Best Celebrity Hair Transplants Even if celebrities may appear to our eyes as works of art, we must know that many actors or characters in the show business resort to surgery to keep their appearance intact. One of the most used surgeries in recent times is that of hair transplantation. The phenomenon of baldness also affects famous people, and many celebrities have performed the best hair transplants over the years to remedy hair loss.

Because cosmetic hair surgery offers increasingly “natural” and unsuspected results, it is often difficult to identify the celebrities who have undergone it. Indeed, the photographic comparison over the years is particularly useful in identifying suspicious thickening.

Some VIPs don’t find it hard to admit that they have used cosmetic surgery to improve their image. An example of transparency for all was that of Premier Silvio Berlusconi. Thanks to the transplant performed, the prime minister has refreshed his image.

The FUE hair transplantation technique now offers the possibility of performing mega interventions (of over 5000 follicular units, over 12000 hairs) by implanting very high-density follicles with results that were not even imaginable until recently.

Actors with Hair Transplantation

Best Celebrity Hair Transplants Many of the personalities that we can see in our favorite films have gone through a specialized clinic to carry out a hair transplant at some point in their lives. The actors are famous with the most frequent hair grafts, being impressive in most cases, the change of their image between one movie and another. Some of the most famous examples of celebrities with hair transplants in the world of acting are:

John Travolta

The famous actor who became famous for the musical Grease and the numerous successful films of his resume declared on the Saturday Night Show that he had undergone a hair transplant.

Matthew McConaughey

The Texas actress, who won the Dallas Buyers Club Best Actor Oscar, decided to have a hair transplant in 2005. The hair transplant results are quite successful. Despite 47, the successful actress is still among the 50 most beautiful actors in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has always been famous for his hair ever since portraying Braveheart, but he has seen some hair reduction over some time. To stay at the peak of his career, the actor had a hair transplant at 61 to revive his thick hair.

David Beckham

The football superstar, famous for his past in Man United, Real Madrid, and the England national team, has always been very famous for his hairstyles. Becks’ hairdresser has always been one of the first to launch fashions in men’s hairstyles. A few years ago, however, the now-former footballer and model decided to undergo a transplant to continue to be considered a style icon for his hairstyles.

Sylvester Stallone

The famous actor with exact Italian origins has begun to have problems with hair loss in recent years. The star of the Rocky saga, in fact, no longer had the thick hair of the past, so he decided to intervene with a transplant that makes him still look very young despite his 70 years.

Billy Bob Thornton

The American actress was in an advanced stage of hair loss. However, after a professional procedure, we can say that his hair is thicker than twenty years ago.

Plastic surgeons believe that Billy Bob Thornton is a clear example of a successful hair transplant. It is also the positive effect of hair transplantation on the face’s overall appearance.

Jeremy Piven

Actor Jeremy Piven, Entourage (Hollywood Squadron), and Mr. Selfridge are known for their TV series roles. When you investigate his previous and later versions, he seems to have had a very extensive and top quality transplant.

It is estimated that Jeremy Piven restores the hair’s density and original appearance with a procedure involving thousands of transplanted follicles. Its new appearance is the best proof of the effectiveness of this modern hair transplant method.

Bono Vox

The favorite singer, the frontman of the band U2, faced hair loss in the forehead area. With a little intervention, his hair regained its fullness and harmonious look.

Bono Vox seems to have reacted quickly to the first signs of hair loss – so the effect is excellent.

Rafael Nadal

The tennis player has been fighting against his incipient alopecia for years. Although Nadal has never confirmed it publicly, the Manacori underwent a hair transplant at the end of 2016. At that time, he first put aside his characteristic long hair to appear with a shaved head.

Kevin Costner

Costner is another of the most popular hair graft celebrities. The actor and director, winner of two Oscars for the best film and the best director began to be part of the famous people who are progressively balding over time. However, he did not wait for his problem to escalate and took action in time with several hair grafts.

Nicolas Cage

The Da Vinci Code actor’s hair loss affected his image very negatively, looking very aged in just a few years. Fortunately, through several hair transplants, he managed to reverse his situation.

Iker Casillas

Five years ago, Iker Casillas underwent surgery to fix his hair problem. For this reason, he was away from the magazine world for a while. After performing the hair transplantation process, he experienced a noticeable change.

Clinics with Famous Hair Transplants

This list has been involved in many of the famous books on hair transplantation in Turkey. It is quite fashionable and those who decide to have hair transplantation in the United States.

Some decide to take the opportunity to go on a trip and get the implant. But the problem with hair transplantation in Turkey, you should stay a few days in Turkey.

If there is a problem such as poor healing or hair loss after three months, there may be quite remarkable complications. For this reason, many celebrities, to keep track of the results and verify that it is much easier satisfactory, prefer to make a secure plantation in Turkey. Best Celebrity Hair Transplants