Why Women Have G-Shot Injection? G-Shot is an injection method that is applied to women to enlarge their vagina. Most women have this application to be happy in their life. So, why do women have this injection? To understand this very deeply, we should understand people first.

Physiologically, the human body has similar characteristics to other living things. For example, all mammals move, feed, and mate with certain limbs. The cell structure of humans is also certain that they are a type of animal. In light of these reasons, consider the mating situation in humans and other animals. Animals are just creatures that have a desire to continue their species. This only motivated them for this purpose. So a cat has to eat, hunt, survive, and most importantly, find a pair in order to continue its generation. If we look at the mating in humans, it seems difficult to explain in such a simple way.

As a result of events experienced throughout history, man has reached the top of brain evolution. Human now defined itself as a social being in addition to being an animal. Humans learned to live in communities. For all these reasons, people do not only look at sexuality through the eyes of copulation. Mating is not the most important point in human life. But it is a joyful event.

For women who cannot have sexual intercourse or enjoy it when they do, unhappiness becomes inextricable. With the G-Shot vaccine, women are trying to regain this happiness. The same is true for men, who have an erect penis with the P-Shot procedure, secreting happiness hormones.

Man-made vaccines are injected into people to make them happy. This problem is a sociological problem that should be investigated. Most scientists, artists, and doctors look for happiness. They try to suggest a treatment method for their unhappy life. These injections give them temporary happiness. There are too many things to be done for a joyful life.

What Makes G-Shot Special?

Women who live an unhappy life due to sexual problems look for a way out. In the past, these women were not free to express their wishes because of the background of women in society. But today, both society and medicine have changed. A simple needle now makes you happy. So how can a needle make a person so happy?

Although the G-Shot application looks like a simple injection method, it differs from other vaccination methods. A different liquid is used than the liquid used in O-Shot and P-Shot methods. This liquid does not contain collagen tissues. The purpose of other vaccination methods was to inject liquids containing regenerative cells and secretions to the problem area.

Thus, long-term improvement and regeneration are observed in these areas and the patient leads a healthy sexual life. However, this injection to the G-Spot is a filling procedure. The main purpose here is to fill the G-Spot sufficiently and make that point grow. Therefore, this method has also taken its place in the literature as a G-Spot augmentation method.

Some filling materials are used in the G-Shot injection process. These materials create growth in the G-Spot region in the women’s goggle. The most important main filling material used is hyaluronic acid. Since this acid belongs to animals, the filling prepared does not cause infection. This filler does not contain any hormone substance.

The collagen fillers used for this process are approved by important organizations in America. Despite the approval of the fillers, the FDA has not approved the filling process. It is expected that the FDA will give this approval after a certain period of time.

Is G-Shot Painful And Who Can Apply G-Shot To Women?

Due to sexual problems, women want to get the G-shot vaccine. But what makes them most curious is whether this procedure is painful.

This method of vaccination using a needle is not a large-scale operation. The equipment to be used in this method, which aims to enlarge the G-Spot, is determined by the doctor. Any equipment other than needles is not painful. The doctor makes regional anesthesia before the procedure. This ensures that no pain is felt during needling.

Women who learn that the vaccination method is painless may still be worried. This method of injection made into the vagina with filling material is still a great curiosity. Women who want to have a larger G-Spot do not want to feel pain after the procedure. The statement of physicians and people who have had this procedure before is that there is no pain after application. Doctors say that after the procedure, women can return to their normal lives. In this way, women can do their daily work and even sexual intercourse can take place.

The G-Shot vaccination method is a short-term medical procedure. It takes 1 minute to inject the liquid. All processes take around 15 minutes in total. From this point of view, you may think that this injection can also be done by a nurse. However, the longest process in this application is the pre-injection process. One nurse cannot be enough to carry out this process. This injection, performed by the gynecologist, is a procedure that needs to be handled in many ways. First of all, the patient is examined well.

The patient’s complaints should be well listened to by the doctor. After these preliminary examinations, the necessary filling materials are selected by the doctor and the injection fluid is created. Everything done up to this point should be performed by a specialist and experienced physician. Otherwise, a mistake in this chain of events may cause the patient to lose her health.

How To Understand That Your Doctor Is An Expert For G-Shot?

The G-shot injection method has different application steps. The most important step is to find are of G-Spot. Determination of the area before the injection can reveal whether your doctor is an expert. The location of the G-Spot is different for every woman. In this case, the doctor will estimate the location. It is essential to have an experienced doctor. Otherwise, the filling made will go to a different tissue cell and cause irreversible results. For more details please contact us. Why Women Have G-Shot Injection?