Best Laser Hair Growth? The problem of hair loss is considered relevant not only for men but also for women. People visit trichologists, trying to find the causes of the disease and making the most modern medicine to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. As a rule, stress, poor ecology, poor nutrition, and lack of sports in human life play a significant role in scalp and baldness diseases.

One of the best options for hair restoration is laser installation. Experts have used weak current laser beams for ten years as a way to activate hair growth. Therapy can also heal the skin, remove fungus, and speed up blood circulation. However, clinical methods of treatment cannot afford everything.

In this case, there is an analog – a laser hair growth device, which can be used at home. It has an affordable price and is recommended for use by doctors.

How is Laser Hair Growth Working?

Laser devices have appeared relatively recently. It is based on radiation that has a weak current. By acting on the scalp, it is converted into biological energy. As a result, blood rushes to the skin, metabolic processes are accelerated, and cells receive more nutrients. As a result, preconditions are created for accelerated hair growth.

Numerous studies have proved positive results – the epithelium is saturated with substances and oxygen, along with which the scalp’s water-salt balance is restored. It affects the hair itself: it becomes thicker and healthier.

How to Choose

The laser hairdryer is universal – it is suitable for both men and women. There are professional and semi-professional mechanisms. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you must pay attention to the following criteria:

Size- An essential indicator because the device should be of medium size and easy to put in your hand. It should neither slip nor be too small – otherwise, the most positive effect will overshadow the inconvenience. In addition, you should know the material of manufacture immediately – this affects the service life. It is better if the device is made of metal-plastic;

Air radiation intensity- The laser range can cover more or less hair. In this aspect, individual preferences are important;

Design- The mechanisms come in a wide range of shapes – from round to classic elongated. It should be understood that oval shapes are the most modern and favorable design. As a rule, this design uses additional functions;

The bristles’ shape- The brush can have several rows, arrange the hairs in a circle, include specific massagers. Thanks to that, you can even choose the exposure mode. You also need to look at the hair making material;

Availability of additional features- Benefits such as automatic shut-off, several modes of operation, inaudibility, or countdown – although not necessary, is a pleasant bonus to the laser brush’s healing properties.

Of course, the main thing is the availability of patents for the sale of goods in the store- There must be important attachments such as certificates and instructions.

Rating of the Best

There are currently several types of devices from different manufacturers. Each mechanism is other in performance and has its advantages. Consider the most popular models of the modern market.

Power Grow Comb

This device can restore blood circulation, activate hair growth processes, strengthen hair, and make it healthier. The device also has an exciting function: it relieves headaches.

The primary exposure method is through seven red diodes that have waves of 660 nanometers in length (acting on the upper layers of the epithelium) and seven blue diodes that have a wavelength of 480 nanometers (affecting the deep layers of the skin). Thanks to the combination of effects, a holistic effect on the skin and hair is achievable.

The kit includes an additional nozzle that doubles the action of the laser beams due to the massager. To prevent baldness, you must use the device for approximately 15 minutes.

Irestore Laser

IRestore, an FDA-approved medical device that uses clinically approved laser technology to strengthen thinning and diminished hair and regain fuller hair for men and women suffering from genetic hair loss, uses non-invasive, painless red light therapy to promote thick and healthy hair growth.

Hair follicles absorb light energy to increase cell metabolism rate and increase energy production. This biochemical process expands the hair growth cycle’s growth phase and reactivates dormant hair to combat hairline, hair loss, and thinning hair. This effective hair remover laser, which will provide you with healthier and more voluminous hair using superior laser technology, will give you a new experience.

Lasercomb for Scalp

The device is the only instance that is certified by an international medical association. Thanks to this device, you can not only prevent hair loss but also normalize the sebaceous glands, get rid of dandruff, and restore hair growth where bald patches have formed. You can purchase this device in specialty stores. In addition to that, you can use it for a long time. The mechanism has instructions in Russian. The device handles its function as effectively as possible and is the primary device in the fight against weak and lifeless hair.

Gezatone Laser Hair

Another device that helps restore hair structure. Healthy curls are created with widespread use, dandruff and seborrhea pass, the skin’s protective functions are improved, and the hair becomes thicker.

The brush on the device has a model that creates a vibrating effect. The massage’s influence profoundly impacts the rays and relieves stress and relaxes physically and emotionally.

The brush has several ways you can vary the measure of exposure to encourage the growth of new hair. Energy-type procedures can renew inside the cells with regular use (no more than 20 minutes several times a week). Hair becomes shiny due to moisture inside the cells.

Reviews of Trichologists and Customers

Opinions of experts in the treatment of baldness are different. There is no single assessment to use the additional impact correctly or incorrectly. Doctors have united in only one thing individual preferences are better than any recommendations. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the disease and specific contraindications for the body.