Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is a kind of hair solution produced for people with baldness or sparse hair problems. Hair replacement is applied with the developing technology for problems such as hair loss and baldness. Hair prosthesis offers a practical solution for people with hair loss. Also, hair replacement does not cover a long process such as hair transplantation. Thus, it offers a fast and simple solution. This method, where the hair is added to problem areas, has not fake view like a wig. Those who are worried about problems such as wig slipping or looking fake can quickly get a brand new look.

Hair replacement is specially designed for the person. The prosthesis obtained from natural hair provides a solution for people with baldness and sparse hair problems. The hair implant remains until the person removes it from their hair. It does not need any additional processing.

Hair replacement, which is applied with a special adhesive, does not create an artificial appearance on the hair as it is made personally. The area where the prosthesis will be applied is measured and fixed to the hair with special products. Unlike hair transplantation, hair replacement is created without surgery. It does not look artificial like a wig. People who have hair replacement can even swim in the sea easily. Also, drying or hair cutting can be done easily.

How To Apply Hair Replacement?

Hair replacement is a solution that emerged with the development of technology. Hair replacement tapes are medical and double-sided tapes produced by human skin. The bands are dermatological. Hair replacement is fixing on patient’s heads. Since these tapes have nanotechnological properties, they are not harmful to the skin. It is applied after making the necessary skincare. The life of the hair replacement band will be much longer when the necessary maintenance is done. Hair replacement bands are mainly shipped from the USA to the whole world.

Hair replacement; It is specially prepared according to the shape of the head and applied. As in every job, quality is of primary importance in prosthetic hair application. The prosthetic hair should be applied by a specialist at the first application. The role of an expert is very important in the success of the application.

The person who will use it afterward should pay attention to its care. Because if maintenance is not done, the bands can loosen over time. This can also reduce stickiness. The person using the hair replacement should shape the prosthesis properly. This is one of the factors that affect naturalness.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Replacement?

Anyone with regional or general balding problems can use hair replacement. It is a cosmetic system that anyone who is not satisfied with the density and shape of their existing hair can use with peace of mind. With the help of this method, natural and strong-looking hair is obtained. Since it is a purely cosmetic application, surgery, blood, needles, etc. It is far from such concepts. For this reason, many people can have a hair replacement application with peace of mind.

People who have had hair loss, regional or whole head hair loss, can easily have a hair replacement. Hair replacement is an extremely simple application. It is a personalized application. For this reason, it provides the most natural hair appearance possible. The adhesive applied to the skin of the person is extremely strong and dermatological.

For this reason, even if the person wants to remove it from the hair replacement head, it cannot be removed by their own methods. Because; special cleaner and alcohol are used to remove the hair replacement attached to the skin. The removal of the hair replacement should be done where this procedure was performed.

Hair replacement has a structure that allows the skin to breathe. For this reason, the scalp comes into contact with water after the application. However, some prostheses can also be made from materials that cut the contact of the skin and do not allow ventilation. At this point, the person needs to know their skin type well. Because a prosthesis is made according to the person’s skin type and desired hair model.

How is Hair Replacement Washed?

The quality of the material is extremely important in hair replacement cleaning. Because prostheses made using quality materials can be easily washed almost every day. Because they don’t have real hair follicles. So, they usually don’t get too dirty. However, people whose skin structure is oily or who sweat a lot during the day; They can wash their prostheses every day with warm water.

Some points should be paid attention to when washing the hair replacement. Although it is fixed very well to the head, there are no real hair roots. Therefore, it should be washed with more delicate movements. Unlike normal hair, it is appropriate to wash the hair with massage movements. It is also very important to wash in one direction. During washing, excessive pressure should not be applied.

Drying of the hair should be done with a towel. Excess water should be taken with a towel. Hair replacement should not be brushed with a thin-ended comb. Fine-tipped combs can cause hair damage.

Special shampoos should be preferred for hair replacement use to be long-lasting. The use of combs specially developed for prostheses will provide long-term use. At the same time, special hair conditioners can be used to protect the shine of the hair. Specially produced for hair replacement, ‘blue water’ is also can be used for easy combing and shaping.

Since the hair replacement is made personally, its pricing is not very cheap. Specially designed hair replacement is priced according to the quality of the material used. For this reason, it is inconvenient to purchase prostheses on the internet or where it is not known. When ordering hair replacement, make sure of the quality and dimensions of the material.