DHI vs FUE. Hair implants became a common procedure in modern society. Many people want to look attractive, desirable, and younger. And it is undeniable that hair has a big role in all that. In many cultures throughout history, hair has been a sign of health and youth. If someone is in a bad health they will most likely lose their hair faster. However, sadly some people can be in perfect health and still get bald. Some women start losing their hair because of their hormonal issues.

And most men lose their hair after a certain age. In the modern-day, there is a solution for that. You can get hair implants easily. Nowadays, there are two very popular procedures. DHI (direct hair implantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). In this article, we will look at these two procedures. Their similarities and differences as well as hair implants in general.

What is hair implantation and what to expect?

Hair implantation is a procedure where doctors implant hair on any bald spot that you want. You might want to get fuller eyebrows or eyelashes. Perhaps cover up any bald spot that formed from a scar. But most likely, people who get it, want to plant hair on their head. It is a procedure marketed towards men but women can get it if needed as well. There is no age limit for the surgery. But the majority of clients are middle-aged. It is not a difficult surgery however since it is beauty-related, your insurance will most likely not cover it. Many people who get it prefer to travel to countries that offer cheaper procedures. You might need to research which country or which procedure is the best for you. The decision might take a while as there are many things to consider.

You might expect a nice outcome after getting hair implants. Most importantly, you will feel more confident in yourself and your looks. Getting that boost of self-love will feel amazing. Also, your new hair will look natural and will not stick out. The results of the surgery are also guaranteed. However, the surgery cannot help with any future hair loss. And since the hair that is implanted is your own hair, it will look natural. But, also it is limited and may not be enough to cover your entire bald spot. A good thing is that you will not need much after-care after the surgery. However, the recovery process will not be too fun. You will need to handle your head carefully according to which surgery you got. In that sense, getting DHI or FUE will ease your recovery process.

DHI and FUE surgeries

That being said, we need to dive into the world of surgeries. Finding the right one might take a while. There are many different types of surgeries. But until recently the most famous one was FUT. In there a piece of scalp was cut to get hair follicles. Nowadays, FUE (follicular unit extraction) is more common since it does not involve that amount of surgery. In this type, the surgeon shaves individual hair follicles and put them into a storage solution. After a while, the surgeon will take them out and plant them with a microblade or fine needle. No visible scar will be left. After six months you will be able to see the initial result. Following a year, you will have your full hair regrowth.

DHI (direct hair implantation) is very similar to the previously mentioned, FUE. Unlike during FUT, it involves no big surgery and leaves no visible cuts or scars. In it, the surgeon will extract hair follicles using a tool with a sharp end. Then, the hair follicles will be loaded into a pen-shaped tool. This tool is called “Choi”. Unlike other procedures where the hair is kept in a solution for at least four hours, here nothing like that is needed. Lastly, the hair inside Choi will be planted on your balding sites. It has a short recovery time. The final results can be seen twelve months after the surgery. So, in a year you can already start your life with your new hair and enjoy the new confidence.

Differences and similarities of DHI and FUE

DHI vs FUE. After learning what hair implants are and what those different procedures are we need to talk in more detail. We already mentioned above how surgeries of DHI and FUE happen shortly. They sound quite similar because they are. Unlike FUT, neither of these two leave any scars or marks. And because of that they last longer and are more expensive. In that sense, these two surgeries might be perfect for you if you want to avoid scaring. And of course, if you have enough money to pay. Many people might settle down with FUT because of this conflict. In both FUE and DHI, the recovery process is faster. That means that you can go on with your life faster. And no scars mean fewer post-surgery complications. They can also be said to be more natural as well. In short, it can be said that they are similar.

However, there are some differences between DHI and FUE as well. DHI is a newer type of hair implantation. That means that it is not as advanced as those that have been around for longer, like FUT or FUE. Currently, there are not many studies that compare it to other procedures. But, some say that it is not as effective as well. Another difference is in surgery. In DHI it is not necessary to make small holes to implant hair, unlike the later one. And with that, the surgeon can make incisions and plant hair at the same time. In short, both procedures have their cons and pros. Both of these techniques may come in handy for some people. Your doctor may help you to decide which one is the best for you personally. To learn more about your surgery, make sure to contact us. DHI vs FUE