When Do Men Start Losing Hair? Male pattern hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. In male-pattern hair loss, the hair on the top of the head and temples begin to thin. This causes regression in the hairline. Only hair remains in the middle of the front of the head. In the top part, a more balding area appears. Then, in the front and top parts, the areas where the hair is shed come together. Thus, the top of the head becomes bald. In the end, all that’s left is the hair border on the sides and back of the head. This causes both a relatively bad and aged appearance. So what are the causes of hair loss in men? When do men start losing hair? How is hair loss treated?

There are many different reasons for hair loss in men. However, the most basic reasons are genetic predisposition. This feature, which is genetically inherited in families, causes losing hair in men. In addition to genetic reasons, age is sometimes a factor in hair loss. 25% of men by the age of 25, 40% by the age of 40, 50% by the age of 50 begin to be bald.

Another reason for hair loss problems is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The activity of DHT on hair follicles causes hair loss over time. In some periods, medication use, stress, and eating habits also cause hair loss. For this reason, male pattern hair loss is not only dependent on age. Hormones, genetic factors, stress, and emotions, drug use are also effective. Therefore, not every hair loss is the beginning of baldness. The most accurate answer to this is learned after a doctor’s examination.

What Should Be Done Against Losing Hair?

Hair loss usually occurs due to genetic predisposition. Baldness may begin due to reasons such as medication use, improper diet, and chlorinated water remaining in the hair. Due to all these factors, hair loss occurs at an advanced level. Hair loss can be understood from the pillow used and the accumulation of hair in the bathroom. However, it is extremely wrong to apply medication or baldness treatment to hair without any certainty. For this reason, doctor control is required first. The treatment for severe hair loss is hair transplantation.

In some periods, the person may experience a lot of stress and emotional change. In such cases, the hair is also shed in response to the change experienced. It is perfectly normal for the body to defend itself in this way. For this reason, every hair loss is not the beginning of baldness. Also, regular hair care will delay losing hair.

Regular care for the hair strengthens the hair follicles and strands. For example; Massaging the hair with olive oil ensures the nourishment of the hair follicles. The reason for hair loss is the weakening of the roots. Hair roots can be strengthened with natural products such as olive oil. Besides, it’s not just olive oil; Products containing almond oil, various vitamins, protein, and biotin also nourish the hair follicles.

Another way to prevent hair loss in men is to avoid chemical uses. Hair coloring or permanent styling procedures are now also performed for men. For this reason, it is extremely important to avoid chemical uses to avoid losing hair. Also, products such as mousse or gel damage the hair. Correct use of comb is also one of the most important points.

How Is Done Losing Hair Treatment?

The person needs to take care of their hair to prevent hair loss. Because hair that is lost at a certain point can only be corrected by hair transplantation. For this reason, it is much more logical to do hair care regularly before experiencing losing hair. However, genetic factors, age, predisposition, environmental factors can cause excessive hair loss. In such cases, it is necessary to make an appointment with a specialist doctor. However, baldness can be diagnosed as a result of a doctor’s examination. After the diagnosis, the treatment of the patient is determined by the doctor.

If the person experiences hair loss and receding hairline, baldness treatment is started. This treatment varies from person to person. Different techniques are used to permanently stop hair loss.

Medicine treatment is applied to prevent hair loss and protect the existing hair. FDA-approved drugs reduce to hair loss and strengthen hair follicles. It also allows hair strands to thicken. The medicine therapy is suitable for mild to moderate losing hair.

Hair mesotherapy is also one of the highly preferred treatment methods for hair loss. Vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair growth are provided from outside. These vitamins and minerals are injected into the scalp with the help of microneedles. It visibly way to reduces hair loss.

The other losing hair treatment is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation provides a definite and permanent solution compared to other methods. It is applied by collecting the hair follicles one by one and placing them in the balding area. Thus, the most natural appearance possible is obtained. With the recent development of technology, hair transplantation treatment can be done without scarring. It is also preferred because it is a definitive and permanent solution.

How is the Losing Hair Treatment Price Determined?

If the men or women experience losing hair, the price is determined according to the treatment applied. Hair transplantation is generally preferred as it is a definite and permanent solution as a treatment. There are a few points that patients should pay attention to when researching prices for hair transplantation. Taking these points into consideration, the price of hair transplantation is determined.

The most important point in pricing is how much hair transplantation will be made. The amount of hair transplantation is the most important factor affecting the price. Besides, the choice of doctor, the location of the clinic, and the method of treatment also affect the price.

Although it may seem simple, hair transplantation is an operation that requires a lot of expertise and experience. For this reason, the doctor to be chosen must be an expert in the field. The knowledge and experience of the team that will perform the application also affect the price. Too many grafts in a single session can damage the donor area as a result. Losing hair may occur in the donor area. For this reason, transplanting an excessive number of grafts in a single session cannot always give a good result.

Generally, patients are examined by making an appointment with our clinic. As a result of the examination, it is decided how the patient will be treated. The answer to questions such as, when do men start losing hair, how many grafts will be transplanted, how to treat balding can be learned by contacting us.