Does Minoxidil Work?

Does Minoxidil Work? According to a therapeutic trial involving 89 men with male pattern baldness, a 2% solution of topical minoxidil gave impressive results with hair regeneration. Another study showed that when 5% topical minoxidil was applied twice daily, it produced a better response to hair regeneration. It is one of the best medicines in allopathy for the treatment of hair loss, as its side effects are much milder compared to the other alternative – finasteride. So we will see does Minoxidil works and how the results are.

How long does it take for Minoxidil to show results?

Ideally, Minoxidil starts working almost immediately, however, the results appear after 2 to 3 months. It may take longer for people who started treatment after the onset of baldness.

How does Minoxidil work to regenerate your hair?

Once you start applying minoxidil to your scalp, it will shed all the hair that would shed in the following days anyway. Therefore, if you notice a slight increase in hair loss for a week or two, it is a good sign. This means that you are responding to minoxidil. After this procedure, minoxidil works on all hair that is in the growth phase. Makes the follicle thicker by increasing blood circulation to the roots of your hair In a period you see more hair on your scalp, as it lengthens the growth phase and also thickens each hair.

Does Minoxidil have side effects?

Like any medicine, Minoxidil can have some mild side effects. For some who suffer from this, we work separately for the side effect, for example, we add a lotion to your routine to manage dryness. Most side effects are temporary and will not go away in a few weeks. Another complaint is the roughness of the hair near the roots. The best way to fight this is with scalp oil and conditioner. Once you have some hair on your scalp, you can always work with its quality.

How long should I use it?

It is the best, low consumption hair serum for your hair to help it grow in the best and healthiest version. Science makes sense. We recommend that you use it for as long as needed. Think of it as hair oil, shampoo, or conditioner. You will use them for life, then why not a hair serum that helps manage hair loss.

Does Minoxidil cause more hair loss?

Wrong, this means that Minoxidil does its job. It allows you to get rid of all the hair in the “fall stage” and begins to work on rejuvenation.

The hair growth cycle of the scalp has four phases – the regenerative one where the hair growth takes place. The hair is then rested in the telogen phase for 3 months. In catagen, the hair is in a transitional phase and, finally, the exogenous where the hair is detached from the follicle to recede into new hair. What is interesting about minoxidil is that it dilates the blood vessels that open the potassium channels and allows more blood flow to the follicles along with nutrients and oxygen. This always pushes the hair to an early stage of the regenerative phase.

Some things to remember

  • We do not prescribe minoxidil to pregnant or lactating women.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before using them.
  • Avoid transferring it to the rest of the body.
  • Apply the specified amount and no more.
  • If you miss a dose, do not apply an extra portion to your scalp for replenishment.
  • Minoxidil can stain, so make sure it dries completely before going to bed.
  • Minoxidil will not be absorbed into the scalp if you apply our scalp oil immediately before or after. Have fun.

How long before Minoxidil starts working?

Well, the answer here is at least 4 to 12 months before you see the effects of minoxidil.

But in order not to cause hair loss again, should you continue to use minoxidil even after hair recurrence or wait until you experience hair loss (hair loss), but does rocaine work?

Wondering what to do with rocaine?

Well, rocaine is the name of the hair regeneration treatment that holds the excellent share of minoxidil to become the key ingredient.

And it works too.

Take it to massage your scalp and also twice a day with about 1 milliliter at a time. In this way, rocaine will rejuvenate the old hair follicles to rejuvenate and keep the new ones as healthy as the original and fresh hair.

However, rogaine works best to bring you new hair and start impressing the world with your fresh and recent hair.

How Minoxidil works

As you already know, the main ingredient in rocaine is minoxidil. So we are all ready to know everything about how minoxidil works.

And to get a better idea of ​​how long minoxidil takes to start working, we must first understand the whole process to justify this long process that takes a long time. Minoxidil was likely to cause high blood pressure or hypertension, but the effect was delivered to facilitate blood flow to the hair follicles, forcing them to regenerate new hair.

Minoxidil is part of the first ingredient used to grow the best hair growth products like Rogaine. As it provides the best hair regeneration for new strands, minoxidil works immediately, but you will notice the difference several months after using the hair regeneration product.

Hair regeneration goes through different phases to be created as the complete piece of new hair.

Anagen This makes it the first stage where hair grows and grows to a certain length.

In this regeneration phase, this hair growth process can easily take up to three to five years before entering the second phase of Catagen. While minoxidil may start the new anagen phase for some of your hair follicles, you should keep in mind that you will be able to experience significant hair growth in recent months.

Catagen After hair grows below the Anagen phase, it shrinks later and this phrase is referred to as Catagen.

Telogen Well, this phase is a complete disaster.

In this phase, all the hair that has been produced and grown during the regeneration phase is removed, which is called “hair loss” for easy understanding.

Exogen This is the phase that strikes immediately after telogen where it replaces new hair.

Use of minoxidil

Use it and use it every day for up to three to twelve months consistently and regularly, before you even call it an improvement. And the effects of minoxidil vary from person to person.

Some people may start to notice little to no improvement in three to six months, while some may show noticeable significant growth within three months. Overall, regardless of the level of improvement and the nature of the results, minoxidil works best to achieve the final results and it is undeniable that the duration of the expected result will vary (and may) from person to person. and age in age. Use it constantly and as described for yourself and there should not be a single break afterwards.

Does Minoxidil work? Yes, it works to an extent. However, Minoxidil cannot be the definitive treatment method for hair loss. By consulting our clinic, you can learn how to prevent hair loss with a treatment method