What Is Vaginoplasty? In recent years, many plastic surgery operations have been being applied. In old times people live for their honor and their species. Today this opinion is changed. With technological innovations and the internet age, people’s needs and wants are also changed. There is a small number of people who live very simply. Other people are in a state of being immersed in the ambiance of the time.

Physical appearance is the main need in our decade

Social media makes both women and men live for physical appearance. People pay attention to appearance. There are many psychological and sociological reasons and consequences for this.

The last point we come to is plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeries were applied only to the face before. Today, it can even be applied to the vagina. Vaginoplasty is just one of these types of surgeries.

In old times people killed themselves because they lost their honor. Today women are depressed because of a bad-looking vagina. This is not an easy problem. It is really hard for today’s women to have a bad-looking vagina. In our male-dominated society, women are oppressed. For this reason, women’s dressing style, even their position in bed, is determined according to men’s wishes. So, having a bad looking vagina cause to have a bad psychological effect on women.

Vaginoplasty surgery treats the enlargement of women’s vagina with surgical methods.

The vagina is a complex organ that helps women to pee and has sex. The position of women has become taboo in society. As a result of wrong thoughts, women are put under pressure on what to do and not to do in public. Most women are afraid to talk about their vaginal issues. This makes situations harder. Women should speak freely in society. Sexual diseases and appearance disorders should be expressed by women.

Surgery seems to be an easy step after social improvements. The rest is about techniques and procedures which are applied by our specialists. In our clinic, we provide a well-trained team for your cosmetic surgery.

Is Vaginoplasty A Difficult Surgery?

There are a great number of women who have been applied vaginoplasty. Most women search for details of surgeries on the internet. This is a good way to have information about operations. However, there is plenty number of web-pages that have poor content and lacking technical knowledge. Organization web-pages and safe clinics have good websites to have information. If you want to learn about the details of the operations in which other women have been applied, please contact us.

Every plastic surgery is difficult due to the area of its application. Rhinoplasty is an art more than cosmetic surgery. Because the surgeon must create a natural nose. It requires experience and information. Hand ability is another crucial point. Thus, vaginoplasty also requires experience and hand ability. If you know a surgeon who has great hand ability and great experience you should apply him or her. Besides, do not worry about money. Because to have a good looking vagina is worth everything.

In psychological aspects, to have plastic surgery might be very easy for some women. There is no loss after having a bad surgery. Having a bad-looking and saggy vagina make women feel worse. The primary goal is for women to regain their self-confidence.

The operations last between 30 and 40 minutes. It is not a surgery that lasts for hours. This is a vital point to take in hand when you think about having surgery. Because most women are afraid of long-lasting surgeries. In our clinic, we have a proper environment to make you feel better while you have surgery.

How Vaginoplasty Is Applied And Is it Safe For All Women?

As with other surgical operations, vaginoplasty has also its procedures. The procedures are planned before technical applications. Patients are adequately informed about these details. Surgeons are trained for years to apply these surgeries successfully. It is desired that no women have any complications during the operations. Thereby, every surgery has complications. Surgical interventions are performed by cutting the epithelial tissue. This damages the tissue. But complications should be as few as possible. Experienced surgeons create few complications on the tissue.

Due to surgeries’ complexity, surgeons should be very good at their specialty. First of all, patients’ complaints should be diagnosed. During examinations, women should tell about her problem. Surgeons plan a special treat for the vagina. Every woman has a vaginal structure. It is a very important step to be applied. Surgeon does so far as one can. The rest is to choose proper surgical techniques for the woman.

With vaginoplasty operation, the enlarged vaginal tissue is removed

Then, the soft connective tissue and muscles around the vagina are tightened. This is a simple description of the operation. During the operation, no technique is performed on the women!s abdominal area. This question is wondered by many women.

The operation takes approximately forty minutes. The entrance part of the vagina is narrowed by 4 cm and then stitches are made. Sewing threads used are an organic material. Then this material disappears spontaneously. There is another important point. Some women think they are given regional anesthesia during vaginal surgery. However, general anesthesia procedures are applied in this operation.

As can be understood from the details of the operation, this operation is not difficult for an experienced physician. The actual question to be asked is different. It is wondered if the patient has the psychology to have this surgery? Because surgeries in the genital areas have always been difficult for women. In light of these details, we can say that surgery in an experienced and reliable clinic is safe.

Where Can I Have Vaginoplasty Surgery?

You can have vaginoplasty surgery in hospitals and certified clinics. There is plenty number of clinics that they claim that they have cheap surgeries. This is not an operation that you can have very cheap. Of course, it is not only for rich people. Middle state women can have these operations. Despite this, it should be in the hand that you need to be careful before any applications.