Best Hair Transplant Doctors Recently, hair transplant demand has increased like never before, thanks to many solid advances made by hair medicine. Never before have so many people preferred hair transplantation to regain their lost hair.

Due to the increasing demand for hair treatments, doctors have emerged, offering an infinite number of treatments to reverse baldness. The truth is that many hair transplant doctors do not have the health standards provided by other doctors. Also, they do not have experienced professionals, and therefore it is essential to choose a professional doctor for hair transplantation.

That’s why we decided to write an article about micro hair transplantation on the one hand, and on the other hand about the best clinics and the best doctors on the national scene, taking into account all relevant factors—hair regeneration in people with alopecia.

It is important to note that follicular micro-grafts can be performed with two techniques, FUT and FUE. In the first case, also called FUSS, a band one centimeter wide and about 15 centimeters long is separated from the donor area, after which follicles are removed from this band and placed in the recipient area. In the second case, follicular extraction is performed individually, which minimizes damage and increases the sensitivity of extraction and implantation, making it the most advanced technique at the moment.

Now that we know this, we can start a selection process to find the best hair transplant doctor, and we recommend that you do not work with doctors who do not offer these techniques and do not have extensive experience in such matters, which we repeat once again.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair grafting is carried out by means of surgical intervention. They are almost always invasive and painless. You want to redistribute the hair where it is most abundant in the areas where the hair is null.

However, this treatment is more sought after by people who have lost their hair either due to androgenic alopecia, male baldness, or the product of some type of scar. In the same way, this treatment can not only be performed on the head. It is also served on the eyelashes, beards, body hair, and eyebrows.

Which Hight-Class Doctors Offer Affordable Hair Transplantation?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide seek high-quality treatments at low prices, mostly in a country other than their own, due to the cheaper prices available abroad. Hair transplantation is one of the most successful procedures for patients traveling abroad.

Several doctors around the world specialize in hair. These doctors have extensive experience in dealing with international patients, and all offer high-quality treatments at affordable prices.

Where are the Best Doctors? Istanbul is the Answer

About ten years ago, the plantation began to be popular in Turkey. At the time, most people were choosing doctors from the Americas and Asia, but costs soared there.

Everything changed when positive opinions started to emerge. There are really many positive comments on the internet about hair transplantation in Istanbul.

The Best Hair Transplant Clinics

Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey was created to make it work with the best hair transplantation to provide the service and the entire team of the best and most modern equipment plantation.

The world’s created explicitly for the clinics in Turkey to around the patient for the treatment of alopecia, allowing them to get detailed best possible result FUE Sapphire or DHA every day all kinds of plantation thanks to techniques of applying precise as are carried out.

Hair Transplant with the FUE Sapphire Technique

Turkey has a valuable physician from each other in the plantation area. Significantly, most of the micro hair transplant operations performed in Istanbul are clinics that use FUE Sapphire, which guarantees the most natural results and, at the same time, guarantees lifelong results.

For this reason, if you plan to have a hair transplant with 100% guaranteed results at the best price in Istanbul, we recommend that you go to Turkish doctors who will be qualified and very experienced professionals to assist you from the second session.

Interventions performed in the country’s best clinics and offer extremely competitive and affordable prices for all, in no way detract from the ability to use the latest transplant techniques.

In the plantation at the beginning of clinical medicine, Turkey has made it a touchstone in the world. With the development of cultivation techniques, FUT and FUE hair has very international doctors who contribute the most.

Micro-grafting precision with the FUE Sapphire technique is the least invasive, most modern, and most delicate surgical procedure available. Both require an experienced hand to manipulate the excellent sapphire blades used to open. These professional doctors are in Turkey, and by open microchannels in the receiving area, they do plantation in these regions.

This extreme thinness of the blades is the best option for patients with severe baldness, which accelerates the healing phase of patients who apply this state-of-the-art hair transplant technique that allows grafting from denser donor areas and minimizes the formation of a scab.

Which are the Best Cities to do a Cheap Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is simply the best possible choice to afford hair implants. In addition to having renowned specialists, Turkey currently offers the most advantageous rates on the market. So what are the best cities to have hair transplant surgery in Turkey? Istanbul and Izmir are favorite destinations for hair implants in Turkey to be in your diary.

In Which Age Range Should I Have Hair Transplantation to Achieve the Best Result?

It should be remembered that alopecia (hair loss) is a pathology that affects both the male and female gender, even though hair loss is more pronounced in men than women. In these cases, the ultimate alternative for people having difficulty accepting their baldness is hair transplantation.

But, at what age should it be used? It will all depend on the genetic behavior of your hair. There is no fixed age for having a hair transplant. Some people feel the need at the age of 18, while others have recourse to their 75th birthday. But, specialists advise to use it between 30 and 40 years. It is the best thing to do to prevent future alopecia.