What Is Zirconium Crowning? Zirconium crowning is one of the treatment alternatives for patients with dental disease. Zirconium is a natural substance that provides the easiest adaptation to the human body. And since it has a translucent structure, it makes the teeth look whiter and more aesthetic. Zirconium is a biologically tissue-friendly material. The material content of zirconium is very resistant to pressure.

Crowning treatment is a frequently used treatment method for anterior teeth. Zirconium coating treatment is durable and long-lasting. It is the most recommended treatment for both dental health and aesthetic appearance of the tooth.

Zirconium coating is one of the types of prosthetic teeth applied to teeth. Porcelain veneers, one of the dental prostheses, were preferred more in the past. Zirconium veneers have more advantages than porcelain veneers. It can also be used as a bridge or a crown on the back group teeth. This coating method is frequently used in cases where bridge treatment is required. Since it is a permanent process, it is often preferred in tooth whitening applications.

The coating material does not contain metal. Therefore, it does not cause odor or taste change in the mouth. It is not correct to state that there is no bad breath in patients with zirconium coating. If mouth and teeth cleaning is neglected, bad odor occurs in the mouth. Of course, conditions such as tonsillitis or a fungal infection in the mouth can also cause bad breath.

As a result, zirconium crowning does not cause bad breath. Another element of this treatment is that it does not harm the gums. This treatment does not cause any problems in patients who are allergic to metal, since zirconium does not contain metal.

After coating, patients can brush their teeth as normal as every day. It would not be right to give a clear time on the life of zirconium coating material. However, zirconium veneers can be used for a long time if an oral and dental cleaning is not neglected.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zirconium Crowning?

Zirconium crownings are translucent structures. This is one of its biggest advantages. For this reason, the teeth appear whiter and the natural appearance is achieved. By the request of the patient, the desired coating color is made. In other words, zirconium veneers have color alternatives. It has a smooth and shiny surface.

Since zirconium does not contain metal, it can resist staining substances (such as cigarettes, coffee) better than other coatings. And it does not change its color.

Zirconium is long-lasting and durable. It is resistant to wear and tear.  can be used anywhere in the mouth.  resists bite and chewing forces in front and back teeth.

It is perfectly compatible with gums and tooth roots. The teeth are thinned less in zirconium coatings than in other crowns. In this way, sensitivity to hot and cold is less. The person does not feel any discomfort while eating cold food or drinking something hot.

One of the reasons why the zirconium coating is preferred by many dentists is that it is biocompatible. It is fully compatible with oral tissues. It protects the lower tissue of the tooth.

Zirconium crowning has many advantages as well as disadvantages. If we look at the disadvantages we will see particular issues. If the zirconium coating is to be made on the bridge, there may be cases such as breakage of the coating. Because metal will not be used here. Therefore, it must be used carefully. Additionally, the zirconium coating is higher priced than other crowns. We provide quick services and good quality zirconium veneers. You can contact us if you want to have more detail.

How is Zirconium Crowning Done?

The treatment steps are very easy. Zirconium crowning treatment steps will be explained sequentially in this title.

First, the doctor checks for any damage in the mouth. For the damage in the teeth, if it requires a coating treatment, such a process takes place. Local anesthesia conditions are applied to the patient. It is necessary to wait for a short time for anesthesia to be affected. Then, the filing process is applied to the teeth to be coated. If there is decay in the tooth, the decays are cleaned first.

Coating measurements are important. The measurements of the teeth to be plated are taken. After the dental measurements are taken from the patient, the coating is ordered to the clinic. Temporary crowns are added to the patient’s teeth so that the patient can use it during the waiting period. After the tooth measurements are taken, the color closest to the color of the patient’s teeth is selected. Thus, zirconium veneers exhibit a natural appearance in the mouth.

The measurements taken for zirconium crowning are completed in about a week. The prepared crowns are temporarily attached to the patient’s teeth. The reason for temporary attachment is to prevent the possibility of any problems in the future. If there is no problem with the teeth, the teeth are fixed. Patients should go to the dentist for a check-up every 6 months after the teeth are fixed.

Many aesthetic operations are performed in our clinic. Our previous patient experiences and the references of our doctors give us confidence. If you want to have a suitable tooth coating for you, you can apply to our clinic. Please contact us for more information and details about applications and conditions.

Where Can People Have Zirconium Coating?

In recent years, clinics have been more popular than hospitals. People prefer to apply to clinics to have a coating. The number of dentists in hospitals is less than in clinics. This shows that trained dentists mostly work in private clinics. If you are going to have zirconium veneers, you can visit our clinic. We provide a well trained and experienced dentists team. You can have your zirconium crowning treatment very fast. All our applications and treatment methods are certified. Please contact us to get all the application details and get information about prices before visiting.