Surgical Solution For Worn Vagina: Vaginoplasty Many innovations have taken place in surgical gynecology in the last decade. Technological developments increased the quality of medical operations. The new techniques are designed due to the new needs of humans. Cosmetic surgeries have taken place in these innovations.

The vagina is an organ located under a woman’s stomach having the ability to urinate and have sex. These functions make the vagina have a complex structure. There are too many nerve cells and glands in the vagina. Over the years, a woman’s vagina wears out due to giving birth.

Areas around the vagina become saggy

These worn out and sagging brings a need to have cosmetic surgery. Vaginoplasty is a surgery that tightens the vagina. It is frequently needed by women of older age.

The first aim of this kind of operation is to give women’s self-confidence back. It is a bad feeling to have a bad looking vagina. It makes women feel insecure. They think that men never love them again. Psychological effects are the main reason why women need vaginoplasty surgery.

Therefore, the experience of surgeons has increased in the last decade. Many new techniques have taken place in cosmetic surgery.

The purpose of such operations is to eliminate the deformation as much as possible. Image defects caused by deformation are repaired. Vaginal enlargements experienced after pregnancy and during childbirth pose a big problem. But after the operation, such expansions are narrowed. This surgery is a re-repair process like labioplasty. Gynecologists perform these operations.

The deformations on the vagina can be seen on a young woman who does not have a child. There is no certainty that only older women can have this surgery. Certified gynecologists have the experience to perform the surgery. It should be clearly understood by observation whether vaginal appearance requires an operation. In our clinic, we have experienced and certified gynecologists that you can trust.

Why Does Vagina Enlarges And Does Vaginoplasty Work?

The vagina is not an organ that can be examined with a single feature. It has many different features in terms of its function and structure. It harbors important muscle groups. The vagina, like many other organs, is an organ that arises from connective tissue and muscle tissue. Collagen is the main element that makes up the connective tissue.

Muscle and connective tissue in this area are deformed as the woman gets older and afterbirths. Applications such as abortion and abortion also cause this deformation. As a result of these deformations, an irreversible enlargement occurs in the vagina.

Thus vaginoplasty is mostly applied to older women

Pregnancy can cause enlargement in the vagina, besides young women that never get pregnant, also can have an enlarged vagina. The vaginal enlargement of young women with such complaints is usually genetic. Connective tissue may have a weak structure in young women due to their genetic.

In the vaginal connective tissues, the expansion coefficient is also high. This is the main reason for dissatisfaction in sexual relationships. In such cases, young women also need vaginoplasty surgery like older women

Enlargements start at a young age as well as at an old age. But this may go unnoticed to the young man. In such cases, enlargement at older ages causes many problems. Therefore, women should share any complaints with their doctors during periodic examinations. Early detected vaginal enlargement can be easily treated. This is not the same for genetic cases.

No registered case ends up with a negative result. Surgeries to tighten the vagina is successfully operated. Deformations are fully removed. Skin can be vividly seen as clean vaginal skin. Women get their self-confidence back. Satisfaction after surgeries is 100% for all women.

Where To Choose For Vaginoplasty And Are Clinics Safe?

Choosing a place for vaginoplasty is a vital point for your surgery. There are a great number of clinics and hospitals to have this surgery. Despite, having surgery is not the main aim. The initial target should be to choose a safe and certified place.

Most women choose hospitals to have cosmetic surgeries. However, this can be expensive for people who have a limited budget. There can be cheap clinics that operate surgeries. Please do not attend to have operations in those clinics. Of course, some places serve you proper prices to have surgery. But you should be figured out that there is your life and sexual life can be threatened.

First of all, you should check all the certifications whether they are real. The second step is to be sure that those clinics or hospitals have experienced gynecologists. If they have 2-3 year experienced gynecologists, it is not a good choice for you.

Since they do not have real certifications and experienced operators clinics are rarely safe. If you search for a place to have safe vaginoplasty surgery you should be careful. There should be a long time to consider the options.

First, check for hospitals and their prices

If you find proper quality and price just note it. After checking for clinics, and note that if you find a proper one for your budget. After all, compare all the services and prices. There is one step remains, to make a selection.

Women who want to tighten their vagina often do research online. The doctor found should be investigated very well and make sure that the certificates are correct. Previous surgeries should be checked from their references. Photographs before and after operations should be examined. If the right decision is not made, the complications that will occur during the surgery will make you worse.

What Are The Complications During Vaginoplasty?

The injuries that may occur in a woman’s vagina during vaginoplasty are called complications. All surgeries involve different types of complications. Every surgical procedure involves risks. Your vagina can be made narrower than it should be. The deformations on it can come to a more critical level. Of course, all these possibilities are realized by a non-specialist surgeon. So you should be careful when you search for a doctor. For more information, please contact us.