Happiness Vaccine: O-Shot Today, women can experience happiness with a single vaccination with the O-Shot treatment. So how come an injection given to the body changes your whole life. Your days get happier. Understanding this requires a little bit of human psychology and a little bit of technical knowledge.

Women also have sexual pleasure problems like men. Women who do not experience sexual stimulation for a certain period cannot maintain sexual pleasure for a long time. This event, which is similar to impotence in men, is a psychological and physiological problem experienced by women. The things that pleasure sexual intercourse is the receptors on our skin.

Receptors are simply like motion sensors. In other words, the signals sent to the brain by touch or feeling create a feeling for this movement. These feelings are at their highest level during sexual ejaculation or during sex. If a woman cannot fully experience these feelings, there is a problem. This situation can lead the woman to a worse psychological situation.

Loss of sensation in the inner and outer lips of the clitoris can sometimes occur in women. Their blood plasma injected into women with the O-shot method makes women happy. So how exactly does this process work?

The woman who has proper psychological conditions for treatment gives blood before the treatment. The precipitated plasma obtained from this blood is injected into the woman’s vagina. This injected fluid contains secretions for cell renewal and repair. As their presence in the vagina increases, the blood circulation in the woman’s vagina enhances. The clitoris becomes more prominent and more beautiful. As a result of tissue regeneration, the problem of loss of sensation in women is solved.

The plasma injection method already stands for a vaccine of happiness. You can contact us for more details about the vaccine of happiness.

What Are The Leading Applications In O-Shot?

O-shot application is used to increase the sensation in the vagina during sexual intercourse. At the same time, it is used to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Many women cannot orgasm during sexual intercourse. This negatively affects their lives and causes their psychology to deteriorate. With this application, sexual pleasure is increased, and reaching orgasm is achieved. Some women who do not experience loss of pleasure also take this treatment to get more sexual pleasure.

Apart from these situations, some women have a urinary incontinence problem. This application is also made for such situations. Connective tissues around the urinary tract tend to weaken in women of advanced age. Therefore, women with this disease lose their urine. This situation is just as critical as the inability to enjoy sexual pleasure. Because this causes a negative psychological effect on the woman. The woman does not feel self-confident. The problem of urinary incontinence occurs after heavy physical activities in older women who have given birth more.

The solution to this problem is applying the O-Shot method.PRP injections are made into the urinary bladder, causing repair and renewal in this area. With the increase of collagen in these areas, the pain in the abdominal part of women also decreases. These pains are pains that occur in any movement in the worn bladder. The application of the method to the bladder gives another perspective to the treatment. Thus, such plasma injection to different areas can be used to heal injured organs.

Other applications can be made in line with the complaints and requests of women. Changing the color in the outer area of the genital organ and providing tightness to this area. In some women, the outside of the genital area is not filled enough. Women who come with this complaint are also treated with PRP injection.

What Are The Steps Of O-Shot Treatment?

O-shot treatment is a treatment that can be performed quickly and in a short time. The efficiency obtained as a result of this treatment is an important point in terms of price, performance, and reliability. Although it is applied in a short time, this treatment does not consist of only the operation phase. The treatment process begins from the moment that patient applies to the clinic. The important thing here is to check the woman with a pre-examination and to decide on the appropriate treatment method. The shorter this process, the more positive it will be for the patient.

The psychological state of the woman and the cause of her physiological diseases are important in the pre-examination process. Before starting the treatment, it is confirmed that the patient wants to have this treatment with his / her consent.

The patient whose treatment method and time are determined is admitted to the clinic or hospital on the day of the operation. Before O-Shot, which takes around 30 minutes, blood samples are taken from women. Veins are usually chosen for blood sampling. Physical pressure is applied to this area during blood draw from the arm. Thus, blood vessels become more prominent. This ensures a healthy blood draw. Before taking blood, the skin is cleaned with an alcohol wipe.

According to the doctor’s recommendation, 10 or 20 ccs of blood is taken. In some cases, this blood may be more. This blood sample is rotated continuously in the centrifuge device in the determined speed and time. As a result of this physical process, the red blood cells, which give the blood the red color, sink to the bottom of the tube. A yellow liquid remains on the blood that has settled to the bottom. This fluid is blood plasma. The taken plasmas can be centrifuged again if necessary.

After the procedures are completed, the yellow plasma is taken with the help of a syringe. This plasma is injected into areas in the body that need to be healed or regulated.

Do Hospitals Employ O-Shot?

Urologists are the main character of the O-Shot treatments. Some urologists work in a hospital or his/her clinic. There are hospitals that you can apply to have this treatment. Clinics were more common and more numerous than hospitals. Because of this situation, people think that this treatment can only be done in the clinic. Contrary to popular belief, you can have this procedure done within minutes at any certified clinic.