Lasik Eye Surgery In the past days when technology was not developed, people sought solutions to many problems to live. Their only goal was to survive. For this purpose, they developed many solution methods. People who gathered under the roof of a social society with the development continued to work collectively.

Taking advantage of the gains of research and development activities was their first aim. As they developed their scientific way of thinking, they also made technological breakthroughs. Nowadays, human beings do not just work for a living. They have many secondary needs such as having a better home, buying a better car, and having aesthetics.

Laser Technology

Laser technology was in demand in the 2000s. Later, it started to be used in the field of medicine. Lasik eye surgery is only one of its usage areas. Many people have complaints about having eyeglasses. They think it is not comfortable for them. People who are uncomfortable wearing glasses prefer this method of surgery.

All features of a human eye should be clearly understood. Because this operation is very important. If you want to understand what kind of surgery will you have, you need to read this article.

When we talk about complexity, the first organ that comes to mind in the human body is the eye. The structure of the eye in terms of many of its properties is understood with today’s technology. However, it is not possible to create an eye as sensitive as the human eye under today’s conditions. Let’s think for a moment that we have lost our eyes. This is more important than losing any body part.

An organ of this complexity is treated with light waves that can no longer be seen even with the eye. Lasik eye surgery can be seen as the last point of our technology.

Who Can Have Lasik Eye Surgery?

The method used by people who wanted to get rid of glasses was the use of eye lenses. People who got rid of the glasses quickly got used to the lenses. But for some people, wearing a lens is really time-consuming. First of all, lenses should be constantly cleaned with solutions and sterile.

Eye Lenses

This caused them to waste time in many ways. This is something people do not want to do. Besides, some people experienced eye pain after using contact lenses. People who felt dry and inflammation in their eyes stopped using contact lenses. They started using glasses again.

Lasik eye surgery is a golden opportunity for people who complained about lens use. Many surgeries have age limit procedures. In this respect, laser eye surgery is limited to a certain age like other surgeries. This is due to the variability of the number of growth in the glasses. While some people’s eye disorders continued for a long time, others stopped.

Consequently, every people who are older than 18 years old can have Lasik eye surgery. Besides age, the number of glasses is considered before the operations. When you go to a physician, they treat you whether your eye number is constant or not. Why is this important to have a constant eye number?

If you have an inconstant eye number, even if you have surgery your eyes will be worse. So you can have surgery if you want. But it is not recommended. Because you will waste your money.

We have a group of surgeons who are experienced in surgical operations in our clinic. You can apply our laser eye surgery operations if you have visual disturbances. We provide you a good quality of the environment that you feel comfortable. For more details please contact us.

Who Can Apply Lasik Eye Surgery And Is it Safe?

Today, many surgeries are performed in hospitals. People tend to trust doctors in hospitals. Because hospitals are under the support of many organizations and under government control. Even private hospitals get help from the government. Thus, people prefer to undergo surgery in hospitals. Lasik eye surgery should be performed by a certified operator. Surgeons who have Lasik certification are able to operate laser eye surgeries.

Laser Eye Surgeries

Laser lights have high frequency and low wavelength. They are special light that is used in medicine. Treatment of skin wounds, reduction of the prostate, and eye surgeries are the areas where a laser is used most frequently. Laser beams have photothermal, photoionized, and photoablation effects.

It facilitates some operations and enhances the ability to have successful operations. If the place where you have operation do not have laser certifications do not apply operations.

The laser used in LASIK eye surgeries is varied. Excimer laser and Femto LASIK are one of them. These lasers are internationally certified lasers that can be used in laser eye surgeries. Authorized clinics have these certifications. In our clinic, we employ the procedures.

Having certifications do not make any clinic safe. Of course, having a certification is a permit for work. However, if you would like to have a safe laser eye operation, you should check the surgeons. Surgeons that apply laser eye surgery should be experienced and well trained.

In reliable clinics, all operations and tasks are performed within a plan. The procedures are applied at every moment of the service. Missing any procedure cause high risk in human life.

The safety of operations requires too many procedures told before. If you would like to have laser eye surgery and are confused, please make a list. Every item on the list should be okay. If you find a clinic that has all of the items, you can easily trust. For more details please contact us.

Who Can Not Have Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik eye surgery can be applied to most people. If you have complicated problems with your eyes, your treatment might be different. There is no certainty that laser surgery solves all eye disorders. All adult people who are older than 18 years old can have laser eye surgery. In our clinic, we do your general examination. After measuring your eye number, we check your eligibility for laser surgery. If your age is old enough, you can have laser eye surgery.