Hair Transplant Cost Turkey Cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplantation can vary in price depending on the location you plan, what the surgeon will do, and other surgery-related costs. Hair transplantation techniques used to be expensive and were not of high quality as today. Since then, there has been a significant increase in hair loss and hair transplant surgeries, and graft prices have dropped significantly.

Today, many hospitals and clinics offer hair transplant services. With the emergence of more platforms and easy online access, the cost of hair transplant Turkey is likely to continue to decline further.

Medical procedures vary from region to region. For example, hair transplant fees are still expensive in European or Asian countries. Fortunately, Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism, and the plantation wage is very convenient.

Hair Transplant Center Of Turkey

When we talk about Turkey, we refer to a spectacular country whose tourist spots make any visitor passionate; among them, we have legendary cities, paradisiacal landscapes, beautiful beaches, and an unforgettable and delicious cuisine that conquers the most refined palates from all over the world.

But it is not any of these advantages that are taking millions of people to Turkey. What is bringing these people to the country is nothing more, nothing less than its famous low-cost “hair transplants.”

This entire demand is related to a specific factor, called “economy.”

Transplants performed in the country have a cost below the market and an impeccable quality. The fees charged for treatment in Istanbul, the Turkish city with the highest provision of this service for tourists, is approximately six times lower than those charged in Europe.

The icing on the cake for success comes from joining the financial issue with the fact that Turkey has professionals who master the most advanced techniques about other countries.

Are There Any Advantages to Having a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

This is a very controversial topic, mainly because some countries prefer to defend their local techniques and ensure that not all are the same. But according to several sources and people who did the treatment, Turkey is a country where this sector is well developed.

It has advanced and efficient techniques in terms of hair implant surgical procedures. This involves qualified and experienced professionals in this procedure, ensuring results with sound healing and without marks. The cost-benefit is also advantageous.

Even though they have to make an international trip, including all expenses, many experts claim that the procedure is better and cheaper than doing it in their own country of origin.

What is the Way, Step by step, to Make Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

The hair transplant done in Turkey is a very famous and well-known technique: FUE. This method is taken from any part of the body that has healthy hair or healthy hair follicles. Usually, the most common areas of these are the neck and the back of the head.

Step by step for those who want to go to the country in the following way: individuals who come to Turkey for hair transplantation, hair from all areas of some high-quality photos to be treated seed should be sent to the clinic. Some clinics also require the donor area, such as the neck.

After that, travel arrangements can be initiated. Citizens of other countries traveling to Turkey may need a visa (you should research this subject). You will only need a passport valid for six months. The period will be counted from the moment you enter the country.

Many hair transplant clinics organize the entire trip for the tourist’s comfort and safety, including surgery, accommodation, and meal planning. Therefore, research the available options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why is the Cost of Transplantation in Turkey So Cheap?

This is a common question for any consumer. After all, when we live in a capitalist world, the first thing we think about is why one product is so cheap compared to another if the same technique is used?

The answer is much more straightforward than the quality of workmanship and infrastructure is very low, and the procedures used to perform hair transplantation in Turkey are excellent.

On average, it is almost the same as paid to travel with all the comfort supported by a tourism agency. This value includes meals, accommodation, tickets, and even sightseeing tours before the hair transplant.

Stages of Hair Transplant Growth

Hair transplantation is not a magic treatment. It is a transition process and requires patience and follow-up. Results occur in specific stages:

Sudden growth phase.

New hair loss approximately three weeks after transplantation.

New growth was noticed at about 3 to 4 months.

After 12 months, the result is finished and final.

As you can see, this is not a touch of magic. Hair transplantation is a serious procedure that involves specific and careful treatment to achieve satisfactory results.

The results are so effective that the treatment is already worldwide. Therefore, many European citizens and citizens of other countries, even if you are traveling to Turkey’s countries.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey should Pay Attention to When Choosing?

If you want to protect your nerves and health, including your appearance, don’t focus on clinics that offer low prices. This is a way to attract you as a patient. Just like nothing is free, surgery is not free like hair transplantation.

Find out if the clinic you will be operating in is the right hair transplant clinic.

Make sure the hospital offers free tips to analyze the situation better.

Do not choose hair transplantation in clinics that do not have an ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration) license.

Pay attention to whether the clinic is clean. In places where such surgery areas are unhygienic, you may have diseases such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, C, blood infection, and others. Hair Transplant Cost Turkey