Body Lift

Body Lift Developed countries have accepted that today’s most important disease is “obesity”. Increasing calorie intake and decreasing physical activity have caused an increase in the number of obese people in the society. Obesity is a serious problem in terms of health in advanced ages, as well as a situation that is not suitable for today’s aesthetic perception. Therefore, obese people strive to lose weight.

Obesity (bariatric surgery) surgeries (stomach reduction, stomach By-Pass, tube stomach, etc.) have become very common today. After these procedures, people quickly lose weight and regain their health. However, mostly, the skin cannot accompany this weakening. The skin, which is excessive and taut when fat, sags when it weakens and unacceptable folds-looseness occurs. In this case, post-obesity aesthetic procedures (post bariatric surgery) come into play. With post bariatric surgical procedures, wherever the body is sagging, that area can be recovered, shaped and stretched. Tummy lift, breast lift, 360 body lift, leg lift, arm lift, face-neck lift, back lift, etc.)

Body Lift Process

Body lift is the surgical removal of large amounts of fat that cause deformation of the sagging skin with excessive or rapid weight loss to reshape the body. Many plastic surgeons successfully apply body lift. Body lift application; The adipose tissue is corrected with the skin tissue hanging from the abdomen, hip, thigh and waist area.

This application can be applied to people who have completed the weight loss phase, who do not have any health problems that prevent the operation, people who do not use cigarettes and tobacco products, and who have realistic expectations from the application. Body lift surgery is also performed in state hospitals. Private institutions, state hospitals, university hospitals and health centers have successfully performed treatments for skin sagging.

There are some criteria for starting aesthetic procedures after obesity surgeries: At least 15 months must have passed since the obesity surgery. After the obesity surgery, you should have lost all the weight you target. You should not have plastic surgery while you are in the weight loss phase. After the weight loss is completed, you should wait 3 months for your body to balance and your skin to recover a little.

People who lose weight rapidly after obesity surgeries usually rush and want to start aesthetic interventions as soon as possible. It is very important to be patient and wait until you lose all the weight. Early transactions may require revision in the future.

Before the operation, the parts of the body to be applied, how many sessions are required are evaluated together with the patient, and then the surgery planning is prepared. For example; Along with the arms, the chest area can be recovered in one session. In the second session, the legs, hip, waist area and abdomen can be done together. The general examination of the individual, the necessary analysis and the decision of anesthesia are performed.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Unlike the classical abdominoplasty applications, the incision is extended 360 degrees up to the back. After the excess skin tissue and fat tissue are removed, tightening is applied to the abdominal muscles. The waist area is thinned. A swimsuit-type incision starting from the inner parts of the legs is made, and the excess skin and fat tissue from the leg and hip areas are collected.

The procedures can be done every 2-3 months. It is important to wait for the previously recovered area to heal and the blood level to return to normal. After this procedure, the scars become at the bottom, at the level of the cesarean section scar, as in abdominal stretching, and remain in the underwear. From here, it turns to the back and enters the butt fold. With meticulous planning, scars can be seen under underwear or bikini.

People who have lost a lot of weight may also need a vertical incision from top to bottom (from the middle of the rib cage to the pubic area) to achieve a more tense result and reveal the waist fold more beautifully. In this case, there is a trace in the middle, from top to bottom, but the result is a tenser and smoother belly and waist.

After this procedure, you need to be protected for at least one year. It is okay for you to get pregnant after a year. You can give birth easily.

Body lift surgery prices vary according to the physical characteristics of the patient and the method of surgery.

Are Aesthetic Procedures Difficult After Obesity?

Post-obesity aesthetic procedures take longer and are more complicated than other aesthetic applications. Correct shaping of the remaining part is as important as removing the sagging skin appropriately. People who have undergone obesity surgery can have many different problems such as various vitamin and mineral deficiencies (B12, iron, zinc…), anemia (anemia…), insulin resistance and protein deficiency. Therefore, it requires special preparation and close postoperative follow-up. These preparations are made carefully before the procedure together with the surgeon and anesthesia team. After the procedure, the process is comfortable with close follow-up in the hospital.

Post-obesity aesthetic procedures (post bariatric surgery) require working in wider areas than other aesthetic applications. Sagging skin is usually too much and the areas to be shaped and recovered are highly enveloped. Therefore, operations take longer and create large gaps. Post-procedure care, lying positions, and the healing process are also featured.

Therefore, aesthetic surgery procedures after obesity can usually be performed in stages. Performing all procedures in one session requires a very long operation and the postoperative process is very difficult. There is a lot of blood loss, healing is difficult, complications increase. For this reason, staging is always safer and more efficient in terms of recovery. Depending on the condition of the person, combinations such as tummy tuck-breast lift, arm lift-leg lift, 360 body lift-arm lift are possible.

After The Operation

After this application, depending on the surgical procedure applied, hospitalization of up to two nights may be required. This application has a recovery period of up to 1 week. After this process, you can return to work after 3-4 weeks. Sports can be done after 6-8 weeks. Operation-related scars are planned so that they cannot be seen from underwear. The period of redness occurs within approximately 1 year and with correct treatment applications, these scars regress to an acceptable level at the end of 1 year.

As after any surgical procedure, this body shaping procedure also carries certain risks. Risks are minimized by taking certain precautions in suitable patients. The process of losing weight is laborious and very difficult. Body shaping application is a complement to this process.

If patients do not pay attention after body lift surgery for sagging skin, this problem may recur. That’s why you should follow your doctor’s advice. If the skin sags again, surgery is required again.

Doctors state that the effect of sports is very high in the treatment of skin sagging. You can tighten sagging skin by gathering it with sports during treatment. Thus, your body will have a smooth appearance and become aesthetic. If you follow the sports program offered to you after skin sagging treatment, your body will recover more quickly.

Is There A Risk Of Death From Body Lift Surgery?

The methods used for skin sagging may be different. Whatever surgery your doctor recommends for you, there is no risk of death during the treatment process. In addition, body lift surgery is a simple operation without any danger.

Who Can Have These Surgeries?

The answer is usually the young middle age group. People with full body perception, realistic expectations, psychologically ready, without additional metabolic diseases and with a body mass index below 30-32 are ideal for starting such surgeries.

Can People With Diabetes Have This Surgery?

The important thing here is the HbA1c value. If this value is within normal limits, this means: This patient has managed to keep his blood sugar levels under control for at least the last 3-4 months. If so, you can have this surgery. Otherwise, it is risky for you to undergo surgery due to delay in wound healing and susceptibility to infections. These surgeries require the patient to be highly conscious and participatory.

Are Aesthetic Surgeries Painful?

Although people consider an aesthetic intervention to feel happier, to have a good place in society, to be successful in their career and to gain prestige, pain, pain and the discomfort of the subsequent recovery process are the biggest sources of worry.

After new technologies and especially the integration of laser into aesthetic surgery, we can perform our operations with only local anesthesia, except for 2-3 operations. In other words, even the slightest pain during or after the operation does not happen to you.

With general anesthesia, for example, tummy tuck, breast silicone implant operations, pain relievers and today’s anesthetics are incredibly comfortable compared to 10 years ago.

Many aesthetic surgeries are not painful since they only concern the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it passes in 1-2 days and can be easily controlled with pain medication during this period. In surgeries involving muscles, such as breast prosthesis surgery, pain and tension may take a little longer.

Can Aesthetic Surgeries Be Performed Anywhere?

Although they are not risky like vital organ surgeries, there are a number of precautions to be taken in plastic surgeries, as in all other surgical interventions. These measures can only be achieved with the technical equipment of fully equipped hospitals. Apart from this, it is both illegal and extremely objectionable to perform surgery in doctor’s office, dispensary, outpatient clinic, diagnostic center and similar places.

How Long Does It Take To Get Healed?

It is usually possible to go home on the same day after plastic surgery. In some cases, staying in the hospital for 1 day is beneficial for postoperative follow-up. Occasionally, it may be in cases that require 2-3 days of hospitalization. The healing process, namely the removal of bandages, plaster, stitches from the body, is completed within 1 week. The final form of the new shape formed as a result of the attempt is completed in a few months.

Can I See The Result Ahead?

Yes. You can see pictures of people who have previously undergone plastic surgery, possible shapes and stitch marks, if any, as well as what can be done by retouching your own image on the computer screen, whether it suits you, or various shape options. You can decide with the physician on this issue and avoid misunderstandings and possible disappointments after plastic surgery. It is absolutely necessary for the patient to have a voice in a new way to be created, as aesthetic surgeries are performed not out of medical necessity, but in accordance with the patient’s request.

Are Body Lift Surgeries Painful?

Many body lift surgeries are not painful because they only concern the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Even if there is mild pain, it passes in 1-2 days and can be easily controlled with pain medication during this period.

Does Smoking Have An Effect On Body Lift Surgery?

While the operations are planned, how the surgery and anesthesia should be done by taking into account the least impact on the daily and social life of the person. However, regardless, there is a small risk of anesthesia and surgical procedures, and in this respect, use during the surgery should be limited due to the generally known negative effects of alcohol and smoking. It has a negative effect on tissues and wound healing due to the toxic substances in cigarettes. Smoking directly affects the scars that will remain in body lift surgery. It will be correct to start smoking again at least 1 month after surgery.

How Is The Cost Determined?

Factors affecting the cost are the material used, the duration of the surgery, the type of anesthesia and the risk of the surgery. It should not be forgotten that aesthetic surgery is not only a surgical branch but an art. It is important that the surgery is perfect rather than the cost.