Best Hair Transplantation Clinic in Turkey

Highly successful hair transplants are performed due to the techniques developed in recent applications.

Our clinic; provides services with the trend applications under the leadership of our specialist surgeons.

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Hair Transplant
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As Turkey’s most preferred hair transplant center, we provide FUE hair transplant, DHI hair transplantation, transplantation beard, eyebrows cultivation, PRP therapy, mesotherapy treatment services in the hospital setting. We have VIP transfer and hotel service.

Hair Clinic By Aslı Tarcan which always rises to the peak with its successful work in the developing and changing health sector, became populer in domestic and international press especially with its strong works.

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Unique features, Unique results!

Patient Oriented and Premium Quality
Clinic Located in Turkey


Sterilization is Mandatory for Human Health


We are sterilising everything including people, employees, materials, surgery items, furnitures and equipments. It starts at the gate of our clinic, continues in the drawing room. Sterilization and Hygiene reach pic point in Surgery rooms. Almost everything is pecial for one patient.

Limited Number of Daily Operations


There is an important common point for patients and employees. If there are too many operations in a single day, mistake rate is increases. Also patients are find themselves in a rush and chaos. In our Clinic we have 10 patients and working max 75% of our capacity.

100% Customer Satisfaction is the Key


Our service is one package, includes all transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to clinic and hospital. Surgery procedure is operating by high concentrated, well skilled medical team. HairClinic is great fit for who are looking for everything planned and arranged for themselves.

Consultancy on 12 Different Language


There are 7 interpreters within the body of HoI who are specialized in 12 different languages. Our guide interpreters would be there for you through the whole process from the moment you arrived in Turkey. You may contact with our team 24/7 whenever you need assistance.


hair transplant is a surgical procedure performed by specialists and a permanent solution to the baldness in people who have hair loss problems. Surgeons take healthy hair follicles from the healthy parts (mostly from the back of the neck) and graft them into the balding areas, by using microsurgery. It is usually men who get hair transplants, but women who are having trouble with their hair or experiencing hair loss also get a hair transplant.

Body Contouring Surgery

Body Contouring Shaped, beautiful bodies are the desire of every woman and man. Women want to have a tight stomach, thin waist, prominent waist hollow, round, straight butt, long, shapely legs, thin ankles. Men, on the other hand, dream of a muscular stomach, broad shoulders, and an athletic body. In order to have all these, first of all, a good genetic background must be provided, and this must be supported by regular sports, good nutrition and proper living. However, none of us can adequately discipline ourselves in this kind of life.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery Since the beginning of time, humankind has always put importance on beauty. People want to look beautiful and tend to be partners with whom they find beautiful. This leads the ones who do not consider themselves beautiful to get depressed or anxious because they do not like themselves or they think they will not be liked by others. In order to look beautiful, people have been putting on makeup or trying new hairstyles, new clothing but could not change some of their features like the shape of their facial structure, placement of their cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, ears, etc. With advancing technology, however, now, surgeons can alter almost every feature of someone’s face without causing any distortions or dysfunctions.

Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery is a medical condition that appears in people who have excess weight and body fat. This excess weight may cause people health-related problems. A healthcare provider may diagnose people with obesity if they have a high Body Mass Index (BMI), usually of 30 or higher. Obesity causes people who have an excess amount of body fat a health concern all over the world; however, fortunately, it is a treatable condition.



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Hair Transplant and Treatment 100%
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery 100%
Oral and Dental Health 100%
Obesity Surgery 100%


Thanks to their affordable prices and its success, hair clinics in Turkey have gained a worldwide reputation. People from all around the world choose to go to Turkey and get a hair transplant because of these reasons. These surgeons and hair clinics also offer patients hair transplant packages with a lot of advantages.

Advanced FUE Package

All Included
Hair Transplant with FUE technique
6000 Grafts MAX
2 Session Hair Laser Treatment
2 Session PRP
2 Session Ozone Treatment
1 Year Mesothreapy
6 Month Aftercare Kit (Shampoo,Serum,Vitamin)
Neck pillow and Mask
Five-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
Personal VIP Transfer

Mega Session Advanced FUE

All Included
Hair Transplant and Beard Transplant with FUE technique
2 Session Hair Laser Treatment
2 Session PRP
2 Session Ozone Treatment
1 Year Mesothreapy
6 Month Aftercare Kit (Shampoo,Serum,Vitamin)
Neck pillow and Mask
Six-night accommodation at a 5-star hotel
Personal VIP Transfer


Breast Reduction In Men (Gynecomastia)
Breast Reduction In Men (Gynecomastia) 85 % of gynecomastia cases do not result from another disease in the puberty period. Men are likely to experience this problem due to the use of other endocrine-hormonal drugs or drug use. Gynecomastia during the puberty period usually regresses spontaneously, however, some can be permanent. Larger breast tissue in man may lead to some psychological, social, and physical problems in this period such as humpback posture.
Plastic Surgery And Removal Of Scars
Plastic Surgery And Removal Of Scars; The common reason for applying to plastic surgery in the treatment of burns or scars after an accident. This treatment is done by planning individually according to the holistic approach as in all medical procedures. The location of the wound, the time of its first appearance, how it is formed, what applications have been applied in its treatment until it comes to a plastic surgery center, the general health status of the patient.
Plastic Surgery and Scars
Plastic Surgery and Scars freaking us out but calm down plastic surgery works out about undesirable, visible scars. Since plastic surgery is a branch of beauty and aesthetics, there is a high demand for perfect beauty and now we are talking about scars right? But it should not be forgotten that each person has a different wound healing capacity.