Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant
No Shave Hair Transplant

Unshaven Hair Transplant Generally, in hair transplants, the hair is shaved in order to work easier and take the grafts from the back of the head easier. Shaven scalp enables doctors to see the area they are going to implant the grafts clearer.

Unshaven hair transplant means transplanting grafts without cutting or shaving the hair. It is mostly preferred by men who do not want to wait their hair to grow back; and women, since most of them do not want to cut their long hair.

Since there is no shaving process, no one will be able to understand that you got a hair transplant. No one wants to go through that recovery period anymore, and no one wants to change their looks.  But not everyone is eligible for this medical procedure. A lot of patients’ hair is shaved before surgery, because it is much easier to collect the grafts this way. And if the hair is short, doctors work in that area very well, they use the micromotor easily.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Surgery
No Shave Hair Transplant Surgery

Doctors who perform unshaved hair transplants are often said to be more skillful than doctors who apply other types of hair transplants, because these doctors are the ones who have reached the ability to operate on unshaved areas (which is very hard to do).

Generally, FUE method is adopted in this type of hair transplant. In fact, unshaven hair transplant is very similar to FUE hair transplantation. These operations are called U-FUE hair transplants. The only difference is that in unshaven hair transplant, a small part of hair is shaved, or no part is shaved. Unshaven hair transplant is more challenging than the other hair transplant surgeries and requires more effort than FUE hair transplant surgery. Therefore, it takes longer to operate than Follicular Unit Extraction surgery.

During the procedure, same steps are followed with Follicular Unit Extraction surgery, but the difference is that in unshaven hair transplant surgery, the extraction is done without shaving the hair (as it was said above). The grafts taken from the donor area are cleaned with a special solution, they are implanted into the target area. Usually, 1500-2000 grafts are transplanted per operation. After the operation, the donor area can be hidden very easily with the patient’s hair.

Who Is Eligible For An Unshaven Hair Transplant?

Doctors run some examinations and decide on whether a patient is eligible for unshaven hair transplant surgery or not.

Doctors examine the area and decide if the number of grafts and the density of hair is sufficient for an unshaven hair transplant. These examinations also give doctors the opportunity to learn about the patient’s hair structure. Different methods can be followed by doctors depending on whether the hair is thick or sparse, wavy or straight, long or short. In addition to these, doctors also need to learn if the patient has chronic diseases, allergies or not. They have to arrange the medications and the dose of anesthesia they will be using during the surgery according to these factors.

Most of the people who get unshaven hair transplant consist of women who are experiencing hair loss, people who only have regional hair loss and who have enough healthy grafts to transplant. In order to get an unshaven hair transplant, patient should have a long hair structure and hair loss and shedding levels must be low. Patient has to have the number of donor grafts which will be used in the surgery.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Operation

It can be done by using 3 different ways: One of them is regional shaving, in this method only a small portion of hair is shaved to get grafts from the back of the head and the other method is done by doctors without shaving, and the last one is called limited shaven hair transplant. It is usually applied to women and it is very ideal for them. Just like in Follicular Unit Extraction, with the help of micromotors, the doctors collect donor grafts one by one. Then doctors clean these grafts with a solution and open canals in the target area and place them into the canals with the help of CHOI pen.

  • Only the part that the grafts will be taken from is shaved: In this method only the donor area is shaved, the target area is full of hair. This method is commonly used. First, a small part of the hair in the back of the head is shaved by doctors. Then hair grafts which are collected by the help of micromotors are cleaned by doctors and they place them into the target area. What’s great about this method is that patient can cover the shaved area with his/her hair. That is why a lot of people are choosing to be operated with this method.
  • Some little parts of the hair are shaved: In this method, doctors can shave little parts of hair to collect grafts and place them into the unshaven parts of the scalp.
  • Without shaving: Neither donor nor implanted area are going to be shaved. This can be a challenging method for the doctors when operating on patient. They need to be super careful, in order to get a good result. Since the hair is not shaved, it becomes difficult to see and work in the area. If they do not behave carefully, they can harm the hair roots. This method is usually applied to women.

What To Do Before and After The Surgery?

Instructions patients need to follow before surgery:

  • Stop drinking alcoholic beverages one week before the surgery
  • Stop drinking caffeinated beverages a day before the surgery
  • Stop smoking one week before the surgery

Wear comfortable clothes, because after the operation it can be hard to take off your clothes. If you wear clothes that are uncomfortable (like a turtleneck), they may harm the operated area.

Washing your hair before coming to the hair clinic

Instructions patients need to follow after the surgery:

  • Washing your hair gently
  • Protect your scalp from the sun rays. Wear a hat if you have one.
  • Do not do anything that will cause sweating like exercises or sports. Sweating affects the grafts badly. If you do not follow this instruction, you may need to get a hair transplant again.
  • Do not swim.
  • Do not use creams, sprays or some shampoos that are harmful to your scalp.
  • Rest for a day. If you have pain in your head, take the painkillers prescribed by your doctor. If it continues, consult to your doctor about it.
  • Don’t do any work that will tire you. Do not lift anything that is too heavy. If your field of work requires you to lift or carry things, speak to your manager, and get a week off from work, if possible.
  • Do not dye your hair. It will harm the scalp and the grafts.
  • Do not go to sauna or to a steam bath.
  • After a day, doctors examine the scalp and clean the are and take the bandages off. Three days after the surgery, hair is washed with solutions and medications by doctors.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Since unshaven hair transplant is done without cutting the hair, people around you won’t even notice that you have had a hair transplant. This medical procedure is done by shaving just a small part of the scalp, it is very easy to cover the shaved area with the hair left in your head.

A lot of people give up on the idea of getting a hair transplant when they learn that they have to shave their hair. But with this unshaven hair transplant method, there is no need for cutting or shaving, so it is very popular, and everyone choose to undergo this kind of hair transplant.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplants are more expensive than the other types of hair transplants. Doctors spend more time performing this procedure than they do for other types of operations. The washing and cleaning process after the surgery in unshaven hair transplant is more difficult than the other types of hair transplants. Collecting and implanting the grafts can be hard because it is hard to see the target area. Hair is not fully shaven, and this may cause sweating in the area. That means that cleaning of the target area will be difficult than other types of hair transplant as it is mentioned earlier.

Risks of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Infection, pain, swelling, and bleeding are some of the risks that an unshaven hair transplant surgery holds. But these are the complications that can happen in any kind of surgery. Doctors need to be careful when operating, and patients need to be careful after surgery and follow the post-surgery instructions or else they will have a tough recovery period. If any of these things happen, go to the hair clinic, and consult to your doctor. Keep your scalp clean and be sure that your scalp and hair roots get enough air. These two are very important factors.

How Much Does An Unshaven Hair Transplant Cost?

As mentioned before, this medical procedure is more expensive than the others but since Turkey is a country that is very successful in hair transplantation field, the costs are reasonable when compared to another countries. It costs 4000$ to 7000$. Different hair clinics offer different costs. Keep in mind that most of the health insurances do not cover the expenses of hair transplant surgeries. This type of surgery is classified by most health insurances as plastic surgery, that is why they do not cover the expenses. And most of the time surgery fee do not cover some other things. There will be some things or extras that you will need to pay for.

In Turkey, there are so many great and skilled doctors and hair clinics which offer you packages. Some of the hair transplant packages are reasonably priced and they do cover all these expenses you need to pay for.

For example, some of them covers:

  • Examination and analyses that are done before the surgery: blood tests, checking the grafts and the hair roots, plotting the hairline
  • The hair transplant itself
  • Other treatments like PRP that are used in hair transplant surgery
  • Some of the medications used in surgery and after the surgery are also included in the price
  • Your transfers between hotel and hair clinic or between hair clinic and airport. A luxury car and a driver will be given to your service. You won’t even have to use public transportation; you will not waste your time waiting for a bus or waiting in the subway.
  • Your accommodation will also be included in the price. The clinics usually work with (have an agreement with) five star hotels that are very comfortable.
  • They will assign you a translator to help you with the papers and the translator can also help you with everything throughout your stay if you’re a foreigner.

To sum up everything that is said above; this method, which is a remedy for many patients who want to have hair transplantation surgery but are afraid of scarring or swelling, has started to be preferred by many people today. It is a miraculous method for many people who do not want their family or friends to notice that they have had a hair transplant. With this hair transplant method, patients can adapt to their normal lives in a very short time. The fact that there is no change in their appearance makes them feel better.

Although it is an excellent method for hair transplant candidates, if the doctor who will perform the surgery is not experienced enough in performing unshaved hair transplants, the operation may not go well, and the patient may be disappointed. In unshaven hair surgeries and, of course, in other surgeries, it is better to choose the hair clinic you trust. Consult a lot of hair clinics before having a hair transplant and ask all the questions on your mind and choose the one which is the best for you.