Male Or Female Pattern Baldness. Baldness usually occurs as a result of the loss of hair over time. Hair loss occurs in male pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness is a decrease in the overall volume of the hair. Although it seems distinct, male or female pattern baldness can be seen for all genders.

Therefore; women are not exempt from losing hair. However, this situation causes less hair loss in women. Also, the care routines or hairstyles applied by women hide hair loss. In general, 40% of women and 70% of men have baldness at some point in their lives.

Hereditary baldness is the most common cause of hair loss. Hereditary baldness isn’t really a disease. It is a natural condition that results from some combination of genetics. For this reason, it is wrong to regard baldness as a disease. Almost all men and women experience hair loss as they age.

However, 40% of men and women will experience this condition more clearly. Hair loss typically begins in the 20s and 30s. However, in women, changes in the hair are more pronounced after menopause.

The normal cycle of hair growth under the influence of the male hormone testosterone causes shorter or thinner hair. As a result, hair growth stops completely in some areas of the scalp. This causes the typical pattern of hair loss. Baldness is due to genes contributed by both parents.

What Is The Reason For Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is generally known as hair loss. It usually starts on the front of the head or is more pronounced in this area. As the hair loss progresses, the front hairline takes the shape of’ M. The biggest reason why hair loss becomes prominent in this area is that this area is much more sensitive to hormones.

If the hair loss area is not ‘M’ shaped; It can also be seen in the shape of a half-moon. This image takes the ‘U’ shape over time and the hair in the middle begins to fall out. In the following period, the hairline is pulled back and baldness becomes more noticeable.

In addition to all these, more than normal hair loss at the beginning of baldness is among the symptoms. Seeing more than normal hair on the pillow, car, shoulders, or clothes collars can be described as the beginning of baldness. In such cases, it is useful to have a doctor’s examination without using any medication or applying any treatment.

Because, in some periods, hair loss can also be experienced due to stress. What is the cause of hair loss can only be learned after a doctor’s examination? For this reason, any application before the doctor’s examination can cause extremely wrong results.

For men, who think that their hair is shed more than normal; it will be the right step to make a comparison first. For example, after noticing that the hair starts to fall out, take a photo of the bath or the pillow used in regular intervals. In this way, it can be determined how much hair is shed during the routine period. Besides, photos will provide evidence for the doctor to baldness diagnose.

What Is The Reason For Female Pattern Baldness?

The main cause of hair loss in adult women is the onset of baldness. Hair loss due to androgen and hormonal changes due to menopause is seen in women with a genetic predisposition. It is used to express hair loss in the top and anterior regions of the scalp. In women, hair first becomes thinner, lifeless, and eventually falls out.

However, unlike men, the front hairline is preserved in women and a spill occurs throughout the hair. Also, this type of hair loss is not entirely due to hormones like in men. For this reason, the definition in women is determined as female pattern hair loss. Therefore, shedding in the front, side, and top areas of the hair is known as ”male pattern hair loss”. Thinning in all of them is defined as “female pattern hair loss”.

Since the loss of an average of 50 to 100 hair strands per day is considered normal. Every hair loss does not indicate female baldness. Symptoms of female pattern hair loss are often in the form of enlargement of the scalp that appears in the shed areas. Female pattern hair loss usually occurs with a slow and progressive hair loss complaint. For this reason, if there is a suspicion of baldness; Beforehand, a doctor’s examination is required.

There is no clear idea about the causes of female pattern hair loss. It is thought to be caused by hormonal changes associated with menopause with androgen in women with a genetic predisposition. Therefore, female pattern hair loss occurs when factors such as androgen-dependent, independent or genetic factors enter the stream.

How To Treat Male or Female Pattern Baldness?

When signs of baldness occur in a woman or a man, a doctor should be examined first. Since stress-induced hair loss may occur at times, diagnosis is very important before any treatment. If the onset of baldness is detected after the doctor’s examination; Again, the treatment determined by the doctor should be applied.

Herbal treatments are also at the forefront of hair loss. However, this situation is effective in hair loss and at the beginning of baldness. In some cases, the rate of hair loss is high and herbal treatments do not give results. In cases where herbal medicines or applications are not sufficient, hair transplantation can be performed. However, in the case of male or female pattern baldness, hair transplantation, or vaccination is done with the direction of the doctor.