Best Country For Hair Transplant Men and women around the world are faced with hair loss, which is one of the biggest problems of today. Hair loss occurs due to genetic or social difficulties. Best hair transplant techniques are applied as the best solution to hair loss. For hair transplantation, which is popular in many countries, patients may be unsure which country is the best. The answer to this problem can say, is Turkey. So why Turkey? We share the answer to this question in items on this topic.

Why Do You Have To Prefer Turkey For Hair Transplantation?

Best Country For Hair Transplant Istanbul is the most preferred city in Turkey for hair transplant operations, which is the latest health tourism trend. Apart from being one of the most exciting cities for its tourist and historical sites, Istanbul is also the capital of aesthetic operations carried out in Turkey. It is considered very attractive for all tourists to see and discover the city’s beauties during the hair transplant process that lasts 4-5 days.

How are Hair Transplantation Procedures?

The surgeon removes small patches or grafts of the scalp from the points where the hair continues to grow. These can be micrografts of just one or two hairs, mini-grafts of a few hairs, or larger grafts of up to 40 hairs.

The surgeon inserts grafts into tiny slits or holes that the surgeon opens in the scalp’s bald parts. Individual hair grafts are generally for making the hairline look natural. The mini-grafts follow and then the large grafts, so the hair gradually becomes thicker. The hair on the sides and the back of your head will generally grow for a lifetime, so don’t worry about losing it after hair transplantation.

The procedure can take up to eight hours, but you will go home the same day. Depending on the density you want and the portion of the scalp to cover is due, you may need several surgery sessions and take several months between one and another before they heal from the whole. The whole process can take up to two years.

The Successes Of The Doctors in Turkey

One of the main advantages of enjoying this treatment in Turkey is that the most important specialists in the sector are located in the country. Although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that the best experts aim to work in the country since they know that it is the benchmark worldwide. If you really want to find the right professionals, We can assure you that you can find them in that country. This shows that traveling to the country is a good idea since we are going to put ourselves in the hands of the best professionals in the world. Hence more and more people, including Spaniards, want to travel to Turkey to enjoy a good hair graft.

Certified Professional Clinics and Hospitals

It has been shown that there are high-quality hospitals in the country that are regularly subjected to quality tests to obtain certification. Turkey knows that it is significant for the economy of health tourism and is therefore trying to acquire the highest quality hospitals. Surgeons guarantee excellent results and have the highest quality clinics. When choosing a hospital, it is essential to look at the working professionals and, above all, see that the hospital we will treat has certificates that guarantee the quality of service. They are reliable centers, thanks to the certificates demanding high-quality standards in terms of hygiene and sanitation.

Consultancy Service Any Time

Even though Turkey’s intervention, the truth is that it gives good results in the treatment and, therefore, can benefit from the pursuit of consultants to make sure that your hair loss again. The truth is that the percentage of problems after hair grafting is usually deficient, usually around 3% to 5%. However, it is essential to make it clear that follow-up is crucial to make sure everything is indeed correct and that there are no problems as a result. In most cases, follow-up is a simple procedure with indications that a doctor usually gives to prevent separations. But the advantage is that you do not have to stay in Turkey during the recovery period, but you can enjoy watching them go home from the city.

Aesthetic Hair Transplant

Turkey is a country that is betting heavily on being a power in the world of aesthetics. Not only is it betting on hair grafts, but it is also betting on other beauty treatments to achieve a strong economy in this regard. It is fighting directly against very powerful countries such as the US, China, or Germany to achieve aesthetic tourism and ensure that its economy can resurface forcefully.

Hair Transplantation Very Cheap in Turkey

Another of the points that invite many people to enjoy a hair transplant in Turkey is the treatment price. The economic factor is making many people decide to travel to the country and not have Spain’s treatment. The truth is that the price variation is very large, even if we include airfare and accommodation. This makes the vast majority of people decide to take the trip and enjoy the treatment they have been waiting for for so long. Of course, even though the price is very cheap, the service quality is 10, as long as we go to a professional clinic like the one mentioned above. We must not make the mistake of saving a little more money and putting ourselves in the hands of people who do not have adequate facilities or knowledge to perform the graft.

How is the Hair Implant Done?

Currently, the most widely used methodology for direct implantation of follicular units is the FUE method. Although some centers advertise them as a new technique, this method was created in the 90s. Doctors have been applying it for a long time as the final step of hair grafts with the FUT technique. Best Country For Hair Transplant