What Is Lasik Eye Surgery? Medical field studies, which have accelerated with the development of technology, have developed in many areas. Special surgeries are now performed for different body limbs. Lasik eye surgery is the most curious one of them. This surgery is being researched by many patients on the internet. So what exactly is this surgery? Why do people need this surgery? How is this surgery applied to the eye performed? All these questions will be explained to you in this article. However, the structure of the eye must be known very well in order to understand these details.

Our eyes have very complex physical and biological properties. By some people, the “eye” is one of the miracles on earth. With the development of optical science and breakthroughs in the medical field, the working principle of the eye was revealed. If we consider a simple lens, we see how it absorbs light and causes light refraction. It is found in organic ones of such lenses in our eyes. These lens structures create an image when the light coming into the eye is refracted and falls on the eyespot. Contrary to its name, the blind spot in the eye has an important place in our vision.

Lights are refracted in our eyes. As a result of these lights moving, images are formed in the eye. These images are sent to the brain by means of nerve cells and we can see those images.

Lasik eye surgery is one of the best applications for eye defects. Eye defects that develop in some patients make life unbearable. The visual process can be impaired in some cases. Organic lenses in our eyes can be damaged. So, they do more work properly. This is one of the most encountered problems for people. So, these surgeries stand for treating these disorders.

Using Lens Or Having The Lasik Eye Surgery?

Many people wear glasses because of eye defects. People who wear glasses get tired after a certain period of time during their work. This fatigue in the eyes further increases the visual impairment. Glasses are not comfortable for most people. They are not comfortable while running, swimming, or working in jobs that require body strength.

Using glasses causes many difficulties. These types of difficulties can also be found in different varieties. Lasik eye surgery states that it has a solution for eye defects and glasses. Of course, there should be other solutions like a man-made lens. People who wear glasses try to use lenses after a certain period of time. But this will not take long.

Not all lenses are suitable for all eye structures. Lenses cause dryness and redness of the eyes after a certain period of time. If lens hygiene is not provided, this situation causes inflammation in the eye in the future. For these reasons, lenses are not a solution to visual impairments. There is one last solution is surgery.

Having Lasik eye surgery can be seen as a certain solution for visual impairments. There are people who have the same problem after surgery. Despite this, it is a small number of possibility to have the same problem again. If the diopter value has not stopped increasing, laser surgery may not produce a solution.

This surgery is recommended to be performed after a certain age. Because of advanced ages, the number of glasses has stopped increasing. Laser surgery is applied to suitable patients. And after laser surgery, myopia patients recover 95%. This rate is 70% in patients with hyperopia. You can contact us for more details about myopia and hyperopia.

How Lasik Eye Surgery Is Applied?

Lasik eye surgery is an operation that intervenes in the retinas of the eyes. The eyes very delicate organs in our bodies. They are located in our faces and open to any harmful activities. Even if when you get a strong wind blowing, your eyes can be damaged by particles in a windy environment. Thus, these conditions of eye structure should be thought that surgeries are difficult to be handled. Despite this, it is applied by laser technology.

Through technological developments, laser technology has started to be used in medicine. There is plenty number of applications of laser in medicine. Medical surgeries are now operated by two kinds. One of them is classical surgeries applied like in past. Another type of surgery is the operations applied by laser. Using laser technology urges both patients and surgeons on having a successful surgery. Since it is safe and fast operation Lasik eye surgery in fashion among people who have eye defects.

The surgery application is based on some procedures. First of all, the place where the surgery will be performed is arranged and cleaned properly. Then, necessary eye drops are applied to the patient’s eye to be operated on. Eye surgery takes place with millimetric movements. Therefore, it is not a desired situation for the patient to move.

Therefore, the patient is given sedatives. Eyelids should be open. So, eyes are kept open with the necessary equipment. The retina on the eye is removed as a cover with a laser. The retina is then placed back into the eye by adding the spilled solution and additions. This process takes 4 or 5 minutes. It is a fast operation. After the operation, necessary solutions are dropped into the eye and left to heal. In our clinic, we have furnished operation places for your comfort. You can contact us for more details.

Where Lasik Eye Surgery Is Applied?

Hospitals and authorized clinics can operate Lasik eye surgery. However, some non-certified clinics attempt to operate laser eye surgery. These kinds of clinics are controlled by the government. But everyday new non-authorized clinics appear. It is easy to find a clinic to have this surgery. Despite this, it is hard to trust every clinic. We have certifications. Our well-trained team is ready for laser surgery. You can contact us for more information. In our clinic, you will feel safe and better. We are good at this job. You will trust us after you contact us.