Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft Hairlessness in certain areas on the head or baldness, in general, is a widespread situation among many people all around the world. Loss of hair in some areas might be caused by age, or medicine use because of the depression. Also, a disease called lupus or thyroid diseases might be the reason. Also, it can be hereditary. A lot of people feel bad about their hairlessness. This might be caused by beauty standards or body image issues.

But, fortunately, this situation is not cureless. Hair transplant operation is possible and preferred by those who suffer from low self-esteem issues which are caused by baldness. It is now possible to feel good and confident, thanks to the hair transplant operation.

What is hair transplant?

It is surgery. The hair from the person who is having this operation is transferred into the hairless spot to fill the bald area. The hair which is going to be transposed is usually removed from the back of the head. This operation is done by a plastic surgeon or a dermatological surgeon. The operation takes place in an operating room.

The Different Types of Hair Transplant

There are two different ways to do this operation. The first one is called Follicular Unit Transplant, in short, it is called FUT. A part of the skin with hair follicles on it is taken from the persons’ head. As mentioned above, this strip of the skin is usually removed from the back of the head. The reason for taking the sample from this specific area is because of the fact that the hair from the back of our head is fuller and is not tend to be shredded like the hair that grows from the other spots.

The sample taken out of a persons’ head is processed by disjoining and proceeding the follicles for the operation. Meanwhile, together with this process, a bunch of holes which are sized appropriate amount is opened up one by one for every one of the strands that are going to be planted.

The second method is Follicular Unit Extraction, in short, it is called the FUE method. In this method, the spot that the hair is taken is the same. The reason why this method is separated from the FUT method is because of the way of taking the sample from the haired area. The hair strand is taken one by one in this method. The hair strands are planted into the holes which are made on the head.

Which one is better? 

FUE method is a procedure that takes more time and effort. It can last 7 hours to 8 hours. That is the reason why it might be more expensive than the FUT method. Yes, it may cost more money but the advantage of the FUE method is, after the operation, no mark is left on the area where the hair is taken. The FUE method is getting more and more popular these days. While deciding which one to choose, everyone should take the doctors’ advice and preference seriously.

With the help of the examination the doctor had done, he or she detects which one is better for the patient. Because there are different types of hair and skin. Only the doctor can know for sure, which option is better for the patient. It is crucial to consult the doctor before deciding.

Can an Entirely Bald Person Have Hair Transplant?

If the person has a certain amount of donor to be extracted, it is possible for that person can experience this operation. But the sample of the hair must be thick. That is why some elder people can not have this operation. Because the hair gets thinner as we get old and this is the reason why old people lose their hair as they grow old.

Is It Possible for Someone to Transplant Someone Elses’ Hair?

It is not possible if the patient has no identical twin. Because a person has own unique genetics, the operation must be performed by using the tissue from the patient.

Complications and Side Effects

The person who experiences the operation might feel an ache after the surgery. Also, after the surgery, the patient can experience bleeding, swelling, bruising, or itching. There is nothing to be worried about. Do not forget that you had surgery. Medicines for the sore and ache will be prescribed by the doctor. The patient must take precautions against infection in the area operation is made. Antibiotics to lower this possibility probably will be prescribed to the patient by the doctor. The patient may experience the hair falling out. There is no need to feel anxious about this situation because it is normal. Side effects are usually pulled through in a few weeks.

Should You Have It?

The follicles will naturally continue to produce hair as time passes, so we can say that it is a permanent solution. If you can afford the price, you will solve this situation you have at once. If you are not comfortable with baldness and have low self-esteem, you should have it. Being at peace with ourselves and having self-confidence makes us happy.

The Price

The amount of the graft required determines the price. The graft is the tissue taken from the patients. For the surgery, usually, around 2,000 to 3,000 grafts are needed. It can be less or more depending on the patient and the area where the operation performed. For example, if the patient is entirely bald and needs the whole of the head to be covered, more graft samples are going to be required. In brief, depending on the case, the amount of the graft will change.

Consequently, the cost that will be paid by the patient is not for sure. The surgeon who will operate the operation is also efficient in determining the price. If the patient chooses to consult a highly rated doctor, it will cost more money. The location also can have its effect on the price.

Besides, as mentioned above, the FUE method takes more time and effort so, if a patient decides to have the FUE method and consults a highly rated doctor in a fancy place, it will be expensive.  Also, Since hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure, the insurance will not be covering the bills. Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft