Brow Lift

Brow lift The first effects of aging start around our eyes. The flexibility of our face decreases, and sagging begins on our forehead and eyelids. Lines formed on the forehead; it causes a sleepy, unhappy or tired appearance, and vertical lines in the middle of the eyebrows cause an angry appearance. Surgeries known as forehead lift or eyebrow lift aim to give a more vigorous and energetic appearance to the eyes and forehead area and to rejuvenate this area.

The upper face area consists of the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids. Rejuvenation procedures that can be performed in this area include open or endoscopic forehead lift surgeries, temple lift operations, brow lift surgeries, eyebrow hangers, upper eyelid surgeries (upper blepharoplasty) and botox applications. A common mistake during the rejuvenation of this area is that the eyebrows are raised more than necessary, causing a constant expression of surprise on the face.

That’s why, it would be appropriate to see the old state of eyebrow-eye distance by requesting youth photos of the patient before the operation. Especially in male patients, it is important not to open this distance too much and not to raise the eyebrows.

Brow Lift Surgery And Pain

Hanging procedures and temporal side stretching are painless. After endoscopic forehead stretching, patients may feel tightness and pain, but it can be easily controlled with pain relievers.

After Brow Lift Surgery

Hanging procedures are often carried out in office conditions and patients can go home immediately. Three hours after the temporal side and forehead stretching procedures, the patient can eat and stand up.

Generally, the patient is discharged from the hospital after six hours. The patient often has an elastic bandage around his/her forehead. The next day, the bandage is opened and the patient can take a bath. Swelling and bruising are not expected after eyebrow hangers and temporal side stretching. However, after endoscopic forehead stretching, swelling occurs around the eyes and this can sometimes takes twenty days. As after all facial surgeries, the patient must protect himself/herself from direct sunlight for three months after eyebrow and forehead lift procedures.

What Kind Of Problems Might Be Experienced After Brow Lift Surgery?

The most important problem of eyebrow hanger is their short duration of action. Long-lasting swelling after endoscopic forehead lift may disturb patients, but this is also temporary. There may be temporary paralysis in eyebrow movements after forehead and temple stretching. Sometimes, we mean, slight chance at some cases, we can see permanent eyebrow paralysis. In case of such a problem, to create symmetry, botox can be useful. Problems such as excessive lifting of the eyebrows and being asymmetrical may also be encountered.

Is The Result Of The Brow Lift Surgery Permanent?

The effect of eyebrow hangers can last one or two years, depending on the thickness of the skin and the level of the eyebrows. The result of the temporal side lifting process is last longer, but there is some reduction in those with thick and heavy skin. The result of endoscopic forehead lifting procedure is permanent.

Brow Lift Plastic Surgery And Expectation Correction, Not Perfection

The first step that a person who considers brow lift surgery should take is to consult a plastic surgeon.

It should be kept in mind that the most important thing is correction, not perfection, and the postoperative expectations for looking and feeling better should be frankly debated. Emotional stability is one of the most important factors to be determined before any plastic surgery attempt.

A new face does not guarantee for a new life. Brow lift surgery can correct your appearance and restore your self-confidence, but the rest is up to you.

After the medical examination, the surgeon will discuss with you other variables that will influence decisions regarding the method. It is often said that brow lift surgery makes the person looks beautiful and younger. But it is impossible to predict an exact result. The degree of improvement is determined by factors such as age, heredity, and bone structure, personal characteristics of the skin, alcohol, smoking, diet, and habits. These factors also determine, to some extent, how effective the operation will be.

Before Brow Lift Surgery What Should Be The Ideal Eyebrow?

The rapidly consumed fashion trends have changed the ideal eyebrow position, shape, thickness, sharpness, up or down direction over the years. Until recently, the ideal eyebrow designs with arc-shaped, curved, highest point at the outer level of the pupil began to be replaced by flatter eyebrows. Eyebrows should be beautiful, but the beauty of the eyes should also come out, we mean eyebrows should not overshadow the beauty and structure of the eyes. It is very important to plan the eye brow lift surgery in accordance with the details of the eyebrow beauty preferred by the person.

Pulling (We mean abnormally ) of the starting points or end points of the eyebrow can cause unwanted aesthetic results. If the starting points of the eyebrows rise too much, an astonishing and surprised expression is reflected on the face. If the end points of the eyebrows are lifted too much, this time an angry expression is reflected on the face, so the relationship and interaction between the eyebrows and eyes is reduced and the eyes are exposed.

And the result is: an unnatural and unwanted appearance. The thing is; nobody wants to see something like that in the mirror and actually people on the street might get scared when they see you. Frankly, you don’t want to look like you have just jumped out of a horror movie scene. Okay, maybe we exaggerate the matter a little bit, but our goal is to tell the truth, although some words are so theatrical.

Expressions On The Face Can Even Write Your Destiny Think About It For A Second

The eye and eyebrow which are part of the face, reflect the most characteristic features of the person’s appearance. Before planning to have brow lift surgery you must understand all about the content. Eyebrows add depth and meaning to the gaze. Maybe eyebrow can be seen as a small detail but a little touch can create an enormous look or we don’t want to talk horror movie scene sentence again, you understand what we mean. Facial expressions tell a lot, maybe it will be a little bit exaggerated sentence again, but the expressions on the face can even write your destiny. Nobody wants to hire an angry looking person for a job. It is possible to have a younger appearance and  meaningful look by intervening with wrinkles in the middle of the eyebrows, lines in the forehead and eyebrow drop, eyebrow lifting.

Non Surgical Eye Brow Lift Applications

If you are afraid of all kinds of surgery, you are not alone, do not be ashamed, developments in eye brow lift operations can make you very happy. Of course, you should discuss this with your doctor and make the best decision with him or her. We always say and we will always say: in any medical intervention, you must speak to a specialist. You should look at his previous works and references.

You have to make comparisons, maybe you can talk doctor’s previous patients, why not, and finally you have to make the right and healthy decision. These are really important; maybe even the most important and vital thing in this article. Please keep this in your mind. This article was written only to give you as much detailed information as possible. But remember that the articles are only to give you ideas and guidance.

Conclusion: You will make the whole decision with a qualified doctor.

Anyway we talk about non-surgical Eye brow lift applications.

Eyebrow Hanging Technique With Thread

Actually, we talked about this in the paragraphs above, but    we have to give a little more detail and we must highlight this sentence: The nerves in the eyebrow area are not touched and therefore there will be no loss of sensation and complications. It is a great right? ‘No loss of sensation and complications.’ Furthermore; Recovery time takes a very short time. After the operation, the person can return to his / her daily work immediately. The brow lift operation is completed in as little as twenty minutes.

Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Eye Brow Lift

Focused Ultrasound (hifu) with electromagnetic sound waves to be applied to the eyebrow areas

It heats the skin tissue. Radio waves reveal self-renewal reflex in the tissues. The tissue in the eyebrow area begins to repair itself. The elasticity of the skin and regeneration at the cellular level are accelerated, thus the sagging of the eyebrow is eliminated. Several sessions can be done depending on the drop level of the eyebrow. Sessions last about 10-20 minutes.  An operation procedure is not performed in the ultrasound eye brow lift method. It is a practical and very fast solution. After the application, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

Eye Brow Lifting With Fractional Radio Frequency (Gold Needle)

Fractional radio frequency gold needle is another method used in eye brow lift. Eye brow lift is performed using the head of radio frequency technology with gold pins. Provides collagen and elastin increase in the eyebrow area. Micro needles enter to the required zone in the eyebrow area in sufficient depth. This process is applied under the skin; so there is no damage on the skin. Sometimes a single session is enough. Sometimes two or three sessions may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Lift

Who are the candidates for brow lift? People whose eyebrows decrease as they get older and  eyebrows are structurally low, are candidates for such surgeries. Some patients only come with the complaint of accumulation in the upper eyelid, However, as a result of the medical examination, it can be determined that the problem is due to low eyebrows. In such patients, it is inconvenient to perform eyelid surgery before intervening in the eyebrows.

The result: an unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance. That wouldn’t be nice, would it?

How Is Brow Lift Surgery Performed?

Many techniques have been described for brow lifting. So, which method should be chosen? The shape and position of the eyebrows, the anatomical structure of the patient and the patient’s wishes determine this method.

  • Botox may be sufficient for patients who want to reduce the congestion around the eyes and slightly raise the eyebrow edges.
  • In more advanced cases, sling can be made with thread. Eyebrows are hung with threads which have been sent through the hair, but permanent results should not be expected from such procedures. There is a more permanent technique to lift the edges of the eyebrows and reduce puddles around the eyes which is temporal lift procedures:  This process is performed through a short incision.
  • Forehead lift procedures can be performed in people whose forehead skin is not tight, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead have increased, the level of the eyebrows has decreased and the eyebrow-eye distance is narrowed.

What Should Be Done And What Should Not Be Done Before The brow lift Operation?

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop smoking and having aspirin three weeks before brow lift surgery. Week of the operation the please avoid drugs or some pills cause dilute the blood.

The things that should not be used:

Pain relievers such as Apranax, Voltaren, Vermidon (Minoset, Novalgin can be used when pain relief is needed),

Multivitamin ,( ginseng, ginkgo biloba,)

Green tea, flax seeds, cherry stalk, tomato seed herbal products, all slimming products.

Is Anesthesia Necessary For Brow Lift Surgery?

Eyebrow (eyebrow hanger procedure) operation and temporal side lift procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. Endoscopic forehead stretching is performed in the operating room environment under general anesthesia or heavy sedatives (sedation).

How Long Does Eyebrow Lift Surgery Take?

Eyebrow hangers take thirty minutes, temporal side stretching takes one hour, and endoscopic forehead lift takes one and one half hours. The surgery takes one or two hours depending on the procedure to be operated.