thin-skinned people.

Facial Rejuvenation And Patient’s Expectations

Although there is no consensus on open indications yet, almost all surgeons have performed many facelift procedures and worked on facelift modification.

Selection of surgical method: The personal perspective of each surgeon in aesthetic operations still strongly affects the choice of surgical method. For this reason, it is important for surgeons to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each operational technique in order to ensure that they use the most appropriate facial rejuvenation methods for the patients. Although there is no consensus on open indications yet, almost all surgeons have performed many facelift procedures and worked on facelift modification.

Selection of surgical method: The personal perspective of each surgeon in aesthetic operations still strongly affects the choice of surgical method. For this reason, it is important for surgeons to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical technique in order to ensure that they use the most appropriate facial rejuvenation methods for their patients.

By the way over the age of 40 is the most suitable candidates for facial rejuvenation surgery  . Various face lift operations such as modern face lift, mid-face lift and neck lift can be performed according to the needs of the patient.

Facial Rejuvenation And The Famous Question: Is It Possible To Set Back Aging On The Face

Perhaps the most important factor determining aging is genetics. Good news for the people who have good genetics; even if the environmental conditions are bad, you will age late. This is what people call; genetic inheritance. Moreover, racial characteristics are important too.

For example: While sagging due to gravity is observed in thick skinned- Mediterranean race, wrinkles are more pronounced in thin skinned- blond Northern Europeans.

Ok, we can’t choose our race, so can we change our destiny?

The factors we can control about aging are: sleeping regularly, eating well, staying away from the sun, drinking plenty of fluids, not smoking, not consuming too much alcohol, avoiding tension and sadness, living in a clean environment, avoiding excess makeup, to use regular moisturizing and skin care products. Products do not have to be expensive, the ingredients of the products and the density of the materials in the product are important.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Facial Rejuvenation?

There is no age restriction in facial rejuvenation. If the patient feels tired, old and the face is really sagging and losing his dynamism during the medical examination, the planning of non-invasive methods called botox, filling, laser, cellular therapy or facelift surgery can always be done.

How Young Will I Get?

This is one of the most curious questions. Before the procedure, the youth photo of the patient is checked. It is determined where the signs of aging are. After that, a planning is made. Then the patient gets younger for five or ten years.

How Permanent Will My Youthful Appearance Be?

The permanence period of the procedure, which is successfully performed in competent hands, can continue for 10 years in normal standards; however, this period is closely related to the living conditions of the person. If a person who had a facial rejuvenation, smokes a lot, has a stressful personality, does not sleep well, does not exercise, does not pay attention to the diet, does not take precautions against sun damage, and if he or she lives away from exercise, the duration of permanence decreases. But the person who pays attention to these rules, permanence will last longer.

On the other hand, if the person has a healthy lifestyle and makes small touches on his/her face when it is necessary, the duration of permanence increases. For example; Botox should be done on time, filling applications (if necessary) laser tightening and cellular treatment (if recommended)

In other words, it is necessary for the person to take care of his/her skin himself/herself and time to time the patient should take an appointment from the doctor who performed the facial rejuvenation surgery.  It is not correct to say: ‘I had an operation; I will not touch anything for 10 years.’

When Do You Return To Daily Life?

Our Surgeons, Who Are Experts In Their Branch, Will Solve All Your Worries

Our patients had asked the same questions before our successful facial rejuvenation surgeries so far.  I seem to hear the same questions you ask:

Will my face be very swollen? Will my face turn purple? When will I be able to continue my social life? Won’t I be able to participate in community life for a long time?

No need to worry, our surgeons, who are experts in their field, will solve all your worries. Because today, thanks to the development of plastic surgery techniques and the use of endoscopic surgery, the healing process of the patients has accelerated.

Our surgeons, who profit the advantages of modern techniques in our clinic efficiently, will help you to return to your social life as soon as possible.

Latest Equipment And Techniques We Use For Facial Rejuvenation Surgeries, We Eliminate The Damage

Moreover, thanks to the latest equipment and techniques we use, we eliminate the damage that might occur on the tissues of the patient. If there is bruising and edema on the face, it begins to descend thanks to medical treatment of our professional operators,  after 48-72 hours, our surgeon team will be ready for you in any time, do not worry.

Are The Incision Scars Visible?

In the endoscopic method, tiny incisions (just only 1-2 centimeters) are not visible because they are hidden in the hair. The incisions in the classical method are placed in the natural lines in front of and behind the ear. After a short time, these incisions heal and no longer appear. After a while, these traces disappear.

If Facial Rejuvenation Operation Fails, Is It Possible To Fix It?

We Have Performed Countless Plastic Surgery Operations And Achieved Very Successful Results

Facial rejuvenation surgery should also be performed by experienced plastic surgery specialist. We have performed countless plastic surgery operations and achieved very successful results. We continue our work with the happiness of enhancing the lives of countless patients. Our patients, who had bad experiences before, are now very happy with the operations performed by our experts.

If there is a failure, it is necessary to produce solutions for it. . In other words, there is no such thing as ‘I had a surgery once, I have to endure this failure.’  Do not let failure to discourage you; because it can be fixed. The important thing is: the right person, expert surgeons who gladly answer to every questions, and a full-fledged clinic.

If you want to make an appointment for a free consultation, it is very easy to reach us. After consulting with specialist, you will no longer have any concerns about facial rejuvenation operation.

Please do not believe what you hear everywhere. Everyone’s process of operation is different. Who did this operation? Was the patient suitable for this surgery? There are so many factors. Don’t mind what other people say. Always consult specialist doctors and research.

Does Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

Some of the aesthetic operations can be performed by the state under insurance, depending on the doctor’s evaluation. The state may cover your aesthetic operation. Patients who want to undergo an aesthetic operation but have a limited budget are among the most curious issues about which aesthetic operations SGK meets and the criteria for inclusion in this scope. Please search the situation.