P-Shot Treatment. Throughout history, the main purpose of mankind has been to ensure the continuation of his generation. Positive science progressed in the times of revolution. For this reason, people started to attach special importance to art and science. By taking sexuality as the subject of their art, they took the phenomenon to a different level.

P-Shot Treatment

In human history, it has been thought that it is the man who sustains the generation. Therefore, the concept of masculinity has an important place in ancient societies. Having a strong penis means sexual potency. Today, many men can not fully erect during sexual intercourse.

Erection problems in the penis are a great embarrassment among men. Many men think that they need a strong and hard penis to have fun with their partner. This thought has led to the emergence of new treatment needs in the medical field.

With the advancement of medicine, many unimaginable things have happened. P-Shot treatment is one of these dreams. It is no longer a dream for men to have a harder penis. This treatment is needle therapy. Most of the men state that their erection problems have been solved after this treatment.

P-shot is the advertising name of the penis treatment method. In medical terms, this treatment is referred to as PRP to the penis. PRP is the name of a plasma with a high level of platelets.

PRP is a fluid with abundant thrombocytes obtained from the person’s blood. Thrombocytes in tissues are effective in the growth and recovery of cells. They are blood coagulants that help heal injuries and cuts in our bodies. It stops the blood flow in the wound and allows the cells to heal. Thus, the wound disappears after weeks.

P-Shot treatment was started in the 1970s and became widespread in 1990. This treatment was approved by the American FDA in 2009. Nowadays most men apply to our clinic to be treated.

How Is P-Shot Applied?

P-Shot treatment is applied in three sessions in total to solve the erection. These sessions are held every two days. The male to be treated primarily gives blood. After blood is collected, it is separated in the laboratory. PRP is prepared in the laboratory and made ready for injection. With the injection, all processes take around 40 minutes.

Before the injection, local anesthetic creams are applied to the area to be injected. In this way, the pain that the patient will feel is minimized. The treatment ends with an injection. The patient can continue his daily life after treatment. Besides, he can have sexual intercourse.

PRP treatment begins to show its effects after a week.

The highest point of effects can be seen after 3 months. What is desired here is to allow the man to experience a permanent penile erection after treatment.

Before this treatment, some important issues should be considered. If the patient used blood thinners before the treatment, the injection should be made at least five days later. Some patients may have an infection. In such a case, the patient can have a P-Shot treatment after receiving antibiotic treatment. Before treatment, pain relievers such as anti-inflammatory can not be used. In such a case, the doctor should be informed. After all, the doctor will arrange the day of the treatment and make an appointment for the appropriate day.

There are important points when taking blood plasma samples from the patient. 20 cc of blood will be sufficient. The blood is placed in the centrifuge device and separated under the influence of centrifugal force. Plasma fluid accumulated by centripetal acceleration is controlled for injection. The centrifuge process takes about 8 minutes. As a result of this process, the cells that have a reparative effect are collected in the plasma fluid. Chemicals that increase their activation are added to the platelets and the injection fluid becomes ready.

Who Can Apply To P-Shot Treatment? Is P-Shot Painful?

Erection problems are a common situation for all men. It is really hard to have erectile dysfunction. Some men only have a bad quality of sex. This is the only reason why they want to have P-Shot treatment. There are erection problems related to post-prostate and diabetes. These patients also want to have PRP treatment in general.

So who can get PRP treatment? The answer to this question will be explained under this topic by considering many different points.

Men may experience decreased sexual performance due to their inability to erect. Some men want to enlarge their penis. These are the desires to have a better sexual life. All men in this category can have PRP treatment.

In some health conditions, men cannot be treated with P-Shot, even if they want it. In such cases, the current state of health is expected to improve. If the factor that prevents treatment is long-term, treatment can not be applied until this factor disappears. Conditions such as platelet dysfunction syndrome, critical thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenemia, hemodynamic instability, and septicemia/sepsis prevent treatment.

The injection is not applied if two important issues are not fulfilled before the application. Sterile conditions must be provided before treatment. Any infection that spreads to the genital area from outside will have bad consequences. For this reason, the injection site should be clean and hygienic. The other issue is that the patient has approval in the application. Patient consent must be formally documented. The necessary official documents are signed and the preliminary preparation is made for the treatment.

Where Can You Have P-Shot Treatment?

P-Shot treatment is a wide-spread application that is applied throughout the world. This application has the main procedures. All procedures should be indicated to the patient before treatment. Patients are informed about the details of treatment. Thus, acceptance of the patient the treatment might be applied. You can apply to our clinic to have a penis injection to have a harder penis. There are plenty of several clinics that do not have well-graduated doctors. We provide you well-trained and well-graduated teams due to your needs. Please contact us for more information.