What Is O-Shot And What It Stands For? O-Shot is a method applied to women to have rapid blood flow. The main purpose of this method is the same as in the P-Shot method applied to men.

Unhappiness spread through the world like a virus

Most of the time, it is thought that it is infectious and expands among us humans. What do women want? What do men want? If the answer is found, it is understood that both questions have the same answer. Both sides want each other with passion. Scientific research revealed that the key to a happy relationship is related to a happy sexual life. Social psychology clearly shows why people need sexual treatments.

This treatment method one of the most applied treatment methods in sexual therapy methods. The method is based on the same rules as the same as in the P-Shot method. Women are thought to give their blood to have this treatment. Taken blood is spined rapidly to be sampled out. This processing is called the centrifuge method. The platelets obtained from the blood sample is controlled in the laboratory. Some additional substances are required for the proper liquid solution. The O-Shot method has applied to women’s genital area in terms of injecting the liquid inside the body.

Injecting abundant thrombocytes inside the genital area provides more blood cells in veins. Having more blood cells will increase blood flow. Thus, a woman can have a soft major, and minor lips. Restorative and healing cells provide regeneration. Therefore women have a better and long-lasting orgasm in their sexual intercourses.

Women with low self-confidence get their self-reliance back. Self-confidence is a determining factor for a happy life. A happy life is determined by the good quality of sexual life and sexual health. Applying to our clinic is just a click away. For more details, contact us and learn about our services and applications.

How Is O-Shot Applied?

O-shot is a vaccination method applied inside the vagina. It is also referred to as the happiness vaccine as it eliminates sexual problems and gives a better chance of orgasm. While it is applied, it is not injected into every area in the vagina. Vaccination is done by selecting certain regions.

This method is PRP injection. It has a similar application method with P-Shot. During this procedure, fluid is injected into the clitoris and surrounding areas. This liquid is called PRP liquid and has some properties.

There are platelets in the injection plasma. These platelets explode inside the tissue they enter. Coagulation cells then form growth factors due to bleeding. These growth factors stimulate the cells that provide connective tissue formation within the cell. In this way, the tissue injected becomes stronger by growing and developing. This provides an increase in sexual pleasure.

O-shot is applied to enlarge the O point

Firstly, a blood sample is taken from the patient. This blood sample is then centrifuged. After precipitation, platelet cells are separated. The injection is performed using PRP plasma, which contains platelet cells. A thin needle is applied by the doctor around the clitoris and vagina, and the liquid is injected. This liquid with abundant thrombocyte content increases sexual pleasure. In this way, orgasm becomes easier.

In the treatment, the connective tissue around the clitoris enlarges due to fluid injection around the clitoris. With this enlargement, the penetration of the male penis during sex is felt more by the woman. With this intensity of sensation, the woman gets more pleasure.

The procedures applied in this process are the same as in the P-shot method. In other words, women should declare their diseases and have a general examination before having this treatment. The treatment process should be approved by signing the necessary official documents, and then the process should continue

Who Can Have O-Shot Treatment?

What Is O-Shot And What It Stands For? Lack of sexual pleasure has been the most common problem these days. People go to doctors because of their sexual problems. The situation of the patients who are tried to be treated with classical methods becomes more critical. In addition to all these, it can interrupt the treatment process with misguided inexperienced, and inadequate doctors.

Thus, happiness vaccine applications have become popular in many ways today. Both women and men get this vaccine that increases their sexual pleasure. So, who can have O-Shot? Women think that every woman can have this treatment method. However, some women have some prevention for their treatment.

First of all, this treatment method is applied in some particular cases. If vaginal dryness exists this is one of the reasons to have O-Shot treatment. A weakness of connective tissue is the underlying reason for vaginal dryness. This problem is treated by applications.

Urinary incontinence is another reason to have injection treatment. Again the weakness of connective tissue causes women not to have control over her genital muscles. This results In urinary incontinence. After the happiness vaccine injected women are free to pee whenever they want.

Women with a lack of sexual pleasure are in the most problematic category. Having a low sexual pleasure problem is treated by vaccine injection. There is no more problem is occurred after these applications.

Having a qualified team of surgeons and doctors is what we are most proud of. This gives us more confidence. Let’s share our self-confidence with you and apply the happiness vaccine within the framework of the procedures. We have all the necessary equipment in our clinic. Contact us for more detailed information.

Is O-Shot Safe?

O-shot treatment method is performed with liquids created from women’s blood plasma. These fluids are injected into the necessary vaginal areas in the genital areas. In this way, the expansion and nutrition of the connective tissues in the vaginal area are provided. Sexual pleasure increases with the increase of blood circulation and tissue growth.

In all these stages, the woman’s blood plasma is used. The doctor does not inject any other chemicals besides. In this respect, this method is safe. If you have to use drugs to thin your blood. Before applying this method, you should consult with your doctor. Contact us to apply to our clinic about these issues. What Is O-Shot And What It Stands For?