Dental Aesthetics Oral health is one of the most important issues. Most of the microbes we take into our bodies while breathing and feeding enter the body through our mouth. This shows that oral care should be continuous. Even the food we eat causes bacteria to grow in our mouth. For this reason, dentists agree on providing oral hygiene primarily for dental health.

Tooth Decay

An unhealthy and unhygienic mouth causes many diseases. Tooth decay begins. These decays affect the root of the tooth even further. Bacteria that can reach the root of the tooth cause death by creating an infection. Oral care may be a simple procedure for us, but it is vital.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who have had dental aesthetics recently. Although people with a certain economic budget have beautiful teeth, they get a more perfect smile with dental operations. This is because these operations are now popular.

The stains and decays on the outer layer of teeth and crooked teeth can be corrected with dental operations.

As a result of aesthetic applications, the mouth becomes an environment where full hygiene is achieved. An operation to be performed on the whole mouth can completely change the expression on your face.

Porcelain veneer treatment methods are the most popular in dental operations. As a result of tooth erosion and decay, many people apply to the dentist. In the past, fillings and coatings were made using a poor quality black material. But today, your broken and rotten tooth becomes a white and healthy tooth.

Dental aesthetics took an important place in creating a flawless smile. You can apply to a dentist to have an appropriate operation for your teeth. A flawless smile is designed by applying some corrections to teeth. These applications are the basis for basic cosmetic operations.

How To Design Your Smile By Dental Aesthetics?

In the past, patients used to go to dentists only to have a tooth extracted or have a filling. Or, a child whose tooth was broken while playing would have to be coated. In such cases, dentists would come to our rescue and treat us. Today, this perception has changed. Dentists are now doctors who perform aesthetic applications just like plastic surgeons do.

The main reason here was the people’s demand. With the change of times and the differentiation of the human type, the demands have changed. In the past, we needed a black colored and bad looking filling material for our decayed teeth. Today, we are planning how to have a more perfect smile. Dental aesthetics provide us a perfect and flawless smile.

Everyone has desired to have a perfect and beautiful smile. In some people, the tooth and mouth structure looks beautiful from birth. But this is not true for everyone. Sometimes, even if you have a beautiful smile, you may lose your front teeth as a result of an accident. So, how dental aesthetics are performed to have a flawless and perfect smile?

In smile design, the teeth, lips, and gums that make up our oral organ are considered as parts of the whole. All of these parts must be in harmony. The symmetrical image is the first important factor in smile design.

With the integration of digital media, personalized designs are made in 3D. All asymmetrical images in the mouth and stains on the teeth are detected through this 3D image. Radiological results are also taken into consideration.

The positions of our lips and teeth should be in harmony while laughing. The size of the teeth and the image of the gums are important. The color and alignment of the tooth are also criteria that participate. These parts are compatible with each other so that veneers, fillings, or braces are applied depending on the considerations.

What Are The Methods For Dental Aesthetics?

The most important application area of ​​dental aesthetics is the smile aesthetics. A personalized smile is designed in line with personal requests. As a result of the treatments, a natural and perfect smile is obtained. Smile design is made by applying methods such as tooth whitening, implant application, porcelain coating, and gingivoplasty. Thus, the patients get the smile they love.

Gum Aesthetics

Another application area is gum aesthetics. The other name of this application is pink aesthetics. When laughing, gums appear to take up a lot of space in some people. This presents an undesirable image. The gums are reshaped without bleeding by using laser devices. After this application, the result is permanent. Thus, patients get rid of the bad image.

Another most common method is teeth whitening. Dentists use a gel to apply this method. It is desired to have white teeth. This process can be repeated at certain time intervals when needed.

A composite bonding application is another application method. With this method, fractures in the anterior tooth section are corrected. The composite filling used is suitable for the tooth color. The filling made after polishing does not reveal itself and gains a natural appearance.

Dental treatments are applied in many areas and continue to be popular. For this reason, much researches and studies in this field are coordinated. Dental aesthetics will acquire dimension in the coming years with the integration of the work done in the digital environment.

All methods are ready to be applied in our clinic. Our experienced team will decide the suitable smile for you and ensure you have a perfect smile.

What Do You Need For Dental Aesthetics?

If you are the one who would like to have a flawless smile you need to apply to an esthetician dentist. Experienced physicians are required in applications to have a good smile. For experienced physicians, a quality clinical environment and organization are required. To have dental aesthetics, all you need is to apply to an esthetician dentist. You don’t need to have any additional conditions for dental treatments. Solutions are produced in our clinic for all kinds of problems you may experience. Please contact us before applying any treatment method.