Avoiding Sacred Tabu: Hymenoplasty! Women are undoubtedly pushed to the second plan in society. Even in developed European societies, there is power over women. Considerations about sexuality contain less prejudice in developed societies. In patriarchal societies that do not develop well, it is full of prejudices. The way societies perceive sexual issues also vary. For example, premarital sexual intercourse is seen as a sin in many societies. This has led to the formation of ethical rules within the society, although not in the laws.

Hymenoplasty is a repair surgery performed in the genital area. This surgery is mostly gotten by women before their marriage. This is because there is a link between the hymen and virginity. Backward societies that believe that virginity means cleanliness turn this issue into a taboo. Therefore, pressure is applied to women. Women who are overwhelmed and afraid of this pressure think that they are not clean. So, they have this procedure done before getting married.

The membranous tissue, which has a size of about 2 cm at the entrance of the vagina, is called the hymen. The hymen tears during sexual intercourse and bleeding may occur. Sometimes the hymen does not tear and the tissue only stretches. This causes no bleeding to occur. If the couples do not bleed, they may have problems. However, the presence of the woman’s hymen becomes evident after the gynecologist’s examination.

It is an important issue that the woman pays attention to hygiene before the hymenoplasty. The woman should not be in the menstrual period. Before the operation, the gynecologist physician performs the necessary examinations. If the patient is ready, surgery is performed.

Depending on the operation, general or local anesthesia can be applied. These situations include the physical and psychological conditions of the patient. This process can take between 15 and 30 minutes in total.

Technical Procedures Applied In Hymenoplasty

In hymenoplasty, general examination procedures are applied. First of all, the diseases that the patient has experienced in the past years are determined. Patient age is also an important consideration. A detailed examination should be done after talking. The details should be recorded by scanning the genital area with ultrasonography.

The doctor’s decision about anesthesia before surgery is important. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied depending on the situation. The patient pays attention to her hygiene before the procedures. The woman should not be in the last menstrual period. The genital area is thoroughly cleaned with anti-microbe liquid by the surgeon. After cleaning, the surgeon starts the operation.

The feature of the surgery is determined according to the patient’s expectations. While some women intend to have surgery before marriage, some may intend to have it for the first relationship. The temporary repair method can be done up to 3-4 days before marriage. If the surgeon uses a permanent repair method, surgery is also performed on the inner vagina.

This method is called the flap method. The time required for permanent hymen repair takes up to an hour. Temporary hymen repair takes around half an hour. After these operations, the vaginal entrance canal is carefully checked. Thus, the surgeon controls the success of the hymenoplasty surgery.

After the hymen repair, the patient can continue her normal life. She can continue her usual life like going on vacation and going to work. The surgeon prescribes postoperative medication. These drugs should be used by the woman within the required time interval. If the woman had a permanent hymen repair, she should be examined within 1.5 months.

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Which Hymenoplasty Application You Should Have?

Hymen planting includes many procedures. Surgeries are varied by procedures. In the preliminary examination of the hymen, the patient is analyzed well. The gynecologist talks to the patient psychologically before the physical examination. In this way, the doctor understands the patient’s detailed problem and suggests the most appropriate hymenoplasty method. If the patient fits with all the conditions, the surgical procedures begin. Of course, the patient must also be providing healthcare procedures.

Two kinds of methods can be applied according to the story and the wishes of the patient. The first is the flap method and the second is the microsurgery method. With the flap method, the hymen is permanently repaired. This is usually done due to the patient’s pre-marital or first pre-relationship periods.

The flap method is performed by taking a piece of tissue from the vaginal wall. This piece of tissue is called flap tissue. A new hymen is created with this tissue. This method creates a permanent hymen and does not deteriorate until months later. It is the most preferred method.

There is a sub-method in hymen planting with flap. In this method, the surgeon uses a laser device. The surgeon removes the flap tissue from inside the vagina with the help of a laser. Bleeding occurs during intercourse if the double layer method is used by laser. Here, bleeding is guaranteed by creating a second hymen layer.

Another method of hymenoplasty is the microsurgery method. With this method, the hymen parts are reconstructed. Surgeon recommends microsurgery for patients who have a thick hymen. It would be healthy to leave this decision to your doctor. Microsurgery is performed 3 days before sexual intercourse. The surgeon first plants the hymen. Then, the operation is terminated by narrowing the entrance to the vagina.

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Should Women Be Afraid Of Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Hymenoplasty surgery has two sub-methods of application. Both methods of application have painless surgery. Women generally are afraid of pain during surgeries. But the surgeon can apply local or general anesthesia depending on the conditions. So, you should not afraid of any pain. Besides, operations mostly last one hour. It will be quick and painless surgery for you. Please contact us for information. Avoiding Sacred Tabu: Hymenoplasty!