Labioplasty Surgery Labioplasty is a surgery applied to a women’s vagina. The main aim of the surgery is to rebuild the physical appearance of the vagina.

A woman’s body has its figure. A saggy vagina is the most obvious distinguishing part of a woman’s body. The function of the vagina is passing urine and sexual intercourse. As men, most of the women are obsessed with how their vaginas look like. It is a normal thing to think about the physical appearance of genitalia. Having a saggy vagina makes women think that men never like them.

Psychological effects are reasoned by aesthetical concerns. After sexual intercourse, a man may tell a woman how her vagina looks like. Even though the woman is not aware of it, it can be a sad event for her.

The anxiety of having a saggy vagina has been pushing women to do this kind of plastic surgery lately. Women who want to have a better-looking vagina contact many health institutions. The biggest question on their mind is how they can have a better-looking vagina.

Labioplasty is a simple operation applied to the vagina. It is operated in hospitals and clinics. Many clinics do not have hygienic conditions. We provide you a hygienic environment in our clinic. For more pieces of information about our clinic please contact us.

The vagina anatomically has two kinds of lips. There are small and large lips. Small lips are located inside the vagina and almost oil-free. There is no hair on these inner lips. The inner lips are just below the labium major. There are many blood vessels on them. Small lips are invisible because the bigger lips are located on the small lips.

The sagging mostly occurs on the minor lips of the vagina. So the operations are applied on these minor lips to rebuild the appearance.

Why Labioplasty Is Applied?

Labioplasty surgery is performed due to sagging and asymmetric enlargements in the inner lips located in the vagina. Many women want to get rid of this bad appearance. Because the sagging of the inner lips has many psychological effects on women. Women enter a period in which they feel get away from sexuality and their partners due to this sagging again.

This aesthetically ugly appearance also causes women to feel ugly and bad.

After all these psychological effects, most of the women apply for surgical operations. At the end of the operations, they feel better than before. Most of the operations are applied successfully. It has to be known that if you want to have surgery for your vagina, you should be careful. Because generally, clinics do not have non-expert operators. Thereby, to check the certificates of clinics is the initial to be done.

Mostly labioplasty is applied for older women. However, in recent years young women also want to have surgery.

The saggy parts of the inner lips turn black by time. Besides, when vaginal discharge occurs, women fall into depression. Having a saggy and discharging vagina is not the end of the world, despite women do not think like that. Because its psychological effects are very harmful to their life. It is really hard to live with a saggy vagina. They should empathize with this situation.

When reasons are observed the most important reason why medical operations are applied is psychological. Having a saggy vagina means poor quality of life. So there is one option remains, to have medical surgery. We provide good conditions and a hygienic environment while you are in surgery. You can contact us for more information about surgical procedures. In our clinic, we have certified equipment and surgeons.

How Labioplasty Is Applied?

Every medical surgery is required for some procedures. Procedures should be done before and during the surgery. The essential procedure of labioplasty is hygiene. By coronavirus pandemic, hygiene is more important than before. The operation area should comply with hygienic criteria. A reliable hospital or clinic should be selected.

Before the operation, detailed planning should be made. An operation that will not lose sensation in the woman’s vagina should be performed. Natural appearance should be preserved. If the correct technique is not used, permanent damage may be left to the inner lips. A small piece of tissue is used in surgery. If an incorrect application is made, it may not be reversed.

The external aesthetics of the vagina should be fully preserved. After repair in the inner lips, the sagging around the clitoris is more noticeable. The darkening in other areas is more evident. If needed, clitoris aesthetics can also be performed after labioplasty. The most important point is not to damage the nerves in the vagina after surgery.

The vagina is an organ for both urination and sexual pleasure. Therefore, it works under the influence of many hormones. This work requires a complex nerve structure and many nerve cells. The female vagina, which contains many nerve cells, is a very sensitive organ. Women often clean their vaginas by washing them with soap during showering.

This type of cleaning is not recommended by doctors. Because such chemicals damage the secretion system in the vagina and the nerves are affected. The vagina also has a self-cleaning feature. In light of this informations, it is understood that is very dangerous to damage the nerves in the vagina during surgery. For this reason, do not apply to clinics that include non-specialist estheticians. In our clinic, we have well-trained surgeons.

Who Can Have Labioplasty?

The problem of sagging in the vagina becomes an obsession after a long time. This leads to unpleasant psychological problems. Women start to be ashamed of their partners, they cannot wear bikinis and swimsuits in summer. With the progression of sagging, the lips extend to touch the legs. This becomes unbearable.

After this point, labioplasty becomes a necessity. Urinary tract diseases may also occur due to prolapse. Women with such problems need surgery like others. Any woman over the age of 18 can have this surgery. Mostly older adult women have this operation. If needed, young women can also have this surgery.