Female Baldness Hair loss problem is common in women too. However, this problem usually occurs in the whole head area. Personal characteristics, seasonal shifts, heavy diets, nutritional disorders, pregnancy, or drug use can be the cause of female baldness. In male-pattern hair loss, the hairline on the forehead is pulled back. For this reason, a balding appearance appears on the top of the head gradually.

Male pattern hair loss in women again begins with the regression of the hairline. In other words, the perception that baldness is not seen in women is completely wrong. Moreover, women can also suffer from male pattern baldness. This situation is perfectly normal. Also, genetically developing baldness should not be considered a disease. This situation can be resolved with treatments such as hair transplantation.

Hairline regression is seen as the onset of male pattern baldness in women. For this reason, emptiness and deficiency begin to be felt in the outer appearance. Almost all women who suffer from baldness does not feel beautiful and attractive. Up to two-thirds of women experience post-menopausal hair loss. Less than half of the women experience 65-year-old female pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss problems seen in women can be treated with early diagnosis or hair transplantation can be performed.

It cannot be said that there is a single cause of female baldness. For this reason, the diagnosis of baldness in women can also be made by a doctor. However, after a doctor’s examination, the cause and treatment method of baldness can be learned.

Are Female Baldness Symptoms Depending On Age?

The reason for male pattern hair loss in women is usually hereditary predisposition. Male pattern hair loss is more common in women after menopause. The decline in female hormones with advancing age causes such a problem. However, age is not a direct cause of female baldness. In general, there can be many reasons for male pattern hair loss in women.

One of the biggest causes of baldness in women is hereditary characteristics. These features usually pass through with the family. So, the family can give an idea about the future of hair. Hair loss can also be seen in women with hormone problems. The treatment method for hair loss due to hormones is to balance the hormones. The biggest nourishment for hair is protein. For this reason, wrong and inadequate eating habits and mineral deficiencies can cause hair loss. Testosterone sensitivity and high testosterone levels in women are also among the causes of female baldness.

Systemic disorders in the body cause more than one medicine to be used at the same time. Medicine use can cause hair loss in the person. So; Systematic ailments can indirectly cause hair loss. Some mistakes are generally in the wrong diet programs. Skin diseases, seasonal transitions, menopause, intense stress, and depression, pregnancy, or thyroid gland problems can also result in hair loss.

In addition to the inconveniences, the procedures applied to the hair can also cause female baldness. Chemical products used in hair care such as color openers and hair dyes damage the hair. Hairstyling techniques such as hot blow-dry and straightening are also among the processes that wear out the hair. This type of chemical process causes the structure of the hair to deteriorate. Also, chlorine water remaining on the scalp and tightening the hair can cause hair loss over time.

How To Treat Female Baldness?

The treatment of baldness in women is generally the same as in men. The hair loss starts to grow from the crown area. In such cases, the use of any medication is wrong. The first thing to do is to get a doctor’s examination. However, baldness can be detected with a doctor’s examination. At the same time, treatments are determined for baldness diagnosed by the doctor. Those who have female baldness problems must be examined by a specialist doctor.

Androgenetic hair loss is known as permanent hair loss. Researches are still ongoing to stop hair loss or to regrow hair follicles. Strengthening the hair follicles is done in a way to slow down the negative effects of hormones. Thus, it is aimed to slow down hair loss and to advance the balding process as much as possible.

Hair strengthening methods can also be used for top hair loss in women. Today, PRP is frequently used in the field of aesthetics and beauty. PRP; It means plasma enriched from thrombocyte and is made from one’s own blood. PRP has cell regenerative properties. It is performed by injecting into the hair follicles. Thus, regeneration and strengthening occur in the hair follicles.

Mesotherapy, which contains some components that are beneficial for hair, slows down hair loss by providing nutrition to the hair. Hair mesotherapy, which is easily applied, is recommended to be repeated at regular intervals according to the intensity of the shedding. Thus, the female baldness problem can be prevented.

Finally, hair transplantation with FUE and FUT method is the most permanent solution. At the beginning of baldness, a receding hairline problem is experienced. Receding hairline causes the face to appear larger and disproportionate. It can be easily treated with the hair transplantation method.

How Much Does It Cost Female Baldness Treatment?

Permanent spills occur such as hair deficits in women. This situation arises from the stress of daily life, unhealthy diet, genetic characteristics, or the advancement of age. However, with the developing technology, hair loss can now be treated. The solution to the female baldness problem is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods among transplant procedures. Hair transplantation, which is a very easy and comfortable operation, enables people to have healthy and bushy hair. Hair transplantation procedures are performed with multiple techniques. For this reason, the price changes for every technique.

Hair transplant prices; It is determined according to the hair transplantation process and hair structure. The transplantation technique chosen is determined by the level of baldness, the doctor’s condition, exchange rules, and clinics. It is the choice of hair technique that should be decided here. Afterward, determinations are made according to the female baldness and rarity, and the number of grafts to be added to the hair. For this reason, a clear price for hair transplantation can only be found out after the doctor’s examination. Patients who are considering hair transplantation can be examined by making an appointment with our clinic. Only in this way can the prices of female baldness treatment be found out clearly.