What Age Do Men Go Bald? Male pattern hair loss is usually inherited and causes concern for many men. It develops as a result of the reaction of the hair in this area to the effects of the testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone shortens the growth phase of the hair. Thus, it causes the hair follicles to shrink and the hair becomes thinner gradually.

As a result, male baldness begins. Although the hair loss situation usually occurs due to genetic reasons, age affects. Hair loss can be seen in men from the age of 20. For this reason, the question of what age do men go bald, can be answered at the beginning age of the 20s.

DHT hormone; In men, it causes effects such as thickening of the voice, growth of beards, sperm production, and muscle development. Therefore, the complete disappearance of DHT means the cessation of many activities in the body. Male pattern baldness starts to be seen from the age of 20s. 25% of men experience male pattern hair loss until the age of 25. 40% of them face male pattern hair loss until the age of 40. In total, 60% of men also have hair loss problems. For this reason, hair control and taking necessary precautions play an important role.

The fact that baldness in men is age-related, except for genetic reasons, enables measures to be taken. As age progresses, measures can be taken by noticing the decrease in hair. However, all the measures to be taken should be under the control of the doctor. It is inconvenient to use drugs that are available in the market and which are not known. If you are experiencing male pattern hair loss, you can also come to our clinic and get information. Thus, both healthy and accurate information can be obtained.

What Are The Causes Of Baldness In Men?

Hair, which has a certain life period, is separated from the scalp after completing the growth period on the head. 80-100 hair loss per day is considered normal. H One of the biggest causes of baldness is stress. The use of improper cosmetics or unnecessary medication also causes hormonal disorders.

Hormonal disorders change the hair balance in the body. For this reason, they can cause baldness. Diseases such as febrile diseases, anemia, and thyroid disease also affect the hair balance. Therefore, hair health needs to pay attention to diseases and medications used. Lack of iron, zinc, and protein in the body causes hair strands to become thin and break. Because the food source of hair is protein.

Hair loss that causes baldness in men occurs as a result of the effects of the male hormone. The male hormone genetically affects the hair follicles on the scalp. Hair loss follows a different path, with the combination of genes from both mother and father. For this reason, genetic factors also have an effective role in hair loss.

The rate of hair in men depends on the testosterone hormone. The height of this ratio is determined by 90% of the genes coming from the mother. Approximately 25% of men over the age of 25 experience hair thinning. For 50-year-old men, this rate can go up to 50%. If the person has a genetic predisposition, hair loss can begin even in his 20s. Shedding is most common between the ages of 25-35. After the age of 45, there may be situations where hair loss decreases. Hair loss that starts in the 40s and continues rapidly may also be encountered.

How To Treat Baldness In Men?

Treatment for male pattern hair loss is usually medication and hair transplantation. However, herbal cures are also used in these cases. However, herbal cures or medicines are generally used for hair care rather than baldness. In other words, the use of herbal cures will ensure that the hair is well-groomed and healthy in the long term. For this reason, it is impossible to cure baldness by using any herbal cure.

The permanent and definitive solution for baldness is hair transplantation. Hair transplant; It is performed with the integration of hair follicles taken from the same person. Generally, 2 different techniques are used in hair transplantation. These techniques are decided according to the suitability of the patient.

Another baldness treatment method is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is the definitive and permanent solution for baldness. In hair transplantation, the patient’s hair is formed clearly after 1 year. Since it covers a long treatment process, it is extremely important to consult a specialist. Baldness treatment is performed by transferring the hair follicles of the applicant. No pain is felt in hair transplantation performed. The risk will be minimal in hair transplantation procedures performed by a specialist doctor.

Medication use to treat baldness is also very common. However, the unknown error with drugs is that they must be used constantly. Because when the use of drugs is stopped, hair shedding is seen again. The drug called Rogaine, known for its hair growth effect has the same effect.

It is generally used after the hair transplant procedure on the doctor’s recommendation. Although it is used without any hair transplant procedure, it shows its effects. However, these effects end with the discontinuation of the drug. Hair loss often recurs when patients stop taking the drug. For this reason, it is not a permanent and definitive solution.

How Much Does Baldness Treatment Cost?

The treatment of baldness in men and women is carried out under the supervision of a specialist. As a result of the examination performed by a specialist doctor, the patient’s suitability for treatment is tested. If the patient is suitable, hair transplant treatment is started. Before the treatment, the doctor states what to do to the patient. To minimize the possible risks, smoking or the use of blood thinners should be stopped. It will be sufficient to contact us for the things to be done before the application and pricing information.

Since the hair transplantation process is long, it is necessary to make the preparations stated by the doctor. It is very important to follow the instructions for a comfortable and successful hair transplant. Also, candidates who have not made a final decision about hair transplantation can also get information from our clinic. Apart from these, information such as what age do men go bald, what age do women go bald, treatment price can also be learned from our clinic. What Age Do Men Go Bald?