Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation Some people have hip aesthetics due to problems that occur in their hips or aesthetic appearance. Especially for women, the butt area must be round and shaped. Every woman wants to have a good looking buttock. So much so that the wide hips of some women cause an aesthetically very bad appearance.

For this reason, various surgical operations to be performed in the butt area will be effective in obtaining a more beautiful appearance. The hip and hip areas are one of the most striking parts of the female body that should have a smooth appearance. Perhaps one of the biggest dreams of women is a fresh butt standing on long legs. It is necessary not to look one way in terms of hip aesthetics. Because such transactions can be done for various purposes.

It will be possible to select the transaction type according to the needs and problems of the people. So what is buttocks augmentation?

Buttocks augmentation can be described as various procedures performed in the hip, hip, and waist area. However, the main purpose of the aesthetic operations to be performed is generally the same. All the procedures done are to shape the butt and to remove the excesses in the hips, thus creating a slimmer and more fit appearance by making the waist pit appear. Therefore, aesthetic operations are directed according to the wishes of the people.

If it is desired to thin the hip and hip area, liposuction procedures will be required in such cases. Excess fat is removed from the buttocks in liposuction procedures. For the hips to have a more upright appearance, the upper parts should be supported with fat injections. If the fat is not sufficient, silicone material can be used.

Buttock augmentations can also be done in cases where you were too overweight before, but then lost weight and excess skin sags on the hip. So much so that the problem of sagging of the butt skin becomes inevitable as the weakening situation occurs in overweight people.

It is possible to remove the sagging skin with surgical procedures. To achieve a more aesthetic appearance, the hip area can be pulled up a little more. As a type of procedure, it will be possible to say that buttock augmentation operations are equivalent to breast surgeries. Surgical corrections instead of using prosthesis for a sagging hip problem will be much healthier and more logical.

Buttocks augmentation surgeries vary according to the problems of the people. There are 3 main types in general.

In fact, since each of these types is applied with different methods and techniques, the aesthetic operation people need is determined in the preliminary examination. Types of hip aesthetics are as follows; buttocks enhancement, buttocks reduction, buttocks lift.

Among the hip aesthetic operations performed currently, the most preferred method is buttocks enhancement. So it is buttocks reshaping. Subsequently, it will be inevitable to obtain a much more beautiful butt structure when supported with buttocks lift operations. It has been observed that women who have weight problems in the hip area mostly prefer the buttocks reduction method.

Who Are Hip Aesthetic Procedures For?

Hip lift surgery is an aesthetic operation mostly preferred by women, but it is possible to see that some men want to have hip lift surgery in the same way. Apart from this, it is a preferred type of surgery for people with congenital insufficiency in the hip tissue, people whose hips are sagging due to birth or weight, people with large and shapeless hips, and people with low hips. In short, it is an operation that can be performed by people who have a hip structure that generally distorts the body ratio and are uncomfortable with it.

Before deciding to perform the treatment, some general tests and examinations should be performed to obtain information about the health status of the patient. It is also important to share information about the patient’s medical history with the doctor. All these are the procedures that must be performed in the pre-treatment stage.

During Buttocks Augmentation

Hip aesthetic surgeries are versatile procedures. For this reason, it is imperative to first go through a preliminary examination by consulting a specialist esthetician. So, the procedures to be performed may vary according to the needs of the patients. Since there is more than one application method, it will be possible to perform two types of procedures according to the patient’s condition. So how are hip aesthetic surgeries performed?

The first preferred method among hip aesthetic surgeries is undoubtedly liposhaping. In these procedures, thin cannulas are opened from the hips, the waist, and the lower and upper parts of the butt. After the cannulas are duly opened, the fat removal process will be started. The fat taken is concentrated by special processes and techniques to give a more upright appearance to the butt.

The concentrated fat mass is placed on the upper part of the butt. After this process, the waist area will be dimpled and a much thinner appearance will be obtained. At the same time, it will be inevitable to narrow the hips. On the lower part of the butt, a thinner and gentler appearance appears. The buttocks, whose mass has been lightened, are raised. Thus, it will be possible to have a much more rounded and striking hip. In the aesthetic operations performed for buttocks enlargement procedures, butt prostheses will be used with additional methods.

Butt prosthesis is a technique used in cases where the amount of fat removed from the patient’s hip is not sufficient. Thus, the empty areas are filled with silicone material. The prostheses used are specially designed for the hips. With a method developed recently, it has become possible to insert prostheses into the muscle. Thanks to this method, some problems experienced by patients are prevented. There is no surgical scar in such procedures. Because the cuts opened are very small.

Another important technique used for butt aesthetics is the buttocks lift. This procedure is used for people who lose weight. As a result of excessive weight loss, skin sagging occurs.

Fat Injection Method

In this process called fat injection or fat transfer, the fat taken from the person’s own body is used. For this reason, this is the most natural and preferred method. With this method, fat is taken from the hips or belly of the person. This fat is injected into the area to be transferred after some procedures. Some of these injected fats can be burned over time.

However, the remaining amount of fat gives the desired result and becomes a part of the person’s body for many years. Nevertheless, the transfer process can be repeated several times because some of the fat burns and disappears. These repetitions are done every few months. As a result of these procedures, the person will get the desired hip appearance.

This process has two major advantages; slimming and obtaining the desired image on the hip with the most natural method. While the fat is taken from other parts, especially the belly area, thinning the body; It also fills and shapes the area where it was injected. This procedure is suitable for people who want a natural fullness in their hips. The fat injection procedure performed under local or general anesthesia takes approximately 1 hour. After treatment, patients can usually return to their daily life on the same day.

Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Method

Brazilian butt aesthetics are the most popular operation and performed by removing fat from certain areas and applying it to the buttocks. This is also called as liposuction technique. For this, small incisions are made on the skin. Then, fat is taken from the determined area by entering the lower part of the skin through cannulas. The fats taken are injected into the buttocks and shaped by filling them.

After The Surgery

Do not sit directly on the hips for up to 4 weeks after the operation. Swelling is reduced by wearing special corsets for 2-3 weeks. Most patients can return to their standard life after two weeks.

The results of the operation can be endangered because the hip area is suitable for the formation of an unhygienic environment. In order to prevent this, the first process after the operation is very important. It is recommended that the patient be more careful in ensuring personal hygiene. The patient knows very well what can and should not do; should be able to analyze the healing process well. In addition, it is very important to comply with these rules in order to obtain the full results of the operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutrition Important Before the Surgery?

Healthy eating is always important. Therefore, a healthy and regular diet is required before surgery. In addition, it is recommended to consume foods and drinks containing vitamin C more frequently before and after hip lift treatment. You can even get vitamin C supplements from outside by consulting your doctor. Apart from these, adequate fluid consumption is very important. Drink plenty of water.

Nutrition after treatment is also important. In order to prevent swelling and edema, especially in the first few weeks after surgery, it is necessary to avoid foods that will cause them. Apart from this, vitamin C is also very important. If necessary, it is recommended to get reinforcements from outside. Healthy eating is an issue that needs attention during this period.

Is smoking and alcohol consumption before treatment a problem? Smoking and alcohol use primarily affects blood values. In addition, since smoking affects blood flow, whatever method is used in the surgery, smoking should be quitted at least 2 weeks before the operation day. Thus, the wounds will heal much faster after the procedure.

Will I Feel Pain And Aching?

It is common for a person to experience pain or aching in the hip after treatment. Generally, physicians recommend some pain medication for this. The pain will be alleviated with the use of these drugs.

Is There Any Risk?

Hip aesthetics are performed by combining prosthesis and fat injection if necessary. However, fat grafts without prostheses, only with fat injection and in high volumes are not recommended because of the increased risk of embolism. A prosthesis is recommended in consultations if necessary.

When Can I Return To Work After The Applications?

If you do not have a working style that will constantly stand, lift heavy, and cause strain on your hips, it is possible to return to work within 5 days. However, if your job will cause your hips to strain, you may need to rest a little more.

How Many Sessions Are Required For Butt Lift?

Sessions are not standard. The procedure may be prolonged or shortened depending on the problem of each patient. The number of sessions and session intervals will be planned and shared with you by your physician after examinations and tests.

Is Choosing A Doctor Important?

Find someone who specializes in the surgery you want. Many surgeons complete their training and start their careers with burns, trauma, and reconstructive surgery; Then he starts to practice on aesthetic surgery depending on his area of interest. While some plastic surgeons perform head-to-toe operations, some may focus on the only face and neck surgery, some fat injections, filling, botulinum toxin applications, some hair transplantation, and some breast and tummy tuck operations. Ask your doctor how often he does the operation you need. You do not want to have buttocks augmentation surgery from a surgeon who does buttocks augmentation twice a year.

Learn about the doctor’s certificates and training. This subject is the most important issue that will confuse you the most. The plastic surgeon you will choose is a member of which associations and in which academies as a speaker.

A cosmetologist in the world with a keen interest in medicine; There are brokers, pharmacists, dental technicians, and high school graduate nurses who do hair transplantation at home, who go as far as hairdressers and make botulinum toxin, Botox, fillings. So be careful and know who you are dealing with before you have plastic surgery. At the very least, you can reach most of the plastic surgeons in your country from their websites, and you can confirm that your addressee is a competent person or people. Buttocks Augmentation