Rogain Hairline The product called Rogaine is a kind of hair regrowth remedy. is produced by the world-famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer. is used to prevent hair loss and to provide hair growth. It is used when the hairline, which is the beginning of baldness, is withdrawn. It has successfully passed dermatological tests in America and Europe.

Rogaine, which has passed the tests and gives successful results especially in men, has a great effect on hairline regression. It has been observed that the drug strengthens the non-hair areas and helps hair growth. In other words, the product can present a very successful result list. It has the title of the only hair drug officially approved and recommended by the “Food and Drug Administration” in the United States.

People who experience regional or general hair loss can use the Rogaine drug. Also, people who have had hair transplantation use this drug during the healing process. Rogaine, which is usually prescribed with a doctor’s prescription, helps to get extremely fast results in hairline regression.

Rogaine drug should be applied to the area of hair loss and baldness. tries to restore the health of the hair follicles by directly affecting the scalp in the area where it is applied. It sheds the lifeless hair strands and allows new hair to grow in its place. is necessary to wait between 3 and 9 months after use whether Rogaine works or not.

How To Use Rogaine?

First of all, Rogaine can be used in the morning or evening hours. Before using the medication, the scalp must be clean and dry. It will not be very efficient to apply to a sweaty hair scalp throughout the day. For this reason, the hair should be washed first and then dried thoroughly. Then the medicine can be applied.

In order to use the medicine, the tube coming out of the box must be filled up to the specified place. Afterward, this solution should be applied to the scalp. The application should be done to the skin as much as possible. It should not be applied to hair like shampoo. It is necessary to ensure that the solution reaches the skin directly. Rogaine will be absorbed by the scalp within an average of 15-20 minutes.

Those who will apply in the evening should wait for the solution to dry thoroughly. Otherwise, the Rogaine can reach the face or other parts of the head through the pillow. In this case, unwanted hair growth may begin. For this reason, if Rogaine drug is used at night; It is necessary not to put the head on the pillow for half an hour.

Hair should not get wet, within 4 hours after using the Rogaine. It takes an average of 4 hours to penetrate the skin. After 4 hours, there will be no problems. After using the drug, a blow dryer should not be used. The drug should be expected to dry spontaneously and absorb into the skin.

If conditions such as dandruff and hair loss begin to occur, the doctor should be consulted. It will be sufficient to use it once a day. The choice of morning or evening depends on the person using it.

What Are The Side Effects Of Rogaine Drug?

Rogaine is generally used in the fight against hair loss. The most common side effect known is itching of the scalp. Generally, with drugs containing minoxidil; first, a slight loss of hair, then more growth and strength are observed. Allergy to minoxidil or its inactive substance allergy may be encountered.

High doses show a hypotensive effect. The sunburn with this medication may increase the absorption of the drug and lead to high doses. If a person uses Rogaine for a long time and suddenly stops using it, hair loss will start again.

Other known side effects are acne formation in the application areas. It depends on the person’s skin and is not common to everyone. Headache or dizziness are also among other known side effects. It can cause a decrease in blood pressure. In patients with heart problems, effects such as irregular or rapid heartbeat can be seen.

There may be tingling or loss of sensation in the hands, face, and feet. Sudden weight gain or chest pain may be seen. Most of the side effects other than acne formation are seen due to the use of high amounts of medication. It has been proven that the Rogaine, can also pass into breast milk.

In Which Situations Should Rogaine Not Be Used?

Rogaine is a medicine used to aid hair growth. It is used especially after hairline regression and hair transplantation. This drug, which is usually used with a doctor’s prescription, is applied to the scalp. It is applied to prevent hair loss caused by male or female pattern baldness. Rogaine works best in people with hereditary hair loss at the top of the scalp. The best results are also observed in women with general hair thinning on the upper part of the scalp.

Hair Thinning On The Upper Part

Rogaine is more effective in people under the age of 40. It was determined that the most successful effects were seen for those who started using it at the first signs of hair loss. It cannot help completely bald people. This drug, which is effective in the onset of baldness, should not be used in some cases.

The Rogaine should not be used in case of sudden hair loss and mass hair loss. It is not suitable for patients under 18 years of age. It should never be used if the scalp is red, itchy, infected, or has pain problems. Patients with heart disease should talk to the doctor before trying Rogaine.