Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Pregnancy causes excessive weight gain and deformities in the body. Women who are afraid of not being able to lose the weight they gain in this process suffer psychologically. Shortly after birth, it is possible to have a pre-pregnancy appearance and even a more beautiful appearance. With the mommy makeover process, the recovery of the body becomes possible for a more fit and proportional appearance. Any woman who has physical or aesthetic concerns due to postpartum deformations can have a mother aesthetic.

Edema formation increases in the body due to hormonal effects during pregnancy. Besides, loosening of the tissues is seen. Cracks occur due to the loss of the normal quality of the subcutaneous tissue and the growth and development of the child. Again, depending on the weight gain, changes in the skin structure (cellulite and cracks) and regional fat excess may occur in the hip and hip area. By the way, the two places where the changes occur most are natural breast tissue and abdominal tissue. Sagging of the breasts, discharge of the upper parts, and shrinkage are seen especially after the birth, when the lactation period is over. These changes are among the changes seen whether the mother gives milk or not.

Mommy makeover surgeries include tummy tuck and breast aesthetics but they may consist of arm and leg stretching, breast enlargement, liposuction, vagina aesthetics. Before breast surgeries, the breastfeeding process should be completed and at least 6 months – 1 year should have passed. If abdominal stretching is desired, it is recommended to wait a maximum of 1 year for the muscles to recover after birth.

Vagina Aesthetics

Changes in the body depend not only on the moment of birth but on the entire pregnancy process. For this reason, there is damage to the body in normal birth and cesarean delivery. But of course, the natural method is normal delivery and it is easier for the mother to recover after normal delivery. However, normal birth can also cause serious damage, and defects in the vaginal structures and vaginal aesthetics may be considered for this.

Vaginal aesthetics is an operation that is applied optionally to mothers who have undergone normal birth. Firstly, this aesthetics is called ‘Labia reduction’. This operation can be applied to both the labia minora and the labia majora. In addition, oil can be injected into the vaginal lips. Pubis lift is rarely performed alone, often together with abdominal stretching. It provides recovery of the sagging vagina. Depending on the complaints of the patients, the most common procedures are labia minora (vaginal inner lips) reduction, vaginal tightening operations, and fat injection to labia majora (outer lips). Such aesthetics can be used to refresh self-confidence and maintain a healthy life after birth.

All these procedures can be done at the same time in a mommy makeover. Different surgical processes can be planned according to the patient’s condition and demands. Since some surgeries and operations have rest and control processes, your procedures can be done in the best and shortest time frame. Performing the transaction processes at different times allows you to rest and not to fall behind your social life.

Mommy makeover provides a solution to deformations that occur especially after multiple or multiple pregnancies and postpartum: loosened abdomen, sagging breasts that have lost their volume, and stretch marks in the abdomen. Having a fitter, younger and aesthetic appearance after having children offers a solution for women who have self-confidence problems. In addition, the fact that more than one operation is performed at once provides an economic advantage.

Before the Surgery

The birth and postpartum period, the responsibilities of a baby, and the postpartum deformations of the mother affect the mother emotionally. These are among the factors that somehow direct and prepare the body for plastic surgery. In general, most of the mothers who apply for aesthetics are preparing themselves for this. Experts state that mothers adapt very well to the aesthetic intervention to be made before they come to the aesthetic specialist.

After the mother’s examination, in some cases, it is necessary to encourage the mother not to keep the expectation high. After all, even if the aesthetic interventions to be made are procedures that will make the mother happy, no guarantee can be given to provide the same prenatal condition. In addition, some creams are recommended for the mother. It is recommended to use anti-cracking creams even during pregnancy. As we said, there are of course some recommended creams after surgery.

Who Is Suitable For The Surgery?

Ideally, of course, the mother should have surgery at her ideal weight. A very thin or fat person is generally not suitable for surgery. In both cases, it reduces the success of the operation. Patients who are not suitable for the operation are directed to a dietician. Speaking of nutrition, it is important to remind smoking here. Anyone considering any plastic surgery should stop smoking immediately. Because smoking can cause unwanted side effects. In addition, it is better to have it at least four months after cessation of milk. Because the changes that occur after pregnancy continue to improve within two years after birth. Of course, all these procedures can be done if a mother who did not give milk or stopped breastfeeding early returned to her normal weight 6 months after birth. If the mother has not reached her prenatal weight, experts recommend that she first lose weight with the help of a dietician. But if he is unable to do this despite sufficient effort, then some operations can be performed according to the person’s condition. To sum up;

  • Smoking and alcohol should be quitted two weeks before the operation.
  • Blood thinners should be stopped at least two weeks ago.
  • If there are medications used regularly, the doctor should be informed before the operation.
  • If various slimming and vitamin pills or teas are used, these should also be stopped at least one week before the surgery.
  • Eating and drinking should be stopped at least 6 hours before the operation.

How Is The Surgery Performed?

Depending on the condition of the breast, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia for an average of 2 hours. It is possible to achieve an erection with the only prosthesis in people who have a small amount of sagging with loss of volume. For this, a 3 cm incision to be made from the lower part of the chest is used. In addition to the loss of volume, the prosthesis will not only be sufficient for people with excessive sagging, however, it will also need to be performed together with the straightening surgery. Finally, only reduction and lifting are sufficient in breasts with both large and sagging breasts. During the examinations, the physician and the patient jointly decide which method will be appropriate for the person. It will be sufficient for the person to stay in the hospital for one night after the procedure. Drains inserted depending on the situation will be removed by the physician on the 1st or 2nd day after the operation.

Recovery Process

The improvement in the recovery process of a mommy makeover varies from person to person. It requires the person to protect himself from sudden movements for an average of a week. It is especially recommended for tummy tuck patients to walk inclined for 3-4 days and to lie down so that the abdominal area is not tense. They must use the corset and bras that will be given by the physician for 6 weeks and not to interfere with their controls. In addition, since all stitches in the abdomen and breast area are left under the skin, there is no need for postoperative stitches. It is necessary to use a cream that will minimize the scars in the suture area and the drugs prescribed for postoperative pain and aches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mommy Makeover Be Applicable To Moms Of All Ages?

Breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction procedures are big and important operations. The age of the person may be a criterion for these applications, but the more important things are the suitability of the person for surgery. The diseases, medications used and previous operations determine the suitability of the person for surgery. Mothers of any age who do not have any health problems that prevent surgery can have all of these.

Will There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

For breast lift surgery, the end of the breastfeeding period and weight loss are the most important factors affecting the outcome of the surgery. Major weight changes experienced after breast lift surgery can cause breasts to sag again.

Will There Be Many Scars After Breast Lift Surgery?

If the breast lift surgery is to be performed using only prosthesis, 3 cm incisions are used under the breast. This scar becomes paler over time and becomes a thin white line at the end of 6 months to 1 year. However, if prosthesis surgery is to be performed only with lifting or lifting, depending on the method used, there remains a “T” shaped scar around and under the nipple or lying straight down on the nipple. These scars will also become thinner over time.

Scars aside, the best way to fix cracks that may occur is to prevent them, even if not always possible. For this purpose, your obstetrician will recommend suitable creams for you. But sometimes these cracks occur no matter what precautions are taken. Where the cracks occur anatomically is very important. The most common place is the abdominal tissue between the belly button and the cesarean section. If the mother has sagging abdominal skin along with cracks, the skin is removed and the cracks are removed. However, there is neither a cream nor a non-invasive (non-invasive) initiative that removes stretch marks in areas such as the hips and inner legs.

When I Can Get Pregnant Again?

Mommy Makeover. The duration after aesthetics varies according to the type of aesthetic procedure performed. For example, there is no time limit after a liposuction operation. It is appropriate to get pregnant six months after breast operations. It is possible to conceive easily after one and a half or two years, ideally after tummy tuck operations. It should not be forgotten that whichever operation is performed when the mother becomes pregnant again, similar changes are observed in her body, even if not as much as the first time. For this reason, you should make your plastic surgery and pregnancy plans accordingly.

Is It Possible To Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery with silicone, performed with the appropriate technique and performed by an experienced surgeon, does not damage the milk ducts. You can give milk after birth. Even in a well-performed breast lift surgery and breast reduction surgery, the risk of not giving milk is low. The plastic surgeon will explain this to his patient in detail.

What Should Be Considered In Choosing A Plastic Surgeon?

Aesthetic operation aims to gain a natural and beautiful appearance. The naturalness expected after the operation depends entirely on the surgeon’s manual skill. For this reason, you should prefer doctors with advanced manual skills for the procedure. The factor that directly affects the operation cost is the surgeon. You should consider the surgery cost of the surgeon. Although aesthetic surgeries are the same in name, the procedures performed are not standard. Choosing the right surgeon is very important in terms of both health and aesthetics. First, the surgeon must be a good listener. They should listen to the patient’s expectations and complaints and offer correct solutions. If the body shape and operations desired by the patient are not suitable, they should be guided correctly and focused on the most natural result. The desired eyebrow structure, nose shape, breast structure, and fillings cannot be the same for everyone. For this reason, forward-thinking and experienced physicians should show the patient the desired shape in the most natural way. You should remember that you need to choose the right and reliable doctor to be satisfied with the operation result. Otherwise, you may experience material and moral losses.