Genital Aesthetics Cosmetic surgery of the genitals involves the reshaping of the lips, vulva, or penis. Some people choose this surgery because they feel unhappy with the appearance of their genitals. An operation to change the appearance of the genitals is sometimes referred to as “cosmetic surgery of the genitals”.

The reshaping of the female genitals, or the lab, aims to change the size and shape of the inner lips of the vagina. Penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty) is used to increase the length, width, or both of the penis.

Today, the aesthetics of the genitals is carried out mainly with the aim of restoring the appearance of the genital areas. It is also performed to eliminate the psychological concerns of the individual and to bring functionality to the desired level. Especially as a result of the loss of natural elasticity of the vagina, the problems of the impossibility of sexual intercourse are solved with aesthetic acts of the genitals.

If you are worried about how you look or think about cosmetic treatments to boost your confidence, there are alternatives. Another option is to accept yourself as you are and realize that normal, healthy genitals come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Aesthetics of the inner and outer lips (Labioplasty),
  • Vaginoplasty (Surgical vaginal stenosis),
  • Laser vaginal whitening,
  • Clitological hood (correction of clitoral remnants),
  • Relaxed bay,
  • G-Spot enlargement,
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation,
  • Hymenoplasty (membrane restoration),
  • Labia Puffs,
  • Radiofrequency functions of the genitals,
  • Mons Pubis Aesthetics,
  • Creation of folds of intravaginal skin using laser technique,
  • It is one of the genital aesthetic acts.

Why is genital aesthetics necessary?

The aesthetics of the genitals are usually performed based on the lack of aesthetic quality of the genitals by women. In addition, problems such as the gradual reduction of sexual pleasure, the formation of behaviors that make the partner worry about sexuality, the weakening of communication between couples can also end with the aesthetic practices of the genitals. Aesthetic stress also causes problems such as shyness, cowardice, and the gradual distance from sexual intercourse in women.

To avoid such situations, professional support is required from a doctor who specializes in aesthetic gynecology. Genital aesthetic applications can be performed with surgical and non-surgical methods, as required by the specialist. Today, many cosmetic problems of the genitals can be performed painlessly using the radiofrequency techniques.

Things to Consider for Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Before choosing cosmetic genital surgery, there are some important things to remember:

  • Know that you will have scars. Although scars can fade significantly over time, they will always be visible.
  • Labiaplasty will not make the vagina shorter or tighter. This requires a different procedure called vaginoplasty.
  • Phalloplasty can only increase the length or width of the shaft of the penis and not the head.
  • Penis enlargement phalloplasty will make the penis appear more when it is loose – it will not be bigger when it is upright.
  • Think about the financial burden. Cosmetic surgery does not qualify for discounts from Medicare or private health insurance companies.
  • Smokers are at increased risk of complications. If you are serious about cosmetic surgery, you should try to quit smoking.

Vaginal aesthetics

Vaginal surgery is one of the most common surgeries among cosmetic genital surgeries. Provides women with functional and genital aesthetic benefits. The vagina dilates due to excessive births, abortions, and frequent sexual intercourse. This can lead to vascular orgasm failure, which can lead to dissatisfaction.

This enlargement occurs more specifically in people with poor connective tissue. Vaginal enlargement reduces sexual pleasure. May cause loss of sensation and sensation. Therefore, orgasm problems often occur in women.

Vaginal surgeries are one of the most common surgeries in cosmetic genital surgeries. Provides women with functional and aesthetic benefits.

The expansion, the abundance of the vagina, the opening of the entrance also lead to reduced sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse in men and women, loss of sensation, and orgasm problems.

The absence of a vagina from birth or the shortness of the vagina (Mullerian agenesis) aims to “create a new vagina” or to correct, narrow, tighten the vagina from aesthetic, functional angles, for reasons such as gender reassignment from female to male agenesis) all surgeries are called ” vaginoplasty” or “vaginal stenosis”.

Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vaginal stenosis surgeries are treated in the context of genital aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology. The surgeries for the restoration of the swollen, large vagina and the restoration of the old tightness are called “vaginoplasty”.

Vaginal surgery is a genital aesthetic procedure that ensures the renewal of the vaginal canals and tissues as a result of the loss of flexibility of the vaginal tissue due to older age, birth, and many similar reasons.

Various names such as “surgical vaginal stenosis”, “vaginal reconstruction” or “vaginal surgical stenosis” are also given to vaginoplasty. During vaginal stenosis surgery, perineal correction is usually performed (perineoplasty, perineum aesthetics).

The name of vaginal functions in the medical language is Vaginoplasty. If couples are not happy with the relationship as a result of vaginal enlargement over time, these surgeries are applied.

Correction of the genital area with vaginoplasty

Hymenoplasty can also be performed at the same time as vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty with Labioplasty

Angioplasty surgeries can also be performed in the same session with internal lip augmentation (laboratory). In fact, labs, clitoris, vaginal and perineoplastic surgeries can be performed in the same session. Thus, the aesthetics of both the vagina and the external genitalia can be corrected at the same time.

Blood circulation is quite good in terms of the anatomical structure of the vagina. Therefore, the healing process in this area is also very fast.

Vaginal surgery prices

Pricing in vaginal stenosis surgeries. depends on the doctor, hospital, or health center, and the form of anesthesia. The cost will be useful in your interview with your doctor. However, it is worth noting that the knowledge and experience of the doctor is very important.

Why is vaginoplasty performed?

Vaginal stenosis occurs for many reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • The pleasure of sexual intercourse As the vaginal tissue relaxes and becomes more abundant, the problem of unsatisfied sexual intercourse can begin with it. In people with colpoplasty-perineoplasty surgery, the loose and enlarged vagina tightens again. As the vagina tightens, both men and women have more pleasure from sexual intercourse.
  • Vaginal sounds during sexual intercourse Unpleasant sounds during sexual intercourse with a loose and abundant vagina can disturb concentration and disturb it. These are heard from the vagina after the loss or minimization of surgical vaginal stenosis.
  • Urinary tract correction and bowel prolapse During vaginal stenosis surgery, the patient’s sac relaxes, urinary incontinence problems and bowel prolapse problems can also be corrected at the same time. Genital prolapse (POP) leads to problems with self-esteem in women. In this way, sexual arousal causes libido and orgasm problems.
  • Increased self-confidence and orgasm The width of the vagina can make orgasm difficult. The appearance of the vagina mouth wide, sometimes even the inside of the vagina visible from the outside (“vaginal opening”) can disrupt sexual self-esteem. Likewise, with a tight trick, partners get more pleasure.
  • Common vaginal infections With a large vaginal structure, the incidence of infection increases in women who give birth after childbirth.

How to do narrow surgical tricks?

Vaginal surgical stenosis is usually performed with local support to suppress anesthesia (mild sleep anesthesia). The operation lasts an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Vaginal stenosis surgeries last an average of 40-45 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia. 2-3 days after surgery, people can return to their lives.

It takes an average of 6-7 cm to move inside the bay, starting from the entrance to achieve the best result. Thus, the removal of excess tissue is combined with sewing with special threads in the vagina. In our experience, in vaginal surgeries, almost the entire vagina is restricted by us. The narrows from the entrance up to 2-3 cm are not enough for couples.

If there is a rectangle (hanging in the last part of the intestine), this problem is also solved with a muscular approach (Levator suture). Vaginal stenosis surgeries are performed by experienced gynecologists who specialize in vaginal aesthetics and have very good results and patient satisfaction increases significantly.

Does the vagina expand again after narrowing? Is genital aesthetic surgery permanent?

The vagina dilates more often after a normal birth. In addition, the difficult and traumatic nature of childbirth increases the extension. On the other hand, the weakness of the connective tissue due to innate or smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption leads to the expansion and relaxation of the vagina, especially later.

Only the pregnancy process extends into the vagina itself. In other words, even if the pregnancy process ends with a cesarean section, the vagina expands. What causes the vagina to expand into other causes includes frequent sexual intercourse, gynecological interventions, and tests such as abortion.

The most important feature of colpoplasty surgery is the ability to provide permanent tightening. Therefore, there will be no re-expansion after surgery unless there is a normal birth again.

What are the risks of vaginoplasty?

Angioplasty surgeries should be performed by specialist surgeons in the field to avoid risks such as bleeding and infection.

In vaginoplasty, like all other surgeries, minor complications may occur. However, these complications will be very small compared to other surgeries.

However, the most important problem with the surgeon’s lack of experience is that the vagina is more than just normal stenosis and the ability to cause pain during intercourse. Another problem is that you will not be able to do this. Vaginal width can be expanded when colpoplasty surgery is not reduced as needed.

Can colpoplasty be applied to women who have not given birth?

Yes. In women who have not given birth, the vagina may swell depending on the structure of the vagina. Depending on the frequency of sexual intercourse over time or after interventions such as abortion, many tricks can occur. This can lead to the problem of spouses’ pleasure.

If vaginoplasty is not done properly!

If there is no stenosis after the colpoplasty surgery, the operation has failed. Renewal and tightening can be performed again with a second genital aesthetic surgery (restrictive revision function).

If the stenosis of the vagina is caused by an excessive increase in the inflow of the vagina, there may be problems of pain (discomfort) in any case or sexual intercourse. In some patients, contractions similar to vaginoplasty problems may occur due to the stress that develops after the collapse of the vagina. Such concerns can be addressed with simple exercises.

What is the narrow aesthetic of the vaginal laser?

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation aesthetics is called vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening. Today, fractional carbon dioxide is also realized with a vaginal laser rejuvenation aesthetic. The ring that is placed in the vagina during the laser tightening process, provides a new collagen synthesis with the energy given to each area, and new collagen synthesis is provided and therefore the vagina is rejuvenated and tightened. Laser vaginal collapse surgery takes about 25-30 minutes. People can return to normal life on the same day. This surgery can be done with local anesthesia that supports sedation.

Who is entitled to laser vaginal rejuvenation?

  • Women feel an enlargement in the genital area
  • Women who have problems not having an orgasm
  • Menopausal problems of vaginal dryness
  • Women who have incontinence with cough
  • Those who have pain problems in the relationship
  • Those who face the problem of vaginal infection
  • It is extremely enjoyable for those who have surgical anxiety.


Labiaplasty is one of the aesthetic applications of the female genitals. The application is performed in order to repair the inner lips that are below the outer lips (labia major) or the outer lips (labia minor) by surgical methods. Vaginal relaxation, which occurs as a result of deformities in the vaginal area, can be removed as a result of laboratory interventions and aesthetic concerns are eliminated due to the sensitivity of the female genital area. An application for the treatment of aesthetic problems in some cases also allows the elimination of health problems caused by the size of the genital lips.

Such genital aesthetic surgeries are a surgery that can be applied to any single or married woman who has given birth or not. Even virgin problems are solved with labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty surgeries do not have the slightest negative impact on the lives of women in later periods. Concerns that it will prevent childbearing or negatively affect sex life are completely unfounded. However, if such surgeries are not performed by specialized doctors in the field of genitals, it should always be borne in mind that some complications may occur and the care and selective choice of doctors should be taken into account.

Finding a surgeon to do cosmetic genital surgery

You may want to seek the advice of your doctor for a suitable and reliable doctor or hospital where cosmetic genital surgery is performed. At your first consultation, you should ask your surgeon about his or her training and experience. It is best to have this procedure performed by a reputable professional who is specially trained to perform cosmetic genital surgery and has extensive experience in performing this type of surgery.

Medical issues with cosmetic surgery of the genitals

Prior to surgery, you should discuss certain medical issues with your doctor or surgeon, such as:

  • Physical health an examination will help your doctor or surgeon decide if treatment is appropriate.
  • Medical history some pre-existing conditions and surgeries that you have had in the past may influence decisions about this surgery, including the type of anesthetic used.
  • Risks and possible complications it is important to understand the risks and complications so that you can weigh whether genital surgery is right for you.
  • Preparations and Supplements Tell your surgeon about anything you take on a regular basis or have taken recently, including prescription medications such as fish oils and vitamin supplements.
  • Previous drug reactions  Tell your surgeon if you have ever had a bad reaction or side effect with any medicine, including anesthesia.
  • Preparing for Surgery  Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on what you need to do at home to prepare for surgery. For example, we may advise you to take a specific medicine or change the dose of an existing medicine. Follow all instructions carefully.

Details of cosmetic surgery of the genitals

The details of the surgery will depend on individual factors, but generally include:

  • Labiaplasty surgery is usually performed to reduce the size of the labia minora (inner lips). General or local anesthesia may be used. The surgeon removes the unwanted tissue and reshapes the lips to the desired size and shape. Alternatively, a wedge shape of the lips is removed. Some surgeons use a laser instead of a scalpel to reduce bleeding. Occasionally, surgery is performed to reduce the size of the lips (outer lips). Some women choose to have surgery to tighten the vagina (vaginal vagina) during the same surgery
  • Enlarged phalloplasty this operation increases the length of the penis. General or local anesthesia may be used. The surgeon makes an incision (cut) at the base of the penis and cuts the ligament that connects the penis to the body. This will make the penis extend more than the body. The penis is not actually bigger, but more than that is visible
  • Periodic enlargement of the periphery this operation increases the width of the penis. General or local anesthesia may be used. Using fatty tissue that has been collected (removed) from another part of your body, the surgeon can sew strips of fat under the skin of the penis (skin grafts) or inject fat into the penis (fat transfer).
  • Complete phalloplasty some men choose to increase their penis both in length and in length during the same operation.

Immediately after cosmetic surgery of the genitals

After the operation, you can expect:

  • bruising and swelling
  • possible numbness
  • pain and discomfort
  • to wear bandages.

Complications of genital aesthetic surgery

All surgery involves some degree of risk. Some of the possible complications of genital aesthetic surgery include:

  • risks of general anesthesia, including allergic reaction, which (rarely) can be fatal
  • surgical risks such as bleeding or infection
  • scars that can be severe, enlarged, red, and itchy
  • unevenness – the lips may not be symmetrical
  • permanent color change on the lips
  • nerve damage to the lips or penis, including permanent loss of sensation
  • irregular shape in the penis after fat transfer
  • impotence (inability to obtain or maintain an erection)
  • tissue death along the wound or loss of skin
  • further surgery to treat complications.

This is not a complete list. For example, your medical history or lifestyle may put you at increased risk for certain complications. You should talk to your surgeon for more information.

Self-care after cosmetic genital surgery

Recovery can take at least six weeks. Be guided by your surgeon, but general self-care suggestions include:

  • Follow all instructions for the care of your wounds.
  • Wear the weight of the penis according to the instructions for a few weeks after the phalloplasty.
  • Avoid sex for at least six weeks.
  • Report any bleeding, severe pain, or unusual symptoms to your surgeon.

Long-term prospects after cosmetic genital surgery

The scars will be permanent, but they should fade in time. Be patient. Improvements in scars can take about a year. The results of labiaplasty are permanent. If the fat transfer has been used to enlarge the penis, it is not permanent and will disappear over time because the body tends to absorb about 50% of the injected fat. Additional injections may be needed.

After penile enlargement phalloplasty, the angle of the erection may be lower, but this should not affect sexual intercourse.

Alternatives for genital aesthetics surgery

Most people choose to have cosmetic surgery on their genitals because they are unhappy with their appearance. If you are worried about your appearance, talking to a counselor or psychologist can help you overcome your worries and you may decide that you like it just the way you are. Still, if you want to have genital aesthetic surgery, contact our clinic and be treated with specialist physicians. Get the look you desire in your sexual area.