Receding Hairline Treatment The receding of the hairline is known as the starting of baldness. Receding hairline is seen in people affected by androgens. Androgens are also are known as male hormones. This condition can start at any age after puberty in people with a genetic predisposition. First of all, the retraction of the hairline begins in the forehead area.

Later, it is the condition that progresses with the sparse and opening of the top region and occurs in the form of a male-type shedding. However, thanks to the advancing technology and developing techniques, receding hairline treatment is now performed.

Receding hairline is not a problem specific to men only. It is a condition frequently observed in women too. It is the most common type of hair loss in men and women. Receding of the hairline pronounced shape in the forehead or temple area, hair loss occurs.

The reason for this is that hair follicles are genetically sensitive to DHT. The stronger the sensitivity to these hormones in the hair follicles, the heavier the hair loss progresses. In this case, the person needs a receding hairline treatment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Receding Hairline In Women?

Hairline receding is a type of baldness symptom seen in both men and women. Front hairline correction can be done due to aesthetic concerns other than baldness. The front hairline, which completely affects the posture of the face, can be designed by specialist doctors. So; Whether due to aesthetic concern or baldness, the hairline can only be corrected by a doctor.

Various applications can be made according to the need for hairline correction. For example; A more proportional appearance can be achieved by pulling down the receding hairline of women with wide foreheads. So, the forehead opens from the sides and is brought into an ideal shape by age. When the frontal hairline is corrected, the face looks much younger and aesthetic.

Receding hairline treatment in women is treated the same as in men. The reason why it is mentioned separately in men and women is that the hairline is different from each other. At the same time, since the ratio of face size is also different, it is examined separately.

The symptoms of hairline regression in women are quite obvious. The forehead becomes wider than it is. Also, excessive hair loss is encountered. This situation may develop due to genetic or stress-related factors. Also, the structure of the hair and skin can cause this situation to be triggered.

Gathering the hair tightly also causes receding hairline in women. However, the regression of the hairline is not as high as in men. Generally, a receding hairline is seen more much in men.

What Are The Symptoms Of Receding Hairline In Men?

In male-pattern hair loss, the hair begins to fall out from the temple and crown area. Baldness in the family increases the possibility of male pattern hair loss. In other words, it is a condition where genetic factors are generally effective. Receding hairline occurs over time. For diagnosis, the hair is usually examined under a microscope.

Detection of male pattern hair loss can often be determined without the need for a laboratory environment. It is also possible to understand male pattern hair loss from the hair strands falling on the pillow or the hairball accumulated in the bathroom. The easiest way to understand the level of hair loss is the Norwood Scale.

Norwood Scale; It is divided into 8 different sections according to the shedding stages of the hair. These spill stages and symptoms are as follows:

Receding hairline occurs on both sides of the forehead. It is usually seen in the early years of adolescence.

  • The hair in the forehead area is pulled back a little more. The hair looks like a gulf.
  • The gulf appearance on the front hairline has deepened.
  • The front of the hair is completely shed. There are openings at the top of the head.
  • The front and top of the hair are close to each other. There is only a thin hair bridge in between.
  • The hill area is well opened. The bridge hair between the front and top region has become even thinner.
  • Front and top regions are now combined. There is a blank image in the forehead and top region.
  • Baldness has reached an advanced stage. There is only hair left in the neck area.

How Much Does Receding Hairline Cost?

Choosing a doctor is of great importance for any hair treatment. Working with a specialist in the field is important for the successful conclusion of the treatment.

The success of the treatment is directly proportional to the experience of the doctor. At the same time, care should be taken in choosing a doctor to avoid hair restoration in the future. It will be the best decision to contact our clinic to get information about doctor selection and treatment.

Hair loss and receding hairline treatment cost vary according to the person. Because; How far the hair loss progresses in the person causes changes in the treatment process. The head structure, the size, and shape of the face of the patients who will undergo receding hairline treatment are changing the price.

The hairline to be designed according to the skull of the patient also affects the price. Also, the amount of hair to be transplanted has an important role in determining the price. The price of the treatment to be made by the person can only be found out after a doctor’s control.

Doctor control is carried out after the patient makes an appointment from our clinic. After the patient’s suitability is decided, the receding hairline treatment process is started. Listening to the doctor’s recommendations throughout the treatment process positively affects the healing process. Also, regular use of drugs given according to the need will accelerate the healing process.